Emperor of Steel

Chapter 593 - Fallen Dragon 4

Kang! Kang! Clang!


The production of the Gigant was in full swing in the magic tower workshop where the sounds of hammering and screeching could be constantly heard.

“Is this the first Knight class Gigant developed by our Royal Magic Tower?”

“That is right, Your Majesty.”

Meister Vasyli responded to Reichard’s question in a cold voice.

He was known to be the elder of the Fiore Magic Tower, one of the top ten magic towers in the continent.

“This Tyranno was created with the base being Vermillion, the Gigant that was produced by the Fiore Magic Tower. I myself built it.”

“Hm… doesn’t it look old fashioned?”

At Reichard’s thoughts, Vasyli immediately answered, “However, it’s reliable. Vermillion’s structure was relatively simple, and it had relatively low troubles to deal with, so it was a masterpiece that every frontline rider favored.”

However, the core engine output was weak for a Knight class.

For that reason, several attempts were made by the Fiore Magic Tower. However, they always improved the balance instead of a stronger output, which was always criticized by the riders.

Vasyli saw the problem with the core engine when he was still in Fiore Magic Tower.

So, the engine was removed and the core engine made by the Rokid Magic Tower had been installed.

“And with that, the output had been increased and the balance was as stable as ever.”

“Wouldn’t there be any problem by using two parts from two different magic towers?”

“There is no need to worry about that. Magic circles have been placed for the Gigant to work without any problem. In addition, this work was led by the former wizards of Rokid Magic Tower, so there won’t be any problem.”

“Right. And how is the development of the Hero class Gigant going?”

If the core of the military power—the Gigant—was to be used, the Hero class would be the major support for our troops.

Even if a dozen Knight class Gigants were gathered, it was common knowledge to the public that a single skilled rider could defeat them with a Hero class Gigant.

In the past, only the Baroque Empire and Holy Arthenia Empire of the Rhodesia Continent were able to produce their own Hero class Gigant.

However, that number has increased since even the Symphonia Kingdom had done it.

In the New Year’s Military Parade, they had unveiled the self-developed Hero class, Orion.

As the number of the top ten magic towers had decreased due to the Battle of Magic Towers, the search for a Hero class Gigant was like reaching for the stars.

That was why they were assessing that even the Symphonia Kingdom was ready to buy a Hero class from another nation.

Reichard didn’t want to lag behind Luke.

Unlike his thoughts, the reality was different.

“Firstly, we have obtained the Hero class Gigant of the Fiore Magic Tower and are currently reverse engineering it. The main devices of the Hero class were usually produced by the Meister and the senior wizards, so it will take time to analyze each part and research them.”

“Weren’t you an elder in that Magic Tower?”

“I have nothing to answer to that. But thanks to my position, I wasn’t a target of the assassination attempt that happened on the magic tower, which is why I had the opportunity to serve you, Your Majesty.”

“I wouldn’t decide on things too soon.”

When Reichard didn’t seem to feel that great, Vasyli spoke about something hopeful, “However, these days, a lot of talented wizards are coming in and the research is happening faster than expected. Even the famous wizard of the Altica Magic Tower, Rabua, has also come to us.”

“Rabua… I haven’t heard that name before.”

“He is a very famous person in the magical world. Would you like to meet him once? Rabua also wishes to see His Majesty once. After all, you are the famous descendant of God’s Dragon.”

Normally, Reichard would just ignore it.

However, considering the morale of the wizards in the Gigant production, he decided to go along with it.

He decided to meet Rabua.

Vasyli led him to the lab where Rabua was working.

His lab seemed to be in the quiet part of the Royal Magic Tower.

“This is it. He doesn’t like mixing in with people, so he stays here alone.”

“I guess his one of those weird ones.”

Reichard opened the door and entered the room.

He was confident in his abilities and the escort knights were all waiting right outside the room.

‘The room is larger than I thought.’

Seeing the small door, Reichard thought that the lab would be small too.

However, the room seemed enormous. It was large enough to compare it to his own study.

On the dark side of the room, a wizard in a grey robe was studying the Gigant parts.

“Are you Rabua?”

Maybe he didn’t hear it, or he chose to avoid it, but Rabua continued to study the parts.

As a result, Reichard approached the man a little closer.

However, before they were a step away from each other, Rabua turned.

Reichard was shocked to see the face behind the hood.

Was he ugly?

