Emperor of Steel

Chapter 578 - Second Fight Against Arsene 4

Kwang! Bang!

Crack! Puck!

Luke and Arsene kept on exchanging fierce attacks.

Unlike before, now, Arsene was the one attacking, and Luke was on the defense.

There was reason why Luke was unable to take the lead even after he managed to land successful attacks.

It was because of the residents still evacuating in the city.

More than half of the residents of Anbury were in the city, and not many of them have been evacuated.

That meant that Luke couldn’t attack recklessly.

And realizing that, Arsene took full advantage of the situation.

He deliberately developed wide range dark magic attacks. He didn’t give Luke a chance to attack but also aimed to create a gap for him.

Luke knew that Arsene would notice it if he tried using Star Sword again and interfere with it.

“Kuk, you sneaky skeleton bastard!”

“Kul. Kul. Kul. Even. The. Descendant. Of. The. Warrior. Can. Do. Nothing. In such. A. Situation.”

The soldiers, who saw Avenger’s gloves shatter and break off, realized that Luke was in great trouble.

It wasn’t like their king was suffering because of his own weakness.

The reason was them and the numerous citizens who were still in the city.

“This isn’t the time to just watch!”

“Yes, we need to give more space for His Majesty to fight!”

While Luke was enduring the attacks, the soldiers of Anbury began to rescue the people who were trapped under the collapsed and burning buildings and asked them to evacuate the city.

“Hurry up and run! Get out of the city right away!”

A young soldier, who was sending people out of the city, ran to the nearby sanctuary of Mars Order.

He saw a few people gathering over there.

When he opened the door to the sanctuary, he saw numerous people kneeling on the ground and praying to the statue of Mars.

The bald priest, who stood before them, was silently performing a ritual.

The soldier, who saw that, frowned.

“What are you all doing here? You need to evacuate the city right away. Please hurry!”

“Don’t disturb us! Have you lost your sanity! Can’t you see this?”

“I’m very sane, but please run! Don’t you know what is going on outside?”

As the soldier was getting nervous, the bald priest frowned.

“We know. The evil incarnation has descended on us.”

“If you know, then you…”

The moment the soldier tried to reason with the bald priest, he looked at the soldier in the eyes and spoke with a stern voice, “Do you think that you’ll be able to run away from this? What we need now is faith and courage. If we can do that, Mars, the God of War, will descend and cut down the devil with his sword!”

‘Damn it, they have lost it!’

The soldier frowned.

The soldier was a member of the Mars Order as well. However, he wasn’t such an advent believer.

If God really had the interest to look after their well beings, he would have helped people 100 times already.


“Hik! What are you doing?”

The soldier pulled out his sword and pointed it at the waist of the priest.

“Get out of here right now! Do you wish to be punished?”

“Shut up! I know nothing about that punishment! If I talk to His Majesty, he’ll get rid of you!”

“Th-this ungrateful young man!”

The believers rushed in.



Arsene’s dark magic fragments had shattered the roof of the sanctuary.

As a result, the pillars collapsed. The statue that was in the front and the altar got smashed.

Maybe, if Mars, the God of War, had seen that, he might have really appeared with a sword.

However, Mars seemed to be caught up in something else. God didn’t show up before the poor lambs.

“Cough, Cough! Go on now…”

The soldier, who was covered in dust, spoke to the bald priest, who escaped first, and the believers, who were behind him, shouted, “Tch, pathetic act by a priest!”

There were always such people. People who thrived on their own knowledge and status.

‘Guys like him need to be collected and kept away from society, so they can’t mess with the others!’

The soldiers shook his head seeing the other people rush out from the rubble.

The noise of the battle between the king and the monster seemed to get closer to his location.