Emperor of Steel

Chapter 586 - Chapter 586:

On an isolated island far from Rhodesia Continent.

A huge lighthouse that stood in the middle of the rocky island. An island long forgotten from people’s memories.

The shape and architectural style of the lighthouse seemed to have been something that was made during the ancient times of Mado Civilization.


All of a sudden, a bright light shone in the lighthouse that hadn’t been in use.

However, the light was a shade of red that could never shine in the lighthouse.

The red light in the lighthouse began to move around like a firefly and roamed inside the lighthouse.

A large room inside the lighthouse, where several sarcophagus were placed.

As if choosing, the red color light moved between the sarcophagus and settled at the one in the middle.

A bizarre patterned magic circle carved onto the sarcophagus began to flash in red and slowly covered the entire stone.



The cover stone opened and a bare-skinned man appeared.

However, when the man’s body began to get in contact with the air, it began to burn, giving out the white smoke leaving behind only the skeleton.

The skeleton, which came out of the sarcophagus, frowned upon, feeling disgusted and screamed out loud.

“Luke. Uh! I. will. Never. Stay. Still!”

An uncomfortable voice was heard that was like glass being scratched with a nail.

It was Lich Arsene who had come out from the coffin.

Lost in the fight against Luke once again, after losing the body he had been using for the past 500 years, he resurrected on the rocky islands where his Life Vessel was hidden.

In case of any emergency, he placed a body there.

Arsene looked around and grunted.

“Surely. I. will. Chew. That. Luke. While. Still. Alive…Ugh!”

Arsene staggered and grabbed onto his chest.

A Lich could be revived as long as the Life Vessel was kept safe.

However, when the body disappeared, it didn’t mean that they wouldn’t suffer.

Just as the brain would feel the sensation of shocks spreading throughout the body, the Lich too had senses that surround around the body through spirit body, which would still affect the Life Vessel and the body used.

A promising attack could extinguish or damage the spirit body.

However, the Holy Sword Valiant that Luke wielded inflicted tremendous blow on Arsene’s body.

For a human, such an attack would be similar to getting his soul cut off.

Still, he had lived as a monster for over 500 years. Arsene was irritated.

The pain, which hit him, was comforting him.

It helped him calm down from acting reckless and going into battle once again.

‘Although this body was made by cloning the original body with dark magic, I can’t help it.’

Since it was a body that was originally cloned, the magi contained in the black circle of his heart was around 500 years ago.

That meant it was that good.

However, it had a drop in the number of magi and the quality than the body used before.

Of course, he had the know-hows, which he had accumulated over the past 500 years, so if he practiced, he might be able to restore his old abilities.

But given Luke’s growth rate, Arsene would have to grow a lot stronger and restore his original strength.

Arsene wasn’t sure where Luke managed to gain the strength of his sword.

‘Should I rather wait for him to die? No, it will take too long of a time, and I can’t stop the production which I already started.’

The average life expectancy of a modern Rhodesian was around 30 years.

The life expectancy was used to be 50 years old. After factoring infant deaths, war, or any other common problems with regular people, it decreased.

The average nobles’ lifespan was around 20 to 30 years longer than the common people, and the lifespan of an Archmage and a Sword Sage were much longer.

They could even rejuvenate their body using Body Change.

The best example would be Arch Duke Gregory of the Holy Empire.

He was already 120 years old, but it was assumed that that man could be living for another few decades.

From Arsene’s view, Luke, who wasn’t that great in skill compared to Arch Duke Gregory, was always scheming.

‘What should I do? How am I supposed to kill him?’

Arsene wandered around the lighthouse and thought again and again.

‘I think it would be possible if I take the body of a man who is as strong as Luke… The question is, is there anyone on the continent who is as strong as him?’

The first one who came into Arsene’s head was Emperor Rudolf, the Emperor of the Baroque Empire.

He was known as a Sword Sage.

However, Arsene knew the skills of Rudolf. He knew that he was a Sword Emperor, the title that Warrior Rakan had achieved.

His skills as a knight would be far superior to Luke.

‘But, he only knows sword skills.’

Rudolf never practiced magic or dark magic.

It felt rather useless for Lich Arsene to have his body.

He thought of attacking Luke with another guardian, but he quickly gave up.

He had seen how Hiros, the guardian made from the flesh of Warrior Rakan, lost.

‘He needs to be as strong as Luke and has strong magic abilities, but Rune Knights aren’t common…’

Arsene’s steps stopped.

Maybe something came to his mind. His smile widened.

“Yes, him!”

There was someone.

The King of Libiya Kingdom, Shaikan.

His real name was Reichard de Baroque, the 3rd prince of the Baroque Empire.

The half brother of Rudolf.

Hearing from Nestar and Albert, he came to know that the man had Dragonian blood of the God Dragon Tiamet. He was the only one in the continent who could use Dragon magic.

‘All I know about Dragon magic is that it is ancient. However, I won’t be able to deal with a Dragonian with my strength.’

Arsene had another thought… to make Shaikan’s body his own.

‘That way, the Libiya Kingdom would be in my hands, and I can use that as a stepping stone for achieving greatness.’

As a result, Arsene’s heart turned impatient.

He hurriedly went to Thanatos Island to discuss his plan with the heads of Veritas Magic Tower such as Nestar.

“Kul. Kul. Kul! Wait, Luke. Next. Time. I. Will. Take. Your. Throat!”

Arsene laughed out loud in the lighthouse.

The sound of that unpleasant laughter sounded even eerier because the place was a closed space.