Emperor of Steel

Chapter 577 - Second Fight Against Arsene 3

“It’s the Avenger!”

“His Majesty has come!”

Cheers of hope broke out among the soldiers, who were in grief and despair.

Unlike them, Arsene glared at the Gigant and said, “Luke. De. Rakan!”

“You are really one pathetic person, Arsene. If you wanted to kill me, you should have come to me directly. Why would you hurt innocent people and soldiers? Are you that scared of me?”

Arsene screamed at Luke, whose voice was heard from Avenger.

“Shut up. Thoughtless. Words. Come. From. Your. Mouth! Who. Is. Scared. Of. You?”

Enraged, Arsene moved the hand of Gorgos toward Luke’s Avenger.

The black trajectory, which cut down five Gigants, moved at the speed of lightning.

However, Luke was able to block the black trajectory with his Golden Aura.

“Do you really think that you can get rid of me with this?”

At Luke’s retort, Arsene frowned.

‘He did improve a lot!’

Arsene felt that Luke had gotten a lot stronger than the time he met Luke in Zegal Clan, defeating Hiros and his guardian, Baymon.

It was because Luke had been constantly growing and improving himself that Arsene had turned more furious. That was the very reason why he decided to kill him.

He turned into someone who could no longer be overlooked. Someone who shouldn’t be left alone.

“If you plan on attacking, you will have to do better than this.”


The sword began to shake with Gold Aura and Avenger disappeared.

While Arsene was thinking, Avenger appeared on Gorgos’ head.

Avenger used its sword to give out a fast and strong slash.

Kwang! Bang!

Flustered at Luke’s quick movements, Arsene hastily developed shield magic to stop the attack.

With a heavy explosion between the two, sparks shone one after the other.

‘Is that the second half of Gold Sword?’

Arsene knew that Luke had been learning the second half of Gold Sword.

It was because he watched the fight against Hiros through a magic crystal ball.

However, the attack just now seemed a lot different from then. It seemed more polished, stable, and stronger.

‘Surely, being with Arch Duke Gregory worked out well.’

The night before leaving from the Holy Empire, Luke had a two-hour-long battle with Gregory.

He tried to hone his sword skills and find problems in the second half of the Gold Sword by working with someone who had a deeper understanding of the skills.

They couldn’t figure out much due to the short time, but they understood one thing.

‘It shouldn’t end with just the wielding of the sword. The sword needs to move as if it is alive!’

It felt like that was how the second half of the Gold sword, Gold Light God Sword by Yeon Gu-ram, and Hiros, the undead monster in the body of Rakan, used it.

Even though Arch Duke Gregory’s second half of the Gold Sword wasn’t complete, it gave out a different vibe of vitality.

‘The sword needs to be given a free-spirited vitality, like a wild furious torrent or a thunderstorm.’

In doing so, he had no intention of following the path of those who have learned the second half.

Luke felt that it was necessary to take a different approach to achieve a different form.

Luke’s sword skills have yet a long way of reaching Gregory.

Of course, he still was comparable to Hiros, who used Rakan’s sword skills, or the Southern Continent-style Gold Sword.

‘Even then, I am strong. I will make my own sword skills with my own abilities!’

The second half of the Gold Sword had 8 parts in total and 64 sub-parts in detail.

By applying or fusing those tens of thousands of variations, Luke could surely achieve it.

“You don’t need to try and master or understand all those variations. Your Majesty can refine his sword in a way that suits you the most.”

After the battle with Arch Duke Gregory, that was what he advised Luke.

Luke was able to realize what it meant when he was fighting against someone as strong as Arsene.

‘Yes, sometimes it is necessary to abandon what you feel is useless to make something perfect for you.’

A more concise and quick attack that couldn’t be traced by one’s eye.

Rather than an elegant blow, he wanted a powerful blow in one shot.

In order to defeat Arsene, Luke was trying out new forms with his polished second half.

Arsene, who was suddenly attacked, managed to avoid the strong attack when he instantly felt another thing unfold right before his eyes.

‘What is that? How is he…?’

There seemed to be a star in the sky.

A star that burned itself down and fell to the ground. However, the path where it seemed to fall was toward Arsene.


As soon as Avenger’s giant sword touched the shield of Arsene, it cut off the shield as well as the left arm of Gorgos.


‘Did it work?’

Unlike Arsene’s shock, Luke seemed to be rather glad.

However, at that moment, the giant sword of Avenger broke into two.

Arsene, who tried to block the star-like attack that was coming for him, used Black Spear but bounced off.

But from Luke’s point of view, it was a good thing rather than a loss.

If the Gold aura on the sword wasn’t huge, the magi condensed Black Spear used by Arsene would have gone right past the breastplate of Avenger.

‘That guy is a trivial skull-headed person.’

‘That boy! Today, I am going to tear him to pieces!’

Luke and Arsene stared at each other.

The battle of the two began in earnest as the flames soared everywhere.