Emperor of Steel

Chapter 595 - Parliament Establishment 2

The story about the establishment of the Parliament spread like a wildfire throughout the Kingdom.

It turned into a hot topic not just in the capital city, but also the other estates.

Those who paid more attention than the general public were the republicans in the kingdom.

A small café in the commercial city was located.

In the café, talks about the parliament establishment by the republicans were being held.

“The King has allowed the parliament.”

“I heard that only ‘nobles’ can attend it.”

A young republican replied to the words of his colleague in a deep tone.

There already was a parliament of nobles, in the Baroque Empire.

Besides, it was the same, the establishment was agreed in exchange for money.

What was different was, in the Baroque Empire, it was created because of threats against the nobles and taking over the military by the Imperial family. And in the case of Symphonia, it was in exchange for donations for the development of the destroyed cities.

“It isn’t a legitimate parliament. Will the nobles really communicate the will of the people? King Luke has always been on the side of the people, but when we look at it, this is the nobles’ intention to take revenge on the royalists, right?”

“Right. This is nothing different than their will to fight it out in a legal battle.”

The reaction of the young republicans was rather skeptical, which made the middle-aged scholar smile.

The words of the young were those of the kids who had still a lot more world to see.

“As you said, this is a parliament where only the nobles can attend. But we are also, ‘Common people only’, right? Aiden, you might be able to do it.”

Aiden was a noble family of a nearby estate and was asked by the middle-aged scholar.

In the academy of the Royal Brandon Academy, he secretly met with republicans and later, dedicated himself to republican principles.

“Of course, that is true, but would anyone, who isn’t the direct lineage of the nobles be treated as one?”

The middle-aged scholar’s smile didn’t rub off even after Aiden’s words.

“I took a close look at the decree. It said that any noble could attend it, it didn’t mention anything about having a title or being the direct family member of the titled ones.”

The words of the middle-aged scholar changed the expressions of the young ones.

Republicans weren’t commoners.

Even the nobles were falling into republican ideology, such as those who were far from the inheritance and title, the second and third children who had little power to use.

As such, they were dissatisfied with the current existing noble system and status.

“The seats for the neutralists are around 50 right? The royals and the noblemen are already ready with their seats, but the neutral ones are still not full.”

“Must be because the number of seats is a lot more than the real number of neutral.”

“Right. That is why it is empty. But if we decide to stand still, the seats will be passed on to the indecisive men who only want to earn money.”


As the middle-aged scholar spoke, the young people seemed distressed.

“It isn’t as much as we’d want, but this is still an opportunity for us. You need to take advantage of this, though this is small, it can lead to the break in the noble system in the future.”

“I understand what Mr. Hegel is saying. The question, can we take full control of the neutrals?”

The middle-aged scholar—who was their teacher called Hegel, smiled at Aiden’s question.

“It might be difficult to control right away. We need to go and change the system. To do that, we will have to need a lot of money and connections. It is necessary to properly use the given opportunity and use the noblemen’s desire for power into our advantage.”

“No way, you want us to compromise with the nobles?”

Aiden frowned asking it.

“In order to graze the green lands, sheep will have to wear the skins of the wolves. In any group, there will be those who have fallen. You will have to get in touch with them.”

Hegel explained to the young republicans on how they were supposed to move in the future.

Their heated debate on the political systems continued throughout the night.

Viscount Lamerit, a member of the noblemen, was in a poor mood.

It was because he hadn’t been given a seat in the parliament.

“Damn that jerk Joon! He is eating the fruits I made!”

In fact, he was the first to insist on drawing political advantage from the king by starting the donations.

Count Joon went and got permission to establish the parliament, but the one who gave the most money were the ones who were under Viscount Lamerit—and he was the one who encouraged the people to give money.

Besides, he even went to visit the King with Joon.

However, the number of seats given to the noblemen were 125, and only 18 seats were given to the merchant nobles.

That too, after excluding Viscount Lamerit who was the head of that group.

“Viscount Lamerit, you are the foundation of our nobility. Only if you can support us from behind, the frontline nobles would be able to work freely.”

Upon saying that, Count Joon didn’t give him the seat.

Instead, he turned into the leaders of the noblemen, and he gave plenty of the seats to the men and acquaintances under him.

