Emperor of Steel

Chapter 570 - Arsene's Fury 4

In spite of the anger that he couldn’t move any further in his relationship with Reina, Luke went back to studying Divine power.

He read all the scriptures of El Kassel’s denomination from beginning to end if he really needed to form faith in him.

However, reading all those huge books didn’t work.

“They are all good stories and words, but that is all they have.”

In fact, 500 years ago, he had read it.

It was something that Priest Brandon, who had saved his life, had recommended to him.

Though Luke didn’t speak to Brandon about his feelings, the priest seemed to have sensed the deep anger residing in Luke.

So he handed the book to Luke and said, “The grudge and hatred you have led you here, and that path you chose is hard to follow. It isn’t too late now, so come to the side where God is present.”

Of course, Luke didn’t accept the invitation, and the book made no sense to him.

Rather, it only made him feel angrier.

Why was it that those who follow God or feed on the money of God not follow the teachings they preach to others?

Why were the Gods only observing the world they created?

Whether it would be to sweep the world with flood or using the spear of God that could turn the world to ashes, all those things were mentioned in the mythology. Such means were necessary to punish the unclean and select the rightful men.

“Does God not feel responsible for what happened? If he doesn’t, shouldn’t he at least use his skills or will?”

It was when Luke was muttering the words to himself that an unusual energy rose behind him.

Luke quickly turned his head.

Nanda was the one standing there.

“Ah, Saint, I thought you were a ghost.”

Even Luke’s energy couldn’t sense the presence of Nanda.

If Nanda himself didn’t give out energy, Luke would have never had the idea that someone was behind him.

“Huhuhu. This old man is not a ghost. Just someone who can’t be felt.”

Nanda sat in front of Luke and said, “You seem to be troubled. Do you feel the need or are you desperate?”

“I guess I can’t hide things from you. You are right. I want to learn about Divine power, but I am worried that I can’t.”

Luke spoke to Nanda about what he was trying to learn regarding Divine power and the problem he faced.

“The priests say that I need to side with God, but I don’t think so. Reina is very religious, but till the moment she gained Aether from the Spirit World, she never was able to exercise Divine power.”


“I am honestly very annoyed. Sinful, ugly, and the most vicious kinds of humans are priests and paladins, and they are able to use Divine power, but why can’t I? it is true that I lack the faith, and there are way too many things that are hard to understand.”

Luke had a thin smile on his lips.

“I don’t understand… Isn’t this how the world works?” Said Nanda.

“The world works? There are many situations where the wrong always wins.”

“Who is the one who determined those situations? Your Majesty, you have the power of magic. If you use flame magic, those who don’t understand magic will surely wonder.”

“That can be explained through magic…”

“Could a farmer understand magic? Would you understand my abilities if our positions changed?”


Nanda’s absence of physical pain.

Luke surely didn’t understand his powers, which were termed to be closer to the powers of God, even after the Zegal Clan had explained to him.

It was because the concept itself was very unfamiliar to Luke.

Yet, Nanda’s ability wasn’t a trick or skill that wasn’t absent in the world.

Nanda continued to speak to Luke, who seemed to understand what he was saying.

“It is natural to not understand the world. That is why we people don’t stop learning and gaining experience, even while repeating our regretful reincarnation.”

“Regretful reincarnation…”

“Sometimes we sin and sometimes we do good, to live in compliance with nature without any worries, to be distressed because of our intelligence, and to realize the road to escape the circle of reincarnations and reach a higher level.”


“Aren’t you feeling resentful that God doesn’t care about this world? But aren’t you more displeased with the fact that God doesn’t interfere directly with the world? Your Majesty, have you ever heard the bitter cry of the farmer who gets bitten by the ant?”

“So, people are like bugs?”

Even though Luke seemed rather unpleasant with it, Nanda continued to speak, “What makes a human that different from bugs? We have only one life, and when we die, that body returns to the soil. It is true that we possess intellect, but from God’s point of view, humans still haven’t come out of the confined creatures created by him.”

“… Is there a chance to come out?”

