Emperor of Steel

Chapter 596 - Parliament Establishment 3

Yemaek—which was located to the east of the Song Empire.

War movement began to circulate in the place where the Song Empire hadn’t been well acquainted for a long time.

It was because an order had been issued to mobilize the entire army troops after the envoy of the Song Empire went and came back.

“I am very sorry, Your Majesty. This is happening because of me…”

Jo Won-rak bowed his head and apologized to Biryu, the ruler of Yemaek.

It was because he felt that there was no need to spill blood for the 3rd person.

However, Biryu’s thoughts were different.

“It isn’t because of you. Even if it wasn’t for you, Jo Won-gyun had been aiming for Yemaek. The war just happened to come a little closer.”

“I am grateful that you think so.”

Jo Won-rak had been framed for a sin, and escaped to the neighboring nation, Yemaek.

He was engaged to the daughter of Biryu, So-hye, and he thought that the evil man Jo Won-gyun wouldn’t dare to step foot in there.

However, his thoughts were completely wrong.

It was because Jo Won-gyun, who took control of the Song Empire’s imperial family, sent Hwang Bo-kwang—an outsider of the royal family, and threatened to start a war if Yemaek didn’t let go of Jo Won-rak.

“And what are we? If Hye and you get married one day, you will become our family soon. We don’t have the custom of abandoning one’s family in Yemaek.”

Biryu was a typical character, he had the temperament of a kid and didn’t hesitate to spill blood if necessary.

He thought that the war might be able to cut the fate of the Song Empire and Yemaek, so he issued the troops’ mobilization order.

In the mobilization order, many of the Moorim clans and warriors in Yemaek had been included.

He was preparing for a war that would decide the fate of the nation.

Jo Won-rak, who left the throne room, headed to his room.

In his room, which was in the Royal palace was Zegal Hui of the Eorim troops, who too had been exiled.

“How did it go, prince? What did King Biryu say?”

“Fortunately, the king regards the war as an established fact.”

Thanks to that, his feelings of guilt had decreased, but the problem was whether they could really win the war against the Song Empire.

If the war was lost, his intention of seeking the asylum in the neighboring nation would disappear.

He would be taken back to the Song Empire and would have to beg the evil hands of Jo Won-gyun.

“What did the Zegal clan say?”

At Jo Won-rak’s question, Zegal Hui answered about the call he had made.

“Elder Zegal Shin, who is infiltrating the enemy lair, caught them making the Kangshi in the Hwang Bo clan. It was said that the Moorim clan was being gathered in secret.”

The masked men and Arsene’s previous attack on the Zegal Clan had left a huge blow on them.

However, as they were the representatives of the Moorim, they gradually managed to recover the strength.

During the time, they rebuilt their clan, and at the same time, they mobilized the intelligence troops and traced the identity of the masked men.

As a result, they discovered that Hwang Bo-kwang was secretly training men.

They weren’t surprised by a lot as they were already expecting something of that sort.

However, the problem was that the Hwang Bo clan could attack them at any time.

It was because Zegal Hui, one of the direct lineage of the Zegal clan, was an ardent supporter of the 3rd crown prince, Jo Won-rak.

In their eyes, the Zegal clan would take the 3rd prince’s side.

As a result, Zegal Moon and the other elders continued to monitor the Hwang Bo clan—and as a result, they found that they had captured men of Kang Ho clans and warriors and turned them into Kanghsi.

The Zegal clan, who knew that they couldn’t handle the Hwang Bo clan by their own strength, secretly began to inform the various other clans in Kang Ho about it, and created the ‘Anti- Hwang Bo clan alliance front’.

“Then, I don’t think there isn’t much to worry about. But the problem is that the monster which helps the Song Imperial…”

A monster that appeared after the masked men were killed.

Because of that non-human monster, the Zegal clan was almost destroyed.

Luckily, Saint Nanda had appeared there and took the monster to somewhere else, yet, the clan was never able to win the war.

“I think we should ask for help from ‘him’, the one in the Northern Continent.”


“Yes, goblin… no, listening to the words of the fairies, it was said that he had founded the nation called Symphonia. They said that with his strength, he might be able to deal with that monster.”

At the request of Luke, the fairies had come to stop Arsene who was trying to take control of the Song Imperial family.

Unfortunately, their task wasn’t completed.

It was because Hwang Bo-kwang had taken control over the Song Imperial family much more quickly than they had expected.

The fairy warriors who came as the representatives weren’t small, however, they weren’t eventually outnumbered.

Therefore, they only managed to rescue the 3rd crown prince Jo Won-rak and pushed him into Yemaek.

The fairy troops were currently staying in the forest near Asadal, the capital of Yemaek.

“If he has become the ruler of one nation, it would be difficult to move and help someone else without getting permission from his men. Would he come all the way to the Southern Continent to help us?”

“It might not be easy. However, in order to remove the dark clouds over the Song Imperial family and correct the order on the continent, we will have to get his cooperation.”

“Huh, then I should be asking the help of the fiancé and my father-in-law.”

Sending a letter from the Southern Continent to the Northern Continent took more than one month of sending and receiving.

In order to shorten the time, he would have to send something like a long-distance communication which Luke had used in the past.

Just a while ago, Jo Won-rak was told that the Yemaek royal family had a similar treasure.

Jo Won-rak was already prepared to face some criticism, he then got up from his seat and once again moved towards the throne room.