Maybe if his faction were given enough seats, Viscount Lamerit, would’ve tried to convince himself.

‘But 18, just 18 seats! 18 seats!’

Viscount Lamerit and his men weren’t satisfied with the number of seats given to them.

‘What should I do now? Should I end up becoming a royalist? No, I heard that the dispute for the seats there is fierce. Also, it will make me look like a traitor, and I won’t be placed in a good position in the future.’

With all those thoughts in his heart, he wanted to bring the army in his estate and the men of the mercenaries to wipe out Count Joon and his men.

However, because of the military reform, his entire force had ended.

King Luke had no intention of seeing a civil war rise within his nation.

Maybe if the situation hadn’t changed, he would have surely applied for war with the royal family. However, with the reform, it was impossible.

Because it would be forbidden to create a domestic conflict when the nation was preparing to go for war against the Baroque Empire.

However, it was his dire need to restore the trampled honor, but that didn’t mean he would ruin the nation.

“Huh, I was a fool. Joon, I shouldn’t have believed that fox-like guy…”

The butler approached and spoke to Lamerit, who was sighing a lot.

“Viscount, a guest has come.”

“Guest? Who could that be?”

“Well, a young man called Aiden, a blood relative of Baron Haier.”

Baron Haier was one of the noble families with estates to the south of the Kingdom and had a grain trade relationship with Lamerit.

Although not of the same faction, they were still in a good relationship.

“Aiden? Who is that?”

Lamerit’s question was answered by the butler.

“He isn’t directly related, but is currently the nephew of Baron Haier.”

“Is that so? Then I guess we have no reason to entertain, send him back.”

If there was no real power over the estate of the family, there was no need to meet that person.

However, after hearing from the butler, he changed his mind.

“He said he had something to offer about the election of members in the parliament?”

“… let’s meet first and know what it is, sir.”

The butler immediately brought in Aiden.

With a dignified impression, the man greeted Lamerit.

“I am Aiden de Haier.”

“Uh, yes, nice to meet you. I heard you had something to offer. What could that be?”

When Viscount Lamerit asked about the subject right away, Aiden smiled and spoke.

“I am studying at the Royal Academy, I met a lot of people and came to know a lot of things through them. And this time, we neutralists had an offer about electing the leader.”


The face of the Viscount went wide.

He was already a sack of barley because of the grains he used to cultivate, but this time it was because someone had come to ask him to be a member of the Parliament.

“Congratulations. You people will have to work hard.”

“This isn’t the time to celebrate yet. I just received the offer.”

“I meant it like…” Said Aiden and continued.

“You need to have support to secure the seat.”

At Aiden’s words, Lamerit’s eyes shone.

He noticed what the man was suggesting.

“I am not sure if Viscount already knows this, but most nobles would prefer to have you behind them than to place you directly in the seat of politics.”

“I know, they are fools.”

“Yes, which is why I was able to talk to a neutral noble. However, the competition of the representatives for neutrals is also difficult.”

“So would you like me to support you with my funds so that you can win over the seat?” Asked by the Viscount.

“That is right. If you can help me and my friends to get elected, then you will be given a political stake over the matters the neutrals have influence in.”

It was a very encouraging story.

However, humans and animals were the same kind of beings whose hearts change in a matter of seconds.

After being elected into the parliament on their own virtue, the young man and his group of friends would probably act like they were unaware of the Viscount.

He was concerned about it, but…

‘But, there is nothing bad about investing. Because I will be able to exert some influence on the neutrals, and it will increase my political position too.’

The number of seats for Royalists and the Noblemen were 125.

In order to win the vote, the neutrals had to be drawn to either side.

Which means both the Royalists and the Noblemen would have to bow down to the Neutrals.

‘Kukuku! I don’t know about the others, but I’d like to see that jerk Joon beg me!’

It might be a failure too, however, he wasn’t going to give up because of the fear of failure, there was also the possibility of succeeding too.

Viscount Lamerit accepted the hand of Aiden.

“It is impossible to abandon the spirit of the young man.”

“Thank you so much. You will have a long way in history as the savior of the new future for this nation.”

“Huhuhu. That would be great.”

Viscount Lamerit smiled as he dreamt of the delusion of governing the politics of Symphonia.

Without even thinking that the words of young Aiden could have other meanings.