Emperor of Steel

Chapter 613 - Crisis in Yu-dong Castle 3

The Black Demon Unit and the Symphonia Expeditionary Unit ran without rest or sleep from Ung-seong.

Surprisingly, they managed to make a four-day journey into a two day one.

When they arrived near the Yu-dong region, they could see the castle being attacked even though it was midnight.

The sound of iron bumping into things could be clearly heard in the silent night.

The yelling and screaming of those in pain and those of cheers could be heard as well.

Even the bizarre sounds, which could never belong to a human, could be heard.

Fires soured all over. However, it didn’t seem like the castle had been captured already.

Feeling it was a fortunate incident. However, they knew that the danger of losing the castle wasn’t that far away.

In particular, the dark energy that could be felt from the gate.

‘I need to go and take a look.’

Luke decided so, thinking that at least he had to catch the one who was exuding that dark energy.

So he informed King Biryu.

“The castle seems to be in jeopardy. I’ll move first.”

“Please do so.”

“Your Majesty, what are we supposed to do?”

Shirley, who was listening from behind, asked in shock.

Luke shrugged.

“If you can manage to follow me, then follow me. If you can’t, then take the order that King Biryu gives.”

Having said that, Luke took a leap to the sky and flew straight for the castle.

Some of the war mages, who learned Fly magic, followed him too.

“Tch! You should be taking us along!”

“I know.”

When Shirley grumbled, Reynard, who was beside her, added to it, leading to Hwang Bo-sung to rebuke to them, “The battle is right ahead of us. What kind of talk is that? Hurry up and get ready to move!”

The next highest-ranking person in the Symphonia troops after Luke was Hwang Bo-sung.

At his words, the two hurriedly ran to their Gigants and boarded them.

Even if they wanted to participate in the battle with their own bodies, they would surely tilt the charts as they were Sword Master level.

However, their true power and skills came out when using a Gigant.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

There were dozens of Gigants in front and behind them, and riders were in a hurry to board them.

“Hurry up and prepare for battle!”


At the orders from Hwang Bo-sung, men wearing bloody headbands all drew their spears.

Among them were the warriors of the Song Empire, who were captured in the Navy battle. They were those who converted to the Symphonia Kingdom, God’s Army.

They got into a trailer.

It was because the Symphonia Army didn’t have any means to transport all of them.

Luke decided to take 1,000 of them and left the rest to Zegal Soha because of that, asking her to equip them with some kind of transport and asked them to follow quickly.

‘They seem to be in good energy. Well, it might be because they came in with those self-moving carts.’

Thinking so while looking at the expeditionary forces of Symphonia, King Biryu looked at the Black Demons and gave orders, “All forces, align!”

The formation had been a mess because of how much running they did from Ung-seong.

In order to inflict a huge blow to the enemy, they believed that they needed the right formation.

At the command of the king, the soldiers quickly began to reorganize their formation in the shape of an arrowhead.

It was a strong march ahead with the strong ones in front, exuding great pride.

Although people and horses were tired from the long journey, they quickly formed the formation.

When the formation was complete, King Biryu shouted, “Today, we stand here to make history and preserve our history too! Sons of Yemaek, who inherited the blood of our ancestors, will we let those wicked men trample us?!”


“We will never let them do that!”

Shouts came in from all sides.

The confrontation between the Song Empire and Yemaek had been going on for thousands of years.

The war to cover the eastern side of the Southern Continent occurred almost once every hundred years, and each time, both sides would take in huge damage.

The main force of Yemaek, the Black Demon Unit, was born out of such confrontations and struggles.

The unit, which was made up of the most talented warriors of the five clans that make up Yemaek, served as the pillar and guardian of the nation.

Being a part of such unit, the pride held by those men was different from regular soldiers.

“Let’s drive out those men from the Song Empire!”

“We will wipe out our enemy!”

King Biryu smiled as he heard the shouts of his warriors. He pulled out his sword.

“Sons of Yemaek, run with me and save our men, who are in crisis! Let us take them down so that they never forget our strength ever again!”