It wasn’t because he was ugly or that great to see.

It was because of the red eyes, which flashed under the hood. No human being possessed eyes with that color and boney hands.

‘What is this?’

“It. Is. You. Shaikan.!”

His voice screeched in Reichard’s ears as if it was iron bars being rubbed on each other. Rabua was terrifying to be with. Well, the skeleton rushed toward Reichard.

Reichard, who was startled, pulled the sword that was on his waist and turned to the monster.


The sword with Dragonic aura struck the skeleton.

As soon as it fell, the skeleton monster turned into powder and spread in the air.

Reichard thought that the power of the dragon in him would destroy the monster, but it was all an illusion.


The power of the skeleton scattered in the air and began to wrap around Reichard’s body, like a snake.


Reichard tried to wave off the powder.

However, the powder soon infiltrated his mouth, nose, and eyes. It flooded into him.

To explain would be tough, but it was like a battle that was spread in all four directions.


Reichard screamed and struggled with pain as if his entire body was burning.

He tried to shake off the powder using his Dragonian abilities, but every time he moved, the powder seeped deeper into his body a lot faster.


His consciousness finally faded in a situation where he choked. He couldn’t see or hear anything.


The lab door shook as if something happened.

“Your Majesty, did something happen?”

The escort knights waiting outside ran into the room after hearing Reichard’s screams.

At first, they thought it was just yelling.

The Dragonian, who was the descendant of the dragon, was strong enough to get rid of anyone.

Reichard was an excellent swordsman, and he was good at ancient magic—dragon magic—as well. No 8th magic circle wizard could stand against him.

Would such a strong king scream?

They thought their king might just be exhausted. However, they heard it again.

They broke through the door and ran inside. Reichard was standing there with his sword pulled out.

“Your Majesty, was it an assassin?”

“Did you get hurt?”

Reichard’s body seemed a little above the floor for some time, and soon, he landed.

He casually replied while putting away his sword, “Why are you making such a fuss?”

“We heard your screams and came in.”

“I screamed? I did?”

The knights were flustered when Reichard asked them.

“Huh? Then you weren’t attacked by an assassin?”

“I wasn’t attacked. Did you hear my scream?” Reichard asked while pointing at Vasyli, who was behind the knights.

“I didn’t hear anything, Your Majesty. I just heard the sound of scraping from the nearby workshop. It seems like the knights are mistaken. Please forgive us.”

At the words of Vasyli, the escorts knights laughed as if they were mistaken.

“Majesty, did you meet Rabua?”

“There was no one inside.”

One of the young wizards came in at the words of Reichard.

With a puzzled look, he asked Vasyli, “Meister, you came? Why did you come into my lab?”

“What… Rabua, you were out?”

“Yes, to find the things I needed… Hiik, Your Majesty!”

Rabua, who recognized Reichard late, bowed to him.

Reichard smiled at the wizard and reached out to him.

“Get up. You did nothing wrong. You don’t have to bow down like that.”

“I-I am sorry.”

Rabua held the hands of Reichard with a smile on his face.

However, it wasn’t because of the joy of being recognized by the king.

‘Master, it was a success.’

‘Kul, kul, kul, he was supposed to be a Dragonian, but he wasn’t much.’

The two exchanged words with just their eyes.

In fact, Rabua was a warlock of the Veritas Magic Tower.

It wasn’t just that. The real identity of Vasyli was Albert, the Meister of Veritas Magic Tower.

With Nestar’s spell, he used magic to disguise himself as Vasyli and infiltrated the Libiya Kingdom to lay down the groundwork.

He then brought Reichard all alone to meet Arsene.

Thanks to that, Arsene was able to seal away Reichard’s soul and take over his body with dark magic.

‘Well, this is a pity, but this body isn’t completely mine yet.’

Although he took over, Arsene was unable to use Reichard’s Dragon magic and sword skills.

In a hurry to seal away his soul, he wasn’t able to completely control Reichard’s ability and knowledge.

It just meant that Reichard was a difficult person to control.

However, Arsene didn’t seem too concerned about it.

It might take some time to analyze it, but he thought there was no way anything could stop him from tapping into Reichard’s skills.

‘Kul, kul, kul, just wait, Luke. I am going to come for your neck once I have made the Dragonian power mine!’

Looking over to the southeast where Symphonia was located, Reichard, well, Arsene smiled to himself.