Emperor of Steel

Chapter 583 - Resurrection of Holy Sword 1

Luke’s plan had been completely reserved with the sneaky trick used by Arsene.

Arsene struck the fist of Avenger at Luke.


When a punch, full of Magi hit the ground, a large crater formed.

It wasn’t just that, the shock waves swept away all the debris created by the collapsed buildings.

“Kul kul kul! Run. Away. Like. A. rat. Warrior. Descendant. That. Is. The. Only. Way!”

Arsene screamed, seeing Luke take a step back, however, Luke didn’t respond.

He had no time to get himself into a verbal fight with Arsene.

It was important to take out the Gigant from his subspace bracelet.

However, Arsene wasn’t giving him the chance.

“You. There!”

Dozens of Black Spears formed around Avenger’s fingers.

Luke, who was hiding behind a building, hurriedly escaped.

‘Kuek, only if I had a little more time!’

He struggled and looked at the object which was in his hand.

The wooden box containing the Holy Sword Valiant.

In the midst of summoning the Gigant from the subspace, he ended up bringing something else out.

‘It would have been fine if another sword would have come out.’

In addition to the broken Iron Feather sword, there were a few more magic swords made by Zig in Luke’s subspace.

When Luke first held the Holy sword, he wanted to activate it numerous times.

However, the half-broken sword was nothing more than a sharp blade.

How would it even be helpful in such a situation?

‘If I teleport myself from here and reorganize… no, if I step back now, I lose everything!’

Luke thought about what Arsene would resort to if he retreated.

The brutality Luke would have to witness scared him.

Even if he did manage to survive, the nation would have a huge loss, and the people will start to lose trust in him.

‘If I don’t get away from here…!’

“Come. Out. Luke. De. Rakan! If. Not. City. Will. Be. Blown. Up!”

Screaming loudly, Arsene’ raised the hands-off Avenger and pointed to the city which hasn’t yet been destroyed.

As Magi was gathering on it, Luke ran out.

He had no time to think, and he couldn’t afford another destruction right before his eyes.

He had to stop Arsene.

He could no longer let the innocent people suffer because of the monster in front of his eyes.

“Don’t do useless stuff, Arsene! I am here!”

Luke flew in at Arsene with Titan Fist.

It was a magic combat attack with huge power, however, it was a lot less as he had no core engine to amplify the attack.


The Titan Fist got easily blocked by Arsene’s shield.

“Kul. Kul. Kul! That. Tickles. Was. That. The best. You. Had?”

“Not at all!”

The Titan Fist was just a check.

Luke had lured Arsene’s attention with the attack.

He wasn’t sure if it would work, but he had to know where he stood.

Arsene noticed that Luke was up to something.

However, with the confidence he had, he was only curious about it.

Arsene was sure of his win as long as he didn’t let Luke take out the Gigant from his subspace bracelet.

However, when Luke continued to do the same thing again and again, his anger grew.

“Annoying. Luke! How. Long. Will. You. Keep. Doing. That?”


Arsene brought in Magi and directed it at Luke.

As the ground burst because of the explosion, the roads and the stones scattered all over the place.

‘Kuk, should I drag it more?’

Luke was thinking of testing Arsene’s patience a little more, but felt like he should start attacking.

“Build Up!”


Luke exerted three phases of demon ability of Build Up.

The Aether Globe in Luke’s heart changed to Black Circle and his appearance changed to a demon.

His height went to 3 meters.

Pung! Pung!

During the transformation, Arsene’s attack went for Luke’s body and hit him.

“Kuek! Kuek!”

Luke gagged in pain.

He hadn’t used up his demon abilities as it took time for them to change and form.

Surely it didn’t take the time to summon a Gigant, but he didn’t find the gap to use it.

Because of the repeated blows, Luke ended up vomiting blood.

Luke somehow managed to avoid getting any fatal injuries by covering his face with his arms, and immediately used Thunder Bringer, the ability he got from Kauren.

Kwang! Bang!

Suddenly, purple lightning was coming in!

Arsene, who didn’t expect Luke to strike back that quickly, was shocked by the display of lightning.

If he was controlling a good Gigant, maybe it would have held the power to stand tall even after getting smashed by a powerful blow, however, Avenger, which wasn’t in the top condition faltered.

Fortunately for Arsene, Luke’s Thunder Bringer wasn’t precise, so it hit the ground around Arsene and not him.

“Huh, I. won’t. Fall. If this. Is. Your. Level!”

Arsene was surprised by the strong attack which just missed him, yet, Arsene was ready to counterattack.


Dark abyss was created on Avenger’s left hand.

It was the extinction magic, Black Abyss.

It was rather hard for such kinds of dark magic attacks where the body wasn’t perfect.

However, Arsene concentrated all of his power with the hope to see the end of his opponent.

“Have. A. safe. Trip. Luke. De. Rakan!”

The moment Arsene manifested the magic, the ground around Arsene’s feet crumbled making Avenger lose its balance.

Avenger staggered at the sudden unexpected situation.

With that sudden movement, Arsene ended up sending the Black Abyss to the sky rather than at Luke.


The opportunity he waited and waited for.

Keeping his eye straight, Luke pulled out the broken Holy Sword Valiant from the wooden box.

Although it was broken and couldn’t exert its full power, the Holy Sword was made from Orichalcum metal, which amplifies the aura a lot more than what any other swords can.

‘This is the only chance!’

Luke, who was rushing towards Avenger, used Blink and unfolded the second half of Gold Sword.


A bright and brilliant light began to rise from the broken Valiant.

With a golden light flying straight, Luke went for Avenger which was still struggling.

“Th-this. Damn it…!”

Arsene tried to defend in a hurry.

However, the attack of the Gold Sword was much faster than the manifestation of dark magic.


The moment the Golden aura was wielded, a huge golden trajectory went for Avenger and eroded its entire body.

“Kuek! Luke. You. Disgusting. Man!”

No matter how much Avenger had been taken over, in the end, it was a Gigant.

When the mana converter, the balance device, and the other important parts got smashed, Avenger collapsed without help.

‘I did it!’

Luke sighed out of relief when he saw Avenger unable to move.

The crisis which intensified with Avenger seemed to have ended there.