Emperor of Steel

Chapter 580 - Another Crisis 2

Luke, who was blocking all the insane attacks of Arsene’s dark magic, felt that the number of people in the city were disappearing rapidly.

Or, maybe the surviving soldiers in the city realized that evacuating the city was a priority.

Their strength was too insignificant when compared to Luke or Arsene, but them, risking their own lives for the residents of the city was a huge act of bravery.

‘I am thankful to them.’

Luke, who felt thankful to the soldiers, turned his attention to Arsene, who was ready to use another dark magic attack.

‘Should I fight back now?’

Luke was unable to use any aggressive attacks as he was busy blocking the attacks of Arsene from reaching the city.

But that wasn’t the only reason for the delay in attacks.

He had a hidden card, and he needed the right opportunity to use it.

No matter how strong the enemy attack was, what Luke possessed was a single time counter-attack.

‘Something is wrong. That guy Luke, who is he getting pushed back so easily?’

As Luke continued to act defensive, Arsene felt troubled.

Even if it was due to the safety of the people in the city, it didn’t make any sense that Luke didn’t use one single attack and continued to defend.

‘Is he looking for a gap…?’

It was a time when Arsene’s attack faltered because of his extreme thoughts.


Luke suddenly used Blink and struck a mighty blow.

The gold aura which spread from the sword cut the wing of Gorgos in half.

“Haha. You were quick, Arsene!”

“Kuk, you. Worthless. Bastard!”

Arsene, who got his wing cut off on one side grunted his teeth.

‘Right, there is no need to think. The moment I think I end up giving him a gap!’

Therefore, he needed to be killed at once.

Arsene, who was determined to get rid of Luke, immediately pursued Luke to launch an attack.



Gorgos’s fists, which were strong, seemed to even turn steel into powder, during that time, flame as hot as magma began to flow.

The armor on Avenger began to turn tattered and seemed like it would melt any moment.

No, they would have melted if it hadn’t been for the cooling magic used by Luke.

In spite of the situation, Luke had a smile on his face rather than panic.

It was because he had reached the place where he would be able to use the hidden card on Arsene.

“Now, Hwang Bo-sung!”


Along with the words of the Song Empire, a huge wooden puppet stood tall on the remains of the broken buildings.

A Zen skill weapon of the Southern Continent, which could be compared to the Gigant.

It was Puppet.

Arsene’s eyes, which were looking at the Puppet in front of him were shocked.

‘Th-that is…!’

“Be punished under the name of God!”

Even before Arsene could take up a defensive position, Hwang Bo-sung’s puppet, threw in a Trinity Punch at Gorgos’s body.

Urrrng! Urrrrrng!

The Trinity punch rained on Gorgos’s body with the sound of thunder.

Pung! Pung! Pung! Pung!

When the fist made of Iron Core hit the body of Gorgos which was stronger than steel, impacts soon erupted on it.

‘Kuk, this!’

Gorgos was getting beaten up in a speed of light.

Eventually, he was unable to defend and cracks began to form on Gorgos’s body.

In addition to the unexpected damage which Arsene took, Hwang Bo-sung, who attacked was also surprised.

‘Huh! such neat repair, no! it has been strengthened!’

Hwang Bo-sung’s Puppet had been destroyed in the battle with Hiros a few months back.

However, it had been repaired during the time when he and Luke went to the Holy Empire.

The person who repaired the Puppet, was Zegal Soha, the Court Tactician.

She incorporated the magic engineering of the Rhodesia Continent which she learned during the production of Avenger and used it on Hwang Bo-sung’s Puppet.

Therefore, the attack power of the Puppet had been doubled.

Surely, it wasn’t a fatal blow to Arsene.

The damage was something he could recover with his dark magic.

The problem was that Hwang Bo-sung wasn’t the one only dealing with the opponent.

The main enemy of Arsene was Luke.

What Hwang Bo-sung did was to create a strong attack that would provide the right gap for Luke.

“Get this, Arsene!”

