Emperor of Steel

Chapter 572 - Obtain the Holy Sword 2

Chapter 572: Obtain the Holy Sword 2

A few days later, Luke had decided to return.

Reina and the other high ranking officials of the Holy Empire, who were all in Bremen, and those who were saved, all gathered at the city square.

“Don’t look too sad, we’ll meet again.”

“Yes, the next time, I’ll come for you.”

When Luke and Reina said their goodbyes, Karen, who was next to Reina walked forward.

Feeling shy, she opened her mouth.

“You need to be careful… dad.”

‘Ah, she called me dad!’

It was the first time that he heard himself being addressed as ‘dad’ from that lovely child’s mouth.

As Luke was surprised, but soon said, “Ah, yes! You too should listen to your mother.”

With a confident nod, Karen hugged Luke while he patted her head.

Hwang Bo-sung couldn’t help but smile looking at her.

Along with Karen, his future self had come to the past and disappeared, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for Karen, who wouldn’t even tell her real identity to her own parents.

However, Luke was the first to decide about taking her in as his adoptive daughter, and Reina was more than glad at his decision.

‘Maybe the affection of blood and flesh remains constant even if the world changes?’

With the thoughts running in his mind, Hwang Bo-sung suddenly got reminded of his father on the Southern Continent.

According to the information which they get from the merchants of the Southern Continent who visit the Symphonia Kingdom, or the Zegal Clan, his father was heartbroken when the news of Hwang Bo-sung’s death was reported, so he decided to step down from his work in the clan.

It wasn’t just once or twice that Hwang Bo-sung had thought of telling his father about his survival and current position.

‘But this isn’t the time.’

Once his father realizes that Hwang Bo-sung was alive, he wouldn’t just stop feeling glad.

Considering his personality, he would definitely try to find out the reason as to why his youngest son had gone missing in the first place.

‘Hyung, already wields a strong influence over the Song Empire, as well as the clan, can’t afford to create havoc. If I do let father know, his life can be at stake.’

Which was why he should refrain from acting rashly.

However, even when he tried to calm his mind, he couldn’t help but feel the burden on his shoulders.

“Sir Hwang Bo-sung, something on your mind?”

“Nothing at all, Master. Just thinking about when we’ll start.”

Luke was a little puzzled at Hwang Bo-sung’s words, and nodded his head and immediately used Teleport magic.


The moment the magic circle was built under their feet, a bright light began to shine.

From the sights of Reina, the people of the Holy Empire, Luke and his Guards, as well as the warlocks who did extraordinary work in the pandemic, disappeared at once.

Karen and Reina stood for a minute even after they disappeared, and once the light began to vanish, they stepped back with the words of Arch Duke Gregory.

Luke took the part to Bless.

He decided to return to the capital to use the long-distance teleport gate, the same way he had come.

Before that, he had to return the warlocks back to the Dark Moon magic tower.

“You have all worked very hard. Till the next time I call for you, study and work hard in the Magic Tower.”

“Yes, master, we will…”

At Luke’s words, Elder Quintero replied and immediately left for Jason estate along with the other warlocks.

Seeing them off, Luke returned to Brandon along with his Guard Knights.

Prime Minister Hans, who was present at the long-distance teleport gate, greeted him.

“You have come, Your Majesty.”

“Yes, what was it that I had to check?”

Impatiently Luke asked.

Hans looked around for a moment and said, “I will guide you there. Please follow me.”

Hans took Luke to the innermost part of the palace, the private room.

Luke was rather shocked to see the knights who were placed while moving to the private room.

It was because, it wasn’t just the Guard Knights, but also war mages and magical barriers of warning for some kind of containment had been constructed.

‘What could it be? Why did they have to do all this…?’

Luke was rather puzzled when the door to the private room had opened.


The door opened to reveal what was inside.

Erwin and Marquis Rogers got up and bowed their heads towards Luke.

Luke was rather upset at seeing them rather than the thing he had to check.

“Are there two people whom I am supposed to check, Prime Minister?”

“No, Your Majesty. These are the guardians who were placed to protect the Holy Sword.”

“Holy Sword?”

Luke was shocked when Marquis Rogers handed Luke a long box that was on the table.

“Your Majesty, this is the Holy Sword, Valiant, the one used by your ancestor Rakan.”


Luke who was astounded, immediately opened the lid of the box.

Before his eyes was a half-broken Holy Sword.

‘This is no mistake! This is definitely the sword of Rakan!’

The moment he touched the blade, Luke could feel the sharp yet bright divine power in it.

That too wasn’t something his body felt, but something his soul could perceive.

