Emperor of Steel

Chapter 573 - Obtain the Holy Sword 3

Luke, who obtained Holy Sword Valiant, summoned great blacksmiths to repair the broken sword.

In the Symphonia Kingdom, the blacksmiths who were called out were mostly dwarves.

One of the most prominent among them was Kurgon, the head of the Red Hammer Tribe.

When called by Luke, he looked at the half-broken sword.

“Is this the f*cking sword that Rakan wielded?”

Among his ancestors, there were thousands of dwarves who had turned victims for the sword, Valiant, when they stood against Rakan.

That was why Valiant was notorious among the fairies.

If it was the knights who admired Rakan, they would have been enraged at Kurgon’s words.

However, Kurgon calmed his mind as King Luke was the legacy of Saymon.

“Saw that? Can you repair it?”

“This one, it won’t attach itself to the other…”

Orichalcum was known to be the metal of God.

It was difficult to deal with, and not many people knew how to handle it.

In the case of Kurgon, he had learned all the secrets from his ancestors, and when he was in the Republic of Volga, he was commissioned to the Arch Duke to restore Oriharkon Fort.

Yet, he didn’t seem very confident in repairing the Holy Sword.

“What is the problem?”

“How should I explain it to you? Well, ah! It would be very similar to trying to save a dead body by attaching to it its severed head.”

‘Uhm… That bad?’

Luke wasn’t as proficient in metallurgy as Kurgon. However, he was someone who studied magic engineering that was why he could understand it.

As a result, he already assumed that restoring the Holy Sword to its original form was impossible.

However, he wanted to listen to the opinion of the blacksmiths.

“I don’t know if you realize it, whether its a Holy Sword or a Magic Sword, they weren’t just polished metal pieces. They are the souls and will of its creator and its wielder.”

“Restoring it to its original form is impossible.”

“Yes, in order to restore it properly, it will take more than just the skills of the creator. It is harder to fix it than make it.”


Upon hearing it, Luke kept on thinking about what Rakan said.

‘You were a good one till the end. I would understand if you just hid yourself in regret, but why break the sword?’

Perhaps, Rakan didn’t want his sword to be exploited by others.

However, Luke couldn’t help but get angry. A precious Holy Sword was deemed useless.

“Well, can you fix it?”

“It won’t be that easy to restore it back and have it perform like it used to, but it can be attached. I will take it to my workplace and get it done.”

“Really? However, for now, let it be here.”

There was something that had to be done before getting that sword fixed.

Prominent scholars were needed including Marquis Albain and show them Rakan’s words.

He was planning to wash away the stigma of the past and improve the perception people had on dark magic so that Dark Moon would be able to come out of the darkness.

Of course, it wasn’t guaranteed.

Whether it was history or magic, it took time for new theories to be formed and be recognized.

“Well, tell me when it needs to be done. I will come running for you.”

Even the best blacksmiths in the Symphonia Kingdom wouldn’t have the chance to touch such jewels, that too a sword made by Zig, which was someone famous all over the continent.

That was why Kurgon didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

“If you give that to someone else, I will never forgive you! I, no, will retire from doing anything for you!”

“Huh. Don’t worry and head back already.”

Shortly after talking with Kurgon, Luke went back to his office and met with Prime Minister.

“Saw it?”

“Yes, not just me, everyone saw it.”

When Luke nodded, Hans returned the diary of Saymon back to Luke.

“Everyone must have been shocked.”

“Yes, especially Priest Maron…”

Maron was the most shocked.

If Saymon’s diary spoke the truth, then everything that the public knew that happened 500 years ago would turn into nothing but lies.

Those who were considered to be the symbols of justice would turn into evil figures, and those who were considered to be evil would be the rightful ones.

Hans and Mute spoke about words left behind by Warrior Rakan.

Maron looked at the words and made a judgment about it.

“There was a saying about winning a war. If needed, one would have to hold hands with the devil, but I never really thought it would turn out like this.”

“Maybe that was why Saymon’s grudge was so terrifying.”

“But it is outrageous that the war started on the continent all because of the death of a single woman.”

Luke, who put the diary back into his subspace bracelet, frowned at Hans’ words.

“Why does it seem so outrageous?”

“At that time, it wouldn’t be just one or two people who suffered such unfairness…”


Luke hit the desk with his clenched fist.

If he hadn’t held himself back, he would have shattered his desk.

With anger in his eyes, he said, “It was just one or two people who had been treated unfairly? Don’t make me laugh. Don’t you think that the general public are those who are always wronged. They are the ones who suffer the most. They are the ones who want the world to change the most! Those who were with Saymon never got deceived with dark magic!”

Hans could understand what Luke was trying to say.

Saymon was the representative of those classes of people, who were treated unjustly during those days.

As a result, it wasn’t Saymon, who learned dark magic, that brought in the bloody war on the continent. It was the broken order and system of those days.

It was a war that never would have happened if the ruling class such as the kings and nobles had done their part for the general public.

‘However, since that time, the system had been relaxed to an extent.’

Although the current time was overshadowed by the development of magic and engineering industry, the feudal system had been changed.

Taxes and benefits were improved, and policy of compassions have been brought for drought or any disaster.

Although it wasn’t openly admitted, the nobles recognized what would happen if they exploit the general public like before.

That was why they were being considerate of the people.

“Well, when we received the diary from Your Majesty, we understood.”

In addition, he would have learned about Saymon and the progress of dark magic.

Luke looked at Hans and smiled.

“Even if I hold hands with the devil, there are a few people I wish to take down.”

“The Baroque Empire and Veritas.”

The bad luck, which had been riding on the Rakan Family for the past 500 years, had turned into a grudge for Luke.

The same was the case for Hans and the other retainers.

“Yes, and while taking revenge, I wish to change the unjust system and create a new order.”

Law and order, which had been the problem for the past 500 years, still revealed obvious limitations in the current system.

In order for the society to develop a lot more, laws and institutions had to be changed.

However, most high nobles and conservative nobles wouldn’t want to let go of their power.

“The rotten ones are on the verge of losing their control. The republican change in Volga wasn’t sudden nor is the civil war that is happening in the Baroque Empire.”

“If you look at it, the founding of our nation will be a part of that change.”

“Of course. If we fail to change, we will fall behind the line. Once we fall behind, we start losing. That is the law of nature. Such law of nature doesn’t give the humans a free pass.”

Luke picked up the Holy Sword that was on his table.

“Anyway, I will release the memorandum on this Holy Sword and the diary of Saymon in the future. We will have to handle everything that comes our way.”

“You feel confident enough to handle the repercussions?”

At Hans’ question, Luke answered with a strong resolve, “Yes.”


The moment he answered, purple Magi began to surround the Holy sword.

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Hans, as well as the knights who were in the vicinity, were able to feel the Magi.

‘Majesty using dark magic…?’

The moment everyone’s complexions flickered, the Magi rising on the sword disappeared like a lie, and warm light shone.

Hans, who panicked, smiled when he felt a warm light similar to sunshine fall on him. The fear and panic in his heart disappeared.

“D-divine power!”

“What was considered to be incompatible turns compatible. I will remind those who don’t believe anymore. I will show everyone that this world can change!”

Luke’s face held a confident smile that no one had ever seen before.