“Of course. Whether we chose to spend our life in vain, build up good deeds, or to awaken our souls… everything is up to us.”

Convinced, Luke nodded.

“In the end, it is up to me to learn Divine power, not God.”

“Yes. Faith is surprisingly simple. Think carefully about why God, who you think overlooks the humans, would give Divine power. if you are wise, you’d be able to realize it immediately.”

With those last words, Nanda disappeared.

There was no trace of him in the place where he sat as if he hadn’t been there in the first place.

Luke didn’t seem surprised as Nanda was the kind to do that.

Instead, he began to chew his brain on what Nanda said to look for answers regarding Divine power.

‘Is faith that simple? The reason why God gives Divine power…’

Luke began to think back and forth and reopened the books that he had already finished reading.

Right then, at the beginning of the mythic era, the chapter that spoke about Genesis told the birth of a tree, the World Tree, and the following verse.

‘The initial chaos has been put rest by Heavenly Father, El Kassel, and Mother of Earth, Belize, they together have planted small shoots.

The buds spread their roots, and the leaves started to stretch out, giving rise to the sun, the moon, and numerous stars.

Green leaves spread, mountains rise from the roots, and water accumulated in low places.

Life began to grow from the branches that had stretched out toward the sky, which made Goddess Belize very glad and happy…’

‘She felt happy…’

It was a verse that spoke about the world being made with no malice.

The thought of happiness stroke a very old memory in Luke.

The conversation he had with Priest Brandon when he gave him the scriptures to study.

“Become a priest? But I am already overflowing with Magi?”

“It doesn’t matter. Even when being a warlock, you are still the child of God. If you return to God, he will be very glad and happy.”

“Loved by God? Then why would he give me such sadness? Why would he make me hate him?!”

“Phew, how can we humans ever understand their reason? One of the reasons why you are alive and breathing and was helped by this humble man is all because of his love and care for you.”

Brandon tried to persuade him over and over again.

He always emphasized that a warlock such as Saymon was still loved by God.

‘Love… yes. If you can like someone, you can surely love.’

The first person, who came into Luke’s mind, upon thinking of the word love was Reina.

He loved her a lot more than Katarina, his previous lover.

He trusted her a lot more than anyone.

Reina would never betray Luke’s faith and love.

‘Right. Since you can like someone, you learn to love, and through love, you find faith. It is the same for people in science and religion.’

Luke learned magic because he liked it. He had faith that magic could be the strength.

The same was the case for swords after his reincarnation.

In the same way, anyone could love and have faith.

Even a wicked person could do so.

Those, who were shameless and blind like Constantine and Schmidt, believed in God, and that was why they were able to use Divine power.

God would give his worthless children the chance to live and breathe because of their will, expecting them to one day realize what they had done.

‘Those people who deny love and side with the Devil are abandoned. Yeah, that is why Divine power doesn’t respond for the ones sided with the Devil.’

Even Reina, who was able to attain the miracle power that made her into the pope, tried to sacrifice and dedicate her entire existence for her beloved Luke.

Realizing what she had in mind, Sylphid gave Reina the power of Aether, and Reina was able to convert it into Divine power.

Luke’s fingers traced the wooden cross over the cover of the scripture.

“Oh, Great Heavenly Father, Mother of Earth! I was too shallow to understand your will and reasoning, but I love the woman who follows your preaching. My faith is all for her.”

For the first time ever, words of complete sincerity flowed out of Luke’s mouth.

“Not my will, but I want to respect her will and protect her, and if you love me, the one who cares for her, give this child of yours a little power.”


Maybe the earnest appeal and love of Luke had reached the person in heaven.

Luke’s Aether Globe began to transform into something different.

A light and warm energy hovered around his body and spread to both his hands.

The cold stone on the floor came to life, and buds bloomed brightly through the floor.

As if an indoor garden had been created, Luke couldn’t hide his emotions and smiled with joy after seeing the ground change.

“Thank you so much, God.”

Luke was a warlock who had been buried in darkness for his revenge.

After finally understanding God, he was able to get under the grace of God and achieve his power.