Emperor of Steel

Chapter 574 - Obtain the Holy Sword 4

Arsene crossed the ocean. He first infiltrated Bless and met the spy who was disguised as an owner of the magic store.

The 7th magic circle warlock, Chatan, gave the detailed reason for Baymon’s failed attempt.

“… So, Baymon died and Constantine disappeared. I was told that all their followers were caught too.”

“Kul, I. Knew. It. That. Descendant. Of. The. Warrior. Was. The problem. For. Everything.”

The rumor was that Luke had found the cure to the zombie disease that the Holy Empire had struggled for. It was also stated that the warlocks, who had helped Luke in studying the disease were currently in Bless.

“The. Warlocks. Came. Out?”

“Yes, they said that the outbreak in Jackson wasn’t their fault, and they volunteered to help. Rumor has it that the pope’s knights had asked for them to be executed, but Luke de Rakan defended them.”

“Damn! That. Guy. Was. The. One. Who. Did. All. Of. This?”

Arsene had several chances of getting rid of Luke in the past.

However, for some reason or another, he kept failing, and just recently, he was defeated by an unknown person.

As a result, Luke continued to stumble upon Arsene’s plans and stopped him.

‘No matter what happens, this time for sure, he needs to be taken down!’

When he decided to move to Jackson estate with teleport magic, Chatan said, “Luke de Rakan, he isn’t there.”

“What? He. Isn’t. There?”

“Yes. According to the information gathered from the officials, once the situation got resolved, he went back to his nation.”

“Kul. Don’t. know. The. Reason. For. The return?”

“Yes, it was assumed that something was going on with his high ranking officials, considering that the Prime Minister was the one who contacted him. However, we haven’t been able to figure out the details.”

‘Tch, got himself some time.’

Thinking so, Arsene turned toward the Symphonia Kingdom and headed there.

He was committed to getting rid of Luke no matter where he was!

Immediately after Arsene left, Chatan received a magic communication from the Archipelago of Hell Islands.

Moving straight to the basement, he pulled out the huge crystal ball that was vibrating in his hands.

As Chatan infused Magi into it, a familiar face appeared in the crystal ball.

It was Nestar, the former Meister of Veritas Magic Tower.

“Did you want to talk to him?”

-No, I thought that our Ancestor would stop by over there?

“He just stopped by and left. By the way, what is it?”

-It felt very bad for some reason to send him alone, so I dispatched 5 intermediate Undead. He wouldn’t be pleased if he knew about it. So, use them to take down the power of the Holy Empire.

“Ah, then? But, Mr. Nestar, actually…”

Nestar was shocked at Chatan’s answer.

-What? Luke went back to his home nation. The ancestor went to Symphonia Kingdom as well?

“Yes. What should I do?”

-Well, it is fine. It turned out good for us. I will send the Undead as planned, so use them and attack the Symphonia Kingdom.

Nestar thought that the Symphonia Kingdom was the major block for their goals.

As long as Rakan’s retainers’ descendants were alive, they would never compromise their positions. Nestar considered them to be bad luck.

Although it had less power than the Holy Empire, the power of Symphonia Kingdom was growing at a terrifying rate.

-Considering the relationship between the Symphonia Kingdom and the Holy Empire, it is possible that the Symphonia Kingdom will be absorbed by the Holy Empire if Luke dies. If the Holy Empire grows bigger than this, it will only be more trouble for us.

“In other words, we need to make the Symphonia Kingdom impossible to recover.”

-Yes, can you do that?

“Yes, trust me and leave this to me.”

After receiving the orders, Chatan immediately canceled the magic communication and went for Castia Kingdom.

Waiting at the port, he would join the ship that would carry the Undead.