Emperor of Steel

Chapter 611 - Crisis In Yu-dong Castle 1

Chapter 611: Crisis In Yu-dong Castle 1

As the sun went down, the entire area around the Yu-dong castle turned quiet.

It was hard to believe that a fierce battle had happened in the same place a few hours back.

The Yemaek army in the Yu-dong castle had place fires all over the wall to keep a lookout on the enemy.

“The enemy might come at night. So don’t let down your guard!”

“Yes, commander!”

The commander was giving out orders to his men, and went towards Princess So-hye, to see if she was resting.

It was princess So-hye, who was currently leading the castle with her zen skills.

“Princess, is something wrong?”

“There is no need to worry, once the enemy attacks, we will sound the drums.”

In Yu-dong castle there was a scepter.

It was a machine which would make the drum sounds once the enemy came in, even if the Song Empire’s army raided in the early morning, the self-working drums would inform them.

“It is important to prevent the night attack, but is also important to observe the movement of the Song Army.”

At So-hye’s words, Eulji Dok-mun nodded his head.

“Even if that isn’t the case, I was thinking of taking the help of the goblin warriors brought in by the in-law. It was said that they had great stealth techniques…”

Right when he was about to say something.

The alarm began to sound.

Dum! Dum! Dum!

The expressions of the two people who were in talks heard the sound of the drums.

“It looks like the Song army was getting ready for the night attack.”

“They seem to be in a hurry to defeat us.”

Eulji Dok-mun, who quickly went back, ordered the entire army to go out and battle.

When the drum sounds ran, not just the soldiers who were on alert, but also the soldiers who barely went back to sleep ran out of their camps.

“Uhm…. What is it?”

“Seems like the Song army is ready for a night attack.”

“Those damned jerks. They don’t even want to sleep.”

Yemaek army was getting ready in haste to fight the enemy.

Strangely, however, they didn’t see any movement in the Song army camp.

They searched all through the walls and in the castle windows to see if some soldiers managed to secretly infiltrate the castle, but they couldn’t find the enemy soldiers.

“Well, we don’t see the enemy anywhere in here.”

“Damn, it looks like the drum is broken.”

It was when the lower officials were patrolling the castle grumbled with the soldiers and turned back.

The ground beneath them began to shake and something popped out of the ground.


“Wh-what! This is?!”

The lower officials startled and drew the sword.

However, the monster coming from the ground was faster to attack.

In the speed of lightning, all the soldiers who accompanied the official and the soldiers were all killed in an instant.

“What is that thing?”

The troops who heard the sound went towards the area to find out the source.

What appeared in front of them was a black-faced monster with bright glowing eyes.

However, it wasn’t one or two monsters which greeted them.

There were numerous ones, crawling out of the ground.

“Tha-that, they are…. Kuakkk!”


Another group of squad members too got turned into dead bodies upon arrival.

Hundreds of monsters climbed out from the ground and scattered everywhere.

After a while, screams began to resonate all throughout the castles.

“What all is happening over here?”

Eulji Dok-mun’s voice rose as he heard the fuss happening around him.

The lieutenant rushed into the room, reported what he knew.

“The enemy seems to have dug underground tunnels into the castle and infiltrated us!”

“A tunnel! There is no way the enemy dug tunnels!”

With a thought in mind, Dok-mun had been keeping an eye on the enemy camp ever since daytime.

Moreover, tunnels weren’t something that could be built in a matter of two days.

With the enemy’s main unit in charge of the siege, it was impossible in every way for them to create a tunnel that extended all the way till the castle.

“But, there is no other way for this situation to make sense.”

“Uhm… hurry up and defeat that group of men! Don’t ever move in small groups, move with at least hundreds of you together! Even for patrolling!”

“And don’t neglect the defenses, the enemy soldiers outside the castle will attack us right away if they notice any change.”

Even though Eulji Dok-mun was concerned, the Song imperial army troops hadn’t moved an inch at all.

Meanwhile, the casualties inside the castle kept on increasing.

Fortunately, they managed to identify the enemy who had invaded them.

“Commander! It is being said that the Kangshi are the ones creating the mess in the castle!”

“What the?! The Kansghi are being used by the Song Empire!”

“Yes, the Kangshi were surely wearing the clothes of the Song Empire!”

“Those bloody rat sh*t-like men!”

Euilji Dok-mun couldn’t control his mouth.

Even after Jo Won-rak had informed them about the creation of the Kangshi, he didn’t want to believe in it.

It was because both the Song Empire and Yemaek had immense respect for the dead.

However, when the Kangshi were the ones who had rushed into the castle and created a mess, he couldn’t help but feel the rage inside of him.

“Get rid of the Kangshi, right away!”

“We have already sent the assault troops and the Golden Warriors and the northern goblins are also being asked for help. Rather, shouldn’t we hurry and inform the residents inside the city?”

“You are right lieutenant. Hurry up and send a telegram!”

Eulji Dok-mun, ordered the lieutenant who was ready to go to the zen skill user.

However, he only returned back with a pale complexion.

“Commander! They said that the telegram can’t be sent!”

“What is that supposed to even mean?”

“It was said that the energy is being cut off from all sides…”

“Then send a messenger! Raise a beacon so that the nearby people and forts will understand!”

Soon, a messenger came out through a secret route in the caste and released the beacon which lit the night sky.

However, no matter how long the man waited, they couldn’t see any response.

The messenger didn’t return, and no nearby fort city replied to the beacon.

Meanwhile, the situation inside the Yu-dong castle turned even more serious.

Somewhere, a giant corpse doll stood up and began to stir a mess in the castle.

To prevent that, the assault troops, Golden Warriors, and the fairies from the Northern continent all had come out, but as the number of Kangshi began to cross up to ten thousand, they weren’t able to control the situation.


“From where did so many appear?!”

“Block them! Stop them at all costs!”

The number of Yemaek troops that were defending the Yu-dong castle was only 50,000.

Among them, the total number of assault troops and the Golden Warriors wouldn’t even exceed 5,000.

Princess So-hye and the other zen skills users and the fairies from the north were helping, but such a huge scale of invasion couldn’t be stopped.

“Commander! We can’t stop them!”

Eulji Dok-mun, who was beginning to turn jittery because of the lieutenant’s report, made a decision.

“Well, it is out of our hand. Mobilize the soldiers on the wall.”

“But they are…”

“If the Kangshi takes over the castle, Yu-dong will fall. Hurry up and suppress the Kangshi first and then we can guard the wall.”

Many of the guards who were guarding the wall, on the orders of Eulji Dok-mun were mobilized to suppress the Kangshi.