The moment he touched the sword, Luke could vividly feel it piercing through his heart and throat.

His entire body was filled with discomfort, however, there was no one other than Erwin who could understand his emotions.

They all assumed that Luke was getting emotional after seeing the precious sword used by his ancestor.

“Where did you find this?”

“We found it in the underground of the permanent manor in Rakan estate. It was said that it was found buried in the floor, and during the reconstruction of the manor, they fell upon it.”

“Is that so…”

Luke carefully picked up the sword which had sucked out his past life.

Unlike the time when it was in the hands of Warrior Rakan, the current Valiant sword didn’t overwhelm him.

It wasn’t because of Rakan’s strength.

The one who crafted the sword was Zig, the master of blacksmiths. He had made the Holy Sword which already had immense Divine power in itself.

However, with the ravages of time, the Divine power was hardly present.

‘Was it because the Sword’s life got drained after it was broken? Who even broke this sword?’

When Luke was contemplating, Erwin spoke out.

“Your Majesty, please use the sunlight to reflect the image of the sword.”


When Luke asked, Hwang Bo-sung had slid the curtains in the room to one side.


Once the sunlight made into the room, the sword reflected the light, along with the words written on it.

“Th-this is…!”

“The words left behind by him. Till now it has remained unknown to the world.”

At the words of Hans, Luke carefully read through everything Rakan had written.

In the beginning, he wanted to quickly read it and get it done.

However, he was startled when he saw that Rakan felt the killing of Saymon to be the biggest mistake of his life, and the Continent.

‘Rakan regretted killing me…!’

In Luke’s memory, Rakan was nothing bust a loyal dog to the Duke, Karno de Baroque and the Veritas Magic Tower’s Meister—Arsene.

Which was he was displeased with being reborn in the body of his descendant.

He even deliberately broke the statue of Rakan and cleared up all of his portraits in the manor.

However, Rakan didn’t jus regret killing him but traced back the reasons for Saymon’s actions.

And was hoping for someone to walk the path of Saymon and destroy the mess he had created.

“I ask those who find this sword. If you are someone who wants to change the world or know someone like that, if you are someone who isn’t bound by customs and wants to break the unfair laws and the like, empower yourself or him. Even if it slanders you, or those who are on his side…”

“Huh, even we were surprised to read that…”

Hans sighed and spoke, Luke finally realized why Hans and Rogers had such complicated expressions on their faces.

It wasn’t because of finding the ancestral treasure, but because the ‘truth’ they saw was very different from what they knew.

Of course, Erwin, who knew the history was rather calm.

“That was why you didn’t say much when you heard that I was out with the warlocks in the Holy Empire.”

Hans nodded at Luke’s words.

“Yes, Your Majesty. Moreover, according to the intelligence chief Hudson, they were the warlocks who succeeded in Saymon’s path…”

‘Did they get information about Dark Moon? Then it is only a matter of time before they come to know that they are all my men.’

Surely the Holy Empire, which was known for its conservational style of acts understood it.

It was because the situations and the information they had provided changed their perspective.

The problem was the conservative men of Symphonia.

In any normal condition, they would never even listen to anything of that sort, but the man they looked up to, Rakan had said it.

Even the head of such a conservative group, Hans, itself was shaking.

“Just as Your Majesty saw, your ancestor has asked to help anyone isn’t entangled with the current customs and wants to correct the unjust order of the world. And in the eyes of this old man, I see Your Majesty as the pioneer.”

“Do you really think that?”

“Yes, I can tell that by looking at all the actions Your Majesty has taken till now.”

All the policies which Luke had passed so far, with accepting the fairies as equals of the society, without discrimination—who had given them equal rights and all.

Rogers too nodded in agreement.

Seeing that, Luke smiled.

“How many people know about this?”

“With the exception of those in the room, Meister Mute is the only other one.”

Hans, who responded to Luke’s question, asked something he had always wanted to ask.

“But Your Majesty, there was something that I always wanted to ask you, would that be alright?”

“You mean the truth about rumors circulating around?”

Luke asked as if he was expecting the question, and Hans nodded.

Rogers too was curious and asked with the passion in his eyes.

“Before that, there is something, a truth you need to know.”

Saying that, Luke took a book from the subspace bracelet.

His own diary, from 500 years back, which he had brought from the Devil King’s castle to Brandon.

The records, the diary, and the truth behind Devil King, Saymon.

“Look at this and think about what is in it. What the truth was and what had been hidden from the world.”

Saying that, Luke gave them the book and left the room.

In his arms—was the sword left behind the warrior who regretted using it.