Chapter 61: Demon Sebastian 3

“You have come, Sir Luke?”

When Luke had gone to the Devil King’s Castle, princess Reina had welcomed him.

She along with her servants and some other refugees were staying in the castle.

He could have let them stay in the permanent manor, but they would have preferred to stay separately.

“Where did Sir Victor go?”

The old knight Victor sure was old but was hard as a rock.

Luke asked because he was not the kind to leave the side of Reina.

“He’s training the past soldiers of Volga in the back.”

As soon as Reina arrived at Rakan, she had recruited 400 mercenaries from the refugees.

They weren’t for the purpose of fighting with Count Monarch, but to guard the future of Luke and the mines in Mt. Rockia.

“It is nice to see everyone active with their duties, everyone seems to be very enthusiastic.”

“It is nice. How is the establishment going?”

“Uh, we have already set up the headquarters in the manor of the Rakan, and we are opening branches in nearby towns.”

Luke went there and gave princess Reina 500,000 pesos, and gave her the order to work in the way she liked.

He was worried that the princess would overwork herself, but she did the work like accounting, bookmaking, she made up an organization and stated the manners for the operation in the place.

Of course, it wasn’t like she was doing it all alone.

Pavel and the other officials were helping things out.

Although they were elderly, they were the ones who were working for the house for the young displaced people from their country.

Naturally, they had learned a lot and had a lot of experience in administration and finance. They were enough to do it.

“Have you named your company?”

“If the young Lord is okay with it, I’d like to go with Kirillov Co.”

“Named after the royal family? That is a fine name.”

The owner and the executives in it were all the royal figures of Volga, so it was appropriate to name it that.

“And do the miners working in the mines have a problem?”

The lord’s manor had told them that they would be developing the mine from thereafter, and they had already recruited refugees who had previously worked in the mines.

Naturally, when they were all placed, Luke had removed the golems and the monsters in advance so there wouldn’t be any unwanted disturbance.

In the meantime, the monsters that worked in the mines were fed and moved to an inconspicuous place.

When that was over, he decided to raise them as one of the powers which would be used when fighting against the Empire.

“I am currently repairing a place that was previously used by the dwarves in the past into temporary homes. We have plenty of food and water, so no problems.”

The village built beneath Mt. Rockia was where the miner families would live.

As she talked about the mines and the miners, she asked another question,

“But I heard that there was a chance for war… did Monarch apply for war?”

She didn’t know the persistent character of Count Monarch.

She sure thought that he would do something, but didn’t think that it would be so intense like going into a war.

“Is it because of me?”

Reina turned dark, and Luke shook his head.

“Even if it wasn’t for the princess, there was a silver line that he had crossed. You have nothing to worry about because everyone is coming together for this.”

“Is there anything that I can do to help?”

“Well, there is nothing you can do in the combat part. These days, war starts with the Gigant and ends with the Gigant.”

There were some surprises, but the battle usually was based on them. Once the power of the Gigant was lost, it was useless no matter how many other gathered powers they had.

“Gigant huh, we have just one Gigant. Would it be alright to fight if the performance of it drops?”

“Ah, are you talking about Mir?”

The Gigant Mir was the one which Philip had used to fight in the Gigant Arena at Lamer.

After the fight was done, Mir was lent to the nearby estate and recently it was used to haul the refugees during the flee.

And currently, it was being used for the purpose of helping in the construction of the towns.

“And if the battle breaks out Sir Victor and the other knights will help out. Since they will surely not listen to me in that matter, please look after them.”

“I’ll let Sir Rogers know about it.”

“Yes, and…”

Reina handed Luke a book like she had remembered something that she had forgotten.

That old book was a diary that Luke had told her about, the life of Saymon.

In order to show that his story was true, Luke had given Reina the diary when she had came to the castle.

“I listened to the Young Lord’s words, but when I directly read this diary of his, the life of Saymon was very sad and lonely, I don’t even know how times I cried when I was reading it.”

“… you did?”

“Specifically, when he missed his dead lover, it was so strange that I wasn’t able to stop my tears. Maybe it was because I am a woman too?”

As if the feelings were still engraved in her heart, right then princess Reina began to tear up once again.

Luke who had been feeling very lonely, smiled faintly.

“I am sure that Saymon would be happy with that. With someone who understands him and his emotions.”

“It sure is difficult, but hope that there will be a time when the world understands him a little more.”

Luke discussed more with Reina and gave some instructions about the underground lab.

And took out the books that he hadn’t read to improve his power.