“Kuke! Well. Dug. Trap!”

As Avenger rushed in at him, Arsene continued to defend against the attacks by using Black Spears instead of using defense magic.


The dark magic attack which was pouring in on Avenger shattered the huge sword.

Arsene who saw it cheered.

‘Kul, I knew it!’

No matter how much of Gold Aura was being produced on it, the sword of a Gigant was just a lump of metal.

It had a huge size, however, the amount of special metals that go into the sword were of a small amount.

And if the fight went on and on, the sword was bound to lose its efficiency.

Moreover, they were in a battle which surpassed the normal human strength, the metal was bound to get weaker.

‘Now he has no choice but to fight with bare hands. So he will surely attack with magic!’

Arsene, who made such a judgment, hurriedly prepared to counter Luke’s magic.

It was his plan to neutralize Luke’s magic and then intend to use the final blow.

However, Luke, who seemed to lose his sword hesitated for a while and rushed in without using any magic attack.

‘Wh-what? He plans on using his bare hands?’

When he looked closely, Arsene saw the Gigant clench its hands.

The attacking position seemed very similar to the Puppet.

‘Is he going to use that martial technique he used on Hiros? Huh, he thinks I will falter with such simple attacks!’

Just as Arsene expected, Luke unleashed the Trinity punch which was used by Hwang Bo-sung.

It was because the Intense Mind Keep arts were difficult for Luke to learn only by watching, however, the Trinity was something Luke could learn without further instructions.

Well, it was easy for Luke to follow since he had been training on it from the very beginning.

‘That is it, master! It doesn’t matter if the opponent can block your attacks or not, you need to use it!’

Anything which blocks the attack would get shattered.

That was the basic use of Trinity punch.

Hwang Bo-sung couldn’t help but nod seeing Luke attack.

The movement and attacks were so clean that it could be compared to his.

The question was, Luke who didn’t know the Intense Mind Keep arts, would hit the enemy with what?

Upon defeating Hiros, the lightning magic which had similar attributes to the Intense Mind Keep were used with a punch.

However, it was rather doubtful if the same attack would work on Arsene who seemed a lot stronger.

“Kul kul kul! The. Same. Trick. I saw! Anti. Magic! Anti. Cancel!”

Arsene reacted swiftly as he watched Avenger use Tekken.

Between him and Luke, the white magic and dark magic spells were simultaneously used creating a wall of neutralization on both ends.

‘The only thing left is aura, will that…’

Arsene’s sly smile changed and turned stiff.

It was because the white light which Avenger was using to fly wasn’t magic, but light.

Arsene was shocked that the light was bright enough to blind him.

“Div-divine. Power!”

The power which only the priests and paladins who believed and followed in God could use.

The power of light and life, a complete opposite source of energy to darkness and death, rushed towards Arsene despite the white and dark magic attacks he had been unfolding.

“Show me how you’ll stop this, Arsene!”

“This. Can’t. Be!”

Bang! Kwang! Bang!

Tekken’s 3 consecutive hits were with Divine power and hit Gorgos’s body, which already taken damage from Hwang Bo-sung’s attacks, it completely shattered like a spider’s web.

The moment it began to break, every piece of it turned into ash and burned.

Together with it, the ghost who formed the body of Gorgos was released and ascended.


Thank you… for releasing me!

Now… I get to have eternal… rest!

“Kuk, this. Makes. No. F*cking. Sense…!”

As he watched the ghosts of Gorgos get released, Arsene couldn’t understand what was happening.

It wasn’t easy, but magic and sword could be learned over time and practice.

And those who achieved such skill were called Rune Knights.

It was possible for both magic and Divine power to be compatible if they were used with faith and loyalty to God.

That was how the wizards of Holy Arthenia Magic tower used their powers.

However, how could one who uses dark magic wield Divine power?!

There were no such reports or records from the ancient time which mentioned such atrocities.

“This. Is. A. Huge. Trickery-!”

With a scream of feeling betrayed, Arsene disappeared along with Gorgos.