Emperor of Steel

Chapter 616 - End of Earner 3

After the death of Earner, the battle focused on Yu-dong castle.

The Song army, which had already lost the morale at the death of the commander, Gwan-chang, retreated at once even before knowing that Earner had died because of the massive explosion.

“Follow them!”

“They need to pay for invading our land like this!”

The Yemaek army wanted to annihilate the enemy who was running away.

However, King Biryu shook his head.

“Don’t bother pursuing them. First, move to the Yu-dong castle and take a break.”

No matter how much of elite warriors they were, the Black Demon unit had been running for days together and just had a battle, their King couldn’t ignore the fatigue they would have gathered.

In addition, the soldiers of Yu-dong weren’t in a very good condition.

Well, they were in a horrible condition.

Because of the sudden intrusion of the Kangshi and the attack from the Song army, half of the Yu-dong soldiers were either killed or injured.

If the reinforcements hadn’t come in time, they would have been wiped out.

“I am very sorry, Your majesty. I take full responsibility for this.”

Eulji Dok-mun, who met with King Biryu, knelt and pleaded for not being able to protect the castle.

“No, father. The commander did his best. However, the Kangshi sneaked into the castle and wreaked havoc…”

When princess So-hye tried to explain in detail why the castle fell into crisis, King Biryu shook his head.

“Stop! I came here after understanding what had happened. So there is no need to explain it all to me.”

Biryu, who said that, looked back to Eulji Dok-mun—who was still kneeling on the ground, asking to be punished.

“Commander, you need to do your work of clearing the remnants of the enemy. Advance and remove them. Your sins and merits will be considered once the war is over, for now, do your duty.”

“I will do my very best!”

Eulji Dok-mun resigned from the room with happiness as the King excused him.

He was the most excited when he heard the King’s words.

The King asked him to advance.

Daeryang, the capital of the Song Empire.

Even in the past, Yemaek’s attacks on Song Empire happened, however, they had never set the capital as their target.

“Father, are you really going to march to Daeryang?”

At So-hye’s question, Biryu nodded.

“We need to deal with Jo Won-gyun and Hwang Bo-kwang. Otherwise, this war will keep on continuing.”

If his son-in-law, Jo Won-rak would become the emperor, the friendly relationship between the two nations would start.

Of course, since the fights have been going on for years, getting into a peaceful relation would be tough right away.

However, considering that such a peaceful relationship might happen, Biryu thought that the opportunity couldn’t be missed.

“The Song Empire is much larger than our Yemaek. It was said that hundreds to thousands of troops have been lost in this battle, but if we can ask everyone to come front, I am sure that skilled men will come ahead. So we need to strike before the enemy recovers from the attack.”

“But do you think the expedition would be that easy? The road to Daeryang is long, and the Kitai or Yamatai might attack the forts and castles if we all move ahead.”

So-hye’s point was valid.

The reason why Yemaek had been attacked by the Song Empire repeatedly—was because of the thieving skills of the neighboring nations.

Both Kitai and Yamatai watched the war from the sidelines.

Not because they were neutral, but because Yemaek and the Song Empire were destined to battle, and they would take advantage of the battle when both sides got tired.

“What you said is right. But we are not going to the Song Empire to capture them. We are going to place the crown prince as the Emperor. And the troops won’t be that huge either.”

“There won’t be much troops?”

“Yes, and there is no need to worry much about Yamatai or the Kitai.”

What was the King even thinking?

About the matter of troops being taken, Jo Won-rak and So-hye could understand, but how was the King going to prevent the neighboring states from invading into their nations?

‘Is he planning on going to Kitai, Yamatai and then Song?’

‘No, that would take too much time.’

Biryu had a sly smile on his face when he looked at his daughter and son-in-law deep in thoughts.

“For now, go back and take rest. You must be tired fighting all night. I will call for you again if I need help for you.”

At the words of their King, So-hye and Jo Won-rak stepped back.

After they left, Biryu who was alone in the room, took out something from his sleeve.

It was the Kangshi talisman, which Luke had revealed to him after the Kangshi attack on the Ung-seong castle.

According to Luke’s words, the talisman was attached to the forehead of the Kangshi on the transport ships of the Song Imperial Navy fleet, they were needed to control the Kangshi.

“Only evil can destroy another evil…”

People on the Southern Continent were extremely reluctant when it came to carrying the dead, except for a few rare cases.

It was because of their beliefs which talked about the dead who must not be bothered in their slumber.

However, Luke, who was from the northern continent, had a different idea.

He thought that using the Kangshi would mean reducing the damage to the soldiers and taking the lead.

There were already made, and undead such as zombies and ghouls constantly appeared in the Northern continent.

“I am not pleased with this, but if it means to reduce the sacrifice of my men…”

Muttering to himself, King Biryu looked down at the talisman in his hand.