Chapter 57: Second Coming of the Devil King 3

With the marionette magic, Luke ordered the golems.

The golems pulled out the large and small rocks around them and threw them at the cavalry.

Swooong! Kwang! Ouch!?




The stones and rocks which flew like shells crushed the horses and troopers at once.

The golems, which had confused the cavalry with their attacks, began to attack with their big arms.

“Damn, stop it! Attack!”

“Do not back down! Your opponent isn’t a Gigant! It is just a Golem!”

The Gigant, the absolute battle weapon of modern magical engineering, weren’t things which normal troopers could deal with.

However, the golems were different.

Their size was half as small as the Gigant, the material was wood or stone which couldn’t even be compared with the iron plates. In addition, the movement was much slower than the Gigant, so if one could manage, then they could knock it down.

‘That is only possible if the one controlling the golems wasn’t good.’

The weapons basically vary depending on the skills.

No matter how good a sword was, it was useless in the hands of a child, while a bladeless knife can be dangerous in the hands of assassins.

In that matter, Luke was an expert.

In the past, the Golem Legion had done great damage to both the nation and the Empire.

He had fought with numerous opponents and among them, various cavalries of multiple estates were there.

‘Kuuk, today I’ll show you how the battle with the Warlock Saymon feels like!’

Although he couldn’t say it out loud, he vowed to show the pig-like Count’s men how he had smashed all his enemies in the past.

Luke with his open arms began to operate as the golems were like a leader in a band.

He first divided the golems into 4 units.

And then the golems assaulted the troopers, who were surrounding the Volga refugees.

The refugees were being protected by the magic flame, however, the refugees could be hit by blind spears and sword during the battle.

“Open the way!”

“Change the lines and assault unit go ahead!”

The cavalry managed to raid the golem with the assault spear.

However, Luke shielded the companions of the cavalry.

It led to a melee fight that made the cavalry assume that Luke had inside men.

The cavalry was never so scary when the most powerful unit, the leader of it was blocked.

And the horses weren’t the regular infantry, they were stubborn than the regular ones, and in some cases, they were hard targets.

Luke pushed the cavalry with a few tactics to contain his merits as much as possible.

“Damn, Dammit! Stop right away or I’ll kill the princess!”

As the damage to his subordinates didn’t stop, Viper was completely angry.

The lieutenant who heard his cry quickly pointed the sword at the princess’s neck.

However, Luke didn’t keep an eye on her from the start.


Luke’s body flashed and then disappeared with the end of the spell.

And appeared in front of the princess.


As the lieutenant was shocked, Luke didn’t give him the time to recover and shot dark bullets with his finger.

As purple bullets penetrated his heart, the lieutenant screamed and collapsed.

Startled at it, Viper decided to tackle Luke with his own sword.

However, Luke hugged the princes with ease and used Blink and went back to the place where he was.

Blink Magic was a 6 circle short distance teleportation spell that was in one of the books that were stolen from the Veritas Magic Tower.

The magic usually required 6 circles of mana, however, Luke had Magi.

The nature of Magi was no different from Mana.

Unlike mana, however, it transformed creatures or objects into powerful and complex characters.

So, it was dangerous to control, but, if it could be handled well, even with few Magi, high circle magic could be used.

In addition to the 6 circle Blink, Luke was able to express the Fire Wall of the 5 Circle, which he had used for the Volga refugees.

“Thank, thank you.”

Reina quickly thanked her life saver.

Her face was red.

How many times did she get help from the man and why was the man so devoted to helping her?

“Later with all those. I’ll deal with the bad guys, princess go to your people.”

Luke released Reina and opened one side of the Fire Wall.

The old servants then popped out of the fire, joined the princess and hurried towards the Nair river.

“Dammit, don’t let them go!”

At Viper’s pursuit, several horsemen tried to chase after them. However, Luke had struck with a dark lightning.

Viper was furious.

“Kah! Luke young Lord!”

After seeing Viper and the refugees moving away safely, Luke looked into the eyes of Viper and the Scorpion Cavalry.

“Kkk, shall we fight earnestly now?”

Luke, who had cleared out all of the obstacles in the combat, focused on manipulating the golems.

The golems were much more furious and started to run.

The cavalry was trying to take them down by finding out their weakness, but whenever they were close to destroying it, Luke managed to destroy their anticipations.

Controlling 40 golems at once wasn’t an easy task, even for a great wizard.

However, Luke couldn’t be compared with a great wizard.

Formerly, known as the Black Sage, a 9 circle warlock, the one who had created and manipulated the golems.

Of course, he didn’t have the power of that time, which was why he couldn’t hold onto anything more than 40 golems.

However, because of the past battle experiences, only when necessary, he was using the marionette magic to order them and fight.

And the gap created in the process was completely helping in using the magic efficiently.

“Die, Luke young Lord!”

The troopers desperately attacked the golems to rush towards Luke.

However, they all fell victim to the dark bullet that Luke used.

Shhik! Ugh! Ugh!



Whenever the bullets of purple flew by, the horses and the troopers hit by them rolled on the ground in their own blood puddles.

“Ugh! What is this magic?”

“Devil! That guy must be a devil!”

The Fire Arrow and the Ice Lance, which were similar to the dark bullets, could only be fired once at a time.

However, the Dark Bullet could charge up to 10 shots at the same time, charging to 5 feet ahead.

Crossing the left and the right hand and properly attacking with the time difference, a dozen people could be wiped out.

“Retreat! All of you retreat!”

Viper gave out his orders to retreat, as the situation seemed meaningless.

However, Luke wasn’t going to compel with the decision.

‘The truth that appeared here shouldn’t be known to the Count.’

The battle with Count was to be prepared, but it was necessary to take time before the Rakan Viscount would get ready.

To do so, it was necessary to conceal the fact that the Rakan’s descendant was the one who had intervened in fleeing.

And the fact that he used magic and controlled the golems couldn’t be told to the world just yet.

Because Luke had learned magic for a short time in this life, and Saymon the Warlock was the only one who operated Golems for combat.

If that was known, the retainers of Rakan would begin to doubt their own lord.

“Stop their retreat! Do not let them escape!”

Luke ordered the golems to pursue them, while the Fire Wall spread out behind them.


“Dammit! We can’t go through it!”

Eventually, the Scorpion Cavalry was like a rat stuck in a rat trap.

The front was being blocked by the Fire Wall, and in the back, they were being chased by the Golems.

“Dammit, we are done!”

“Surrender! Please save me!”

Some cavalry troopers jumped into the Fire Wall or rushed towards the golems, and some of them abandoned their weapons and surrendered.

Luke didn’t accept their surrender.

“There is no need for prisoners! Kill then all!”

There was no way he could let the prisoners of the battle live.

And they were the notorious Scorpion Cavalry, who were the highest pride of the Count Monarch.

If they were saved, it was obvious that they would bother him.

At Luke’s instructions, the golems attacked again, eventually destroying everyone of the Scorpion Cavalry who blocked back and front.