Chapter 58: Second Coming of the Devil King 4

“Oh my God!”

“Young Lord Luke is such a scary person!”

Princess Reina and the old servants, who moved over to the Nair River, trembled as they watched the Scorpion Cavalry get annihilated.

They had never imagined that Luke, a descendant of a warrior family and its leader, would use such powerful golems and magic.

He even used magic to those who had surrendered.

It was the same as that time 500 years ago with Devil King Saymon!

“I feel like the Rakan Viscount is a much different place from what we thought.”

“I feel so too.”

“Maybe, we too will be killed…”

Reina cut off the words of the retainers who were trembling in fear.

“Please enough. He was the one who has saved all our lives.”

And that wasn’t the only thing.

He helped her from the conspiracy of the Count Monarch, he reached out to the Volga refugees, whom no one wanted to help.

And if they were asked to leave Rakan, they would really have no other place to go to.

“There is indeed a lot of unanswered questions about him, but do not forget that he is our last hope.”

With those words, Reina closed her lips.

Once the use of the golems was done, with the use of Fly magic, he moved to the place where the refugees were.

Reina, on his arrival, once again thanked him for saving her people.

“Young Lord Luke, I will never forget the grace you have showed my people and for saving us.”

Luke was rather upset when she thanked him.

To save the princess and the refugees, Luke hurriedly ended up showing them his magic and golems.

All the troopers were killed, but the problem was that he couldn’t do the same to the princess and the refugees.

It was the case for Warlock Saymon, Luke was never a killer. He was rather merciful to the weak.

‘What should I do with these people? How should I make sure that they won’t end up telling what they saw today?’

Luke pondered on any possible way to solve this problem.

He then thought of a way to persuade them.

‘Yeah well, it will be fine if I say that.’

He looked at the Princess and her old servants, who were curious and anxious.

“You must have been surprised by what you said today. It was something that had ever seen in this world.”

Everyone nodded and listened to Luke.

“I wanted to do anything I can to save you all. Which was why I ended up using my hidden powers, so please, please keep it a secret.”

“I understand, young Lord. But, that power…?”

“Are you asking where I got it from? Before that let me state one thing clearly. Everything that I am going to say now, isn’t a lie.”

There was a lie in it, but the truth had a higher number.

Seeing Luke all serious, princess Reina and her old men listened to him nervously.

“I have been extremely weak since my childhood. I tried learning my family’s fencing, but I was very slow. Whenever I get frustrated with myself, I used to run away to the Devil King’s Castle and play there.”

And having played often in the Devil King’s castle, there was no corner he hadn’t been to, and nine years ago, he accidentally found a secret passage going underground.

“Saymon’s lab was at the end of the secret passage. And in that lab, there were spellbooks and golems left by the former owner of that place—Saymon.”

“Oh my god!”

“The legacy of the Devil King still remains!”

The old men were surprised to hear what Luke said.

Rakan had defeated the Devil King Saymon, but Saymon’s allies had never been able to find his warlock artifacts and his golems.

Which was why a few had speculated that his followers or subordinates might have taken them.

But in fact, they were hidden in the basement of the Devil King’s Castle!

Luke glanced over at the old men.

“But what was more interesting was the diary of Saymon.”


“Yes, his life was written in it.”

The actual diary was kept in a safe in the lab, and the truth was told to the princess and her party.

“The diary contained the real image of Saymon, which the world didn’t know about. I saw it, and realized that it was very unfair to call him the Devil King.”

Luke told them the truth about Saymon that he was actually a wizard in the Veritas Magic Tower and that he was shaken by the death of his lover and went forward to touch forbidden magic, and how he had fought against the nations to defeat his enemies.

Princess Reina and the old men were surprised to hear that.

It was because the image of Saymon that the world had portrayed was different from what they had known.

“I can’t believe that!”

“If that is the case, the history of the Baroque Empire has to be re-written.”

“I think that the ground truth is different. The early work of Baroque Emperor was quite secretive of the history.”

“There were no rumors of that sort with the Veritas Magic Tower…”

Luke briefly watched the reactions of the dubious old people and continued again,

“When I learned about the situation Saymon was in and got his spell books and the golems, I secretly started learning magic from then on. I thought about using the Devil’s Legacy for good and revive the family estates. And that is why I can use magic.”

Reina listened to it quietly, and asked,

“Do your retainers know about that?”

“They don’t know. They were very upset with the Devil King, so I had to hide it.”

Reina seemed a bit bitter with it.

It was because Luke was living a life of loneliness even when he was among his closest retainers.

She could understand his loneliness, Reina grasped Luke’s hands unintentionally.

“Princess Reina…”

“I believe your words, young Lord. What’s wrong about getting the legacy of the Devil King? What is important is how it is being used.”

From her strong heart, sincerity could be understood and felt.

Her words were striking remarks which should be heard by the El Kassel denomination and the Baroque Imperial Family.

For them, dark magic was a wicked force that had to be cleaned out from this world, and the Devil King Saymon was an evil man who wrecked the continent with his wicked power.

Some of the old men standing behind her were astonished and tried to warn her. However, Victor and Pavel stopped them.

“You really think so?”

“Yes, I think so. The Devil King, no Saymon was a very pitiful person.”

Listening to her words, Luke was on the verge of tearing up.

After being awakened in the body of a warrior’s descendant, he had only heard criticism about his past. This was the first time that someone had understood him.

“So, please be strong and harden your will. Even the poison which kills people can save people too depending on who prescribes them.”

‘Ahh, this woman…?’

What happened wasn’t known. From her appearance to her personality and her words, everything was similar to Katarina.

The phrase she said about how a poison could be used was the same example that Katarina had given him in the past when they were discussing if the ancient warlock spell book had to be disposed of or not.

‘It was right to save this woman.’

Luke felt good because he felt like he had gotten a colleague who believed in him.

“My heart feels lighter after hearing your words, princess. But please keep my secret for the time being.”

“Do not worry. No one here is going to go against my words, and the refugees will follow the same.”

With the affinity that Reina had with her people, the Volga refugees would willingly be quiet about what they saw.

After taking his golems back into the subspace, Luke decided to bid goodbye.

“Then, I’ll see you at the estate.”

Luke had kept it a secret from his retainers, so Luke had to go back to Rakan by himself.

Pavel approached the princess and spoke to her while she was looking at Luke until he disappeared from her sight.

“He is a great one, and our people are very satisfied with what he did to the troopers.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, maybe the young Lord will wake up the lost spirit of the Rakan Viscount.”

As they were done evaluating Luke, they turned to where the refugees were and moved away.