Emperor of Steel

Chapter 576 - Second Fight Against Arsene 2

Flash-! Bang!

“Kwakk! Save the people!”


Anbury, the gateway city that helped 20,000 troops and 50,000 residents.

After the founding of the Symphonia Kingdom, the first time a disaster had occurred in the city and turned it into a mess.

The one who did it was a skeleton who was dressed in grey robes, flying in the sky spitting out dark magic and summoned hundreds to thousands of ghosts.

The ghosts and the dark magic began to encircle the skeleton man making the man transform into a huge monster.

With a pair of wings, two pairs of long arms, a long tail like that of a snake, and goat-like legs.

The Ghost Armor, Gorgos.

It was one of Arsene’s tricks which he had used on Luke when he was in a crisis in the Southern Continent, there was no way the people of Anbury wouldn’t see it.

“Kul. Kul. Kul. To. You men. May. The. Death. Fall. Upon you!”


Once Arsene wielded his long Gorgos’s hands, all the buildings and houses on the ground got smashed.

The dark magic which was constantly present on the arms killed the people who were running away in fear.

In just a short time, a third of downtown Anbury was burned down.

Anbury’s troops who were shocked by the unprecedented attacks hurried to fight back.

The Gigant troops who were on line to fight with the Gorgos of Arsene, led by Viscount Howl, the commander of the Defense Troops, kept ordering.

“Don’t keep running ahead! Disperse his attention and earn as much time as possible to evacuate the people out of here!”

As a member of Iron Fist Knights during the Milton Kingdom, Viscount Howl had considerable experience on the battlefield, so he was able to instinctively realize that he couldn’t handle it.

Which was why he bought time to save people.

Fortunately, the Gigants too followed him.

He wasn’t frightened or restless by the terrifying attacks from the monster, he constantly kept attacking the monster to divert its attention.

During the disturbances created by the Gigants, the artillery units were dragged to support them.

“Shoot! Cover our Gigants!”

Bang! Bang!

More than a hundred shells poured in from all the directions towards Gorgos.

However, even after the desperate assault of the Gigants, as well as the shells from the artillery, none of them worked.

They were all neutralized by the Shield magic used by Arsene.

“Kuek, from where did that monster…?!”

Viscount Howl, who felt troubled at the situation, shouted at his men who were taking a step back.

“Do not step back! The safety of the people and your family rests on you!”

Honestly, he himself wanted to run away.

The monster wasn’t something they all could stop.

Yet, he didn’t back down.

If he stepped out of line, his wife and children who could still be in the city would be at risk.

It was the same with the other knights and soldiers.

Many of the city’s residents were their own families and relatives.

As a result, no soldiers even stepped back.

Only more streets got destroyed by Gorgos.

They witnessed the death of their acquaintances during the building collapse and the black flames rising around.

“Die, you monster!”

“I need to get rid of you to at least appease the families of those who lost their family members!”

Five Gigants approached through the Dark Blitz shot by Arsene.

Shields and gloves on the Gigants shattered, yet they rushed in to wield their swords.



Their eyes filled with anger, the five Gigant riders jumped at the monster.

Rather than hitting at different areas, their aura swords were focused on one spot.

Maybe the successive attacks of Arsene were successful and the shield magic shattered.

“Kul. Kul. Kul, Quite. A. View!”

With a smirk on his face, Arsene who was inside Gorgos shook his hand lightly.


A sharp black trajectory formed in the air, and the 5 Gigants got cut in a row.

Naturally, at the position they were hit, all the riders inside were killed on spot.

“Ugh! He is a real monster!”

“Where on earth did this monster even appear?”

“We, we can’t win over it!”

When the five riders were killed by the single attack, the morale of the knights plummeted.

Arsene’s fighting power, which was known to be the strongest, wasn’t just his sense to complete the mission, but a flame of vengeance.

Viscount Howl, who realized what was happening, stepped ahead.

“Do not be afraid! The support troops will arrive soon! So focus on preventing him from moving forward!”

Once again, with Howl, who reached the Sword Expert, his riders too rushed at the monster.

“Insects. Like. Men.”

Arsene who ridiculed them, looked at the Gigants which came running towards him.

Without using the dark magic, he just wielded Gorgos’s long arms and tail to crush the steel gloves and smashed the Gigant with his feet.

Kwang! Bang!


“How is this?!”

“Damn it! Let’s die together, bastard!”

Howl and the other Gigant riders were acting really brave.

They were fighting Gorgos, neglecting their own safety.

Some riders, even on the verge of death, held onto the arms of the Gorgos to create any possible opening for their colleagues.

They tried to use every move in the books, but they weren’t strong enough to face Gorgos.

Eventually, the Gigant troops at Anbury were wiped out, rendering everyone unable to move.

‘Kuek, am I the only one left?’

Howl couldn’t hold back his tears seeing his soldiers and close men killed in front of him.

The monster trampled the Gigants and was arrogantly rubbing its hands.

‘My sword is broken, and my left arm is useless to move. In addition, the gloves are completely shattered…’

He was the only one who didn’t fall, however, Howl’s Knight class Gigant wasn’t in a good condition.

Yet, instead of running away, Howl rushed towards Gorgos with his half-broken sword.

“Long Live Symphonia Kingdom!”


Arsene could feel the commitment his opponent had.

He saw Howl’s Gigant which was rushing towards him, stabbed in the core engine with his sword.

Howl was planning to blow himself up!

“Kul. Such. Loyalty!”

Gorgos moved like lightning.


Just before Howl destroyed the core engine, Gorgos’s right arm slashed the Gigant’s breastplate.

The Gigant, in which the rider died, fell down like a doll.


“Commander has passed away!”

“Attack head on!”

Although it ended in failure, the last diversion of Howl’s last attempt was enough for the army to move.

The artillery units fired like crazy, the archers fired their arrows.

Riders on the horses rushed towards Gorgos with aura on their spears.

“Ku. Ku. Ku. Such. Unnecessary. Attacks.”

Arsene, who laughed at the fighting spirit of the soldiers, reached out to Gorgos’s arms and memorized the spell.

“The. Reaper. Of. Death. Death. Invaders!”

Dozens and hundreds of grey moths emerged from the magi which bloomed on Gorgos’s right hand and flew towards the knights and soldiers.

As the moths danced around, power fell from their wings.

The moment the skin of the knights went into contact with the powder, the skin began to melt like candle wax.

“Ughhhh! Wh-what is this?!”

“Sa-save me!”

In an instant, thousands of soldiers died from the poisoning of the moths.

Seeing their men die, the other soldiers ceased their attacks.

The moths flew over their heads and began to flutter their wings.

“Thi-this can’t be!”


The moment when fear and despair took over their heart, a bright spell resonated in the sky.

“That which burns everything with the heat of the sun. Absolute Flame!”

A flame that blazed like a raging phoenix shot towards the moths and burned them away.

The one who was seen after the flames resided was a silver Gigant.

The soldiers who saw the Gigant began to sigh in relief and joy.