“All forces, forward!”

After a short impressive speech, King Biryu took the lead and began the march.

The members of the Black Demon Unit followed him and the regular soldiers after that.

“We are charging too! Do not fall behind the Yemaek troops!”

Thud Thud Thud Thud Thud!

At the order of Hwang Bo-sung, 100 Gigants and God’s Army began to run toward Yu-dong at the same time.

The empty trailers and the iron mages decided to remain behind.

It was because there was nothing they could do in the war.


It was a spectacular sight to see the Black Demon Unit running.

And at some point in between, black light began to emit from their armors. It all seemed like magic.

The ‘Black Demon Full of Vitality’ was actually on display.

The Black Demon Full of Vitality activated and merged into one.

It seemed like a huge dragon with dark scales over it.

The dragons were considered to be a god in the Southern Continent, and they appeared different from those, which were seen in the Rhodesia Continent.


Almost like the dragon had opened its eyes, the morale of the Black Demon rose.

On the contrary, their targets, the Song Empire, turned over.

“We have a huge problem! They are!”

Gwan-chang was watching the siege from the rear. He frowned and asked the messenger who was screaming from the other side.

“What are you making such a fuss for?”

“Black Demon… The Black Demon is charging at us!”


Gwan-chang turned pale upon hearing that.

They were all expecting the reinforcements to come, but not that fast.

What was more! Black Demon, the most terrifying of all, was coming for them!

“What are the 1st squad doing?!”

“Well, they were placed for the Yu-dong castle attack…”

“Shut up! Hurry up and ready our defense! Move it!”

At the shout from Gwan-chang, the generals moved to order their remaining units to respond.

However, for the order to be delivered and the formations to be organized, it took quite some time.

Before that could happen, the Black Demon Unit attacked like a violent wave.





The Song Empire was trampled by their horses.

“The only one that can stand in our way is death!”


Hundreds of Song Empire soldiers fell down like straws when they were attacked by King Biryu and the Sword Masters.

“Hiiik! Runaway!”

“Our opponent is the Black Demon!”

In an instant, the enemy troops were down.

Shortly after that, even the reserve troops of the enemy waiting for the call were crushed like tofu.

In their own way, the clever general gave orders to their trained men to attack the Black Demon’s rear and side troops.

However, before anything could happen, 100 steel giants moved behind.


Each of the Gigant rushed ahead and wiped out the soldiers by waving their arms and legs.

It was almost like their entire body could be used as a weapon, and the movement of the Yemaek riders was more refined than the mercenaries that the Song Empire hired.

The Song Empire had its first taste of how terrifying Gigants could actually be.

It was more terrifying than the Black Demon.


As soon as the enemy troops pushed into the command post, Gwan-chang halted the charge and ran.

In the back, he could hear a lot of screams and shouts. However, he was devoted to saving himself and ignored the others.

King Biyru, who was leading the Black Demon Unit, could clearly see him running away even in the dark.

“How dare you?!”

In an instant, Biryu shot an arrow that went straight for Gwan-chang.

Swoosh- Puck!


The arrow flew straight to Gwan-chang’s head.

Before even knowing what happened, his body fell to the ground.

A very vain death for the commander of the Song Empire’s Imperial Army. The commander was ambitious enough to take over Yemaek.

“The enemy leader is down!”

“Gwan-chang is dead! Song Army, surrender quickly!”

“Those who will surrender won’t be cut down!”

Those who followed King Biryu began to shout out loud.

The Song Army, which was at the gate of Yu-dong castle, went quiet upon hearing the announcement.

“What? The commander is down?”

“Then we are done!”

Even though they weren’t attacked from the rear by the Black Demon, the atmosphere fell.

The number of troops for the siege was huge, so they continued to siege the castle as they wanted to be able to block the Black Demon Unit.

However, since the news of the commander being killed had spread, the morale melted like snow in the sun.

Eventually, the assault unit of the Song Imperial Army, which managed to occupy more than half of Yu-dong castle, turned noticeably dull.