Chapter 59: Demon Sebastian 1

The Empire’s capital—Nemesis.

The capital of the Baroque Empire, a large city with a population of more than 3 million.

Unlike the Holy Arthenian Empire, which was located on the lakeside with pearls being sprayed around and considered as the most beautiful city, the city Nemesis was built on a plain.

In the center of the city was the Royal palace consisting of spires of tens of meters.

The emperor’s office was located on the tallest tower.

There was a middle-aged man that had red hair hanging like a lion’s mane seated in the gorgeous mahogany desk, which had been imported from the Southern continent.

He was Rudolf, known as the Emperor of the Baroque Empire and also the Lion King.

In front of him was a dark-haired, calm-looking middle-aged man, Count Voltes. One of the closest aides of Rudolf.

“So Monarch has applied for a war?”

“Yes, your majesty.”

“Is the enemy Marquis Mayer?”

At the question from Rudolf, Voltes bowed.

“Well, that would have been a nice situation, but unfortunately, it’s the young Lord of Rakan.”

“The Rakan Viscount? Was it that warrior’s land?”


At the response of Voltes, Rudolf grunted nervously.

“Why is he going against such a lifeless place? If he really wants to fight, he needs to go against the Marquis Mayer and have a big fight.”

The reason why the Empire had left the Rakan viscount without interfering in their matters was because of the history that the land possessed.

And if they had gained a little bit of power, they were planning to put them in check.

“But, why is that greedy Monarch trying to attack Rakan?”

“Not long ago the young Lord of Rakan along with Princess Reina had taken the refugees away, and the scorpion cavalry who were sent to stop it were reported to be missing. According to the Count, it was something that had been done by the Rakan.”

“And the evidence?”

“There was no solid evidence. Which was why there were a lot of discussions at the noble meetings.”

Luke had buried the bodies deep in the ground, the Count Monarch wouldn’t be able to find even one of the thousand Scorpion Cavalry.

That made the Count very hurt and led to a sharp division between the noble council on whether to allow war on the land or not.

Of course, no matter what they had decided on, the Emperor had the final say on the matter, and the emperor normally chose against what the council decided.

Rudolf asked Voltes after a lot of thinking.

“What do you think?”

“I wonder if we should clean up the Viscount. It would be embarrassing for you to touch that land, so I think that it is a good idea to let the Monarch take care of it for you.”

“Hmmm, right?”

In fact, Rudolf had another reason for his decision, However, he chose to not say it.

No matter how close he was with Count Voltes, the Emperor had to keep secrets that came from his higher generation.

“Okay, then I will allow it.”

Rudolf made a decision and stamped the seal of the Emperor on the payment documents before moving onto the next issue.

“The Pope of Holy Arthenia Empire fell?”

“Yes. According to the reports that came yesterday, the old Pope fell while in prayer.”

“Was it because of a disease?”

The Pope of Arthenia Empire was over 80 years old, and he was suffering from a chronic disease. Everyone was concerned about his health.

“That is what I assumed. A fight for the next successor has started between the cardinals.”

“Oho! That is good news.”

Unlike the happenings in a kingdom, the position of the Pope in the Holy Arthenia wasn’t passed down to an offspring.

As a general rule, the highest position in the denomination would be the one who would be ordained as the next pope.

However, a trust wasn’t issued at that time, and the closest trust had been made 300 years ago.

In that situation, the cardinals now held the conclave to elect the next one to recruit the most powerful of the bishops as the new pope.

It was a situation that most people and believers couldn’t understand. However, the nobles seemed to know something about it.

At any rate, Rudolf was excited by the news of the Holy Empire being in chaos, the only Empire other than the Baroque Empire on the Rhodesia continent.

“Is there any room for us to intervene at this time?”

He asked if the fight for succession could be intervened.

One could cause a civil war or not, or a deep fight could be made between the factions and keep them far from uniting.

“Unfortunately, the church has been closed… but we can try.”

“Okay, it doesn’t even concern us if it fails.”

Roughly finished with the day’s agenda, Rudolf got up from his seat.

It was time to go and practice his favorite sword.