Emperor of Steel

Chapter 568 - Arsene's Fury 2

‘Huh was it…!’

In the underground of a pyramid located on Thanatos island.

Arsene’s forehead frowned at the thought of strengthening and stabilizing the Death Knight and Lich.

He was constantly connected with the guardian soul in Baymon, who was placed in Saymon’s body.

However, the link broke.

It meant only one thing. It meant that Baymon was no more.

Arsene’s eyes were flashing with anger in his skeleton.

‘Kuk! How the hell did that happen? Was it the Pope? Or that right arm! Arch Duke Gregory? If not them…’

Was it Luke de Rakan, who had destroyed Hiros, who was placed in the body of Rakan?

‘There is a high possibility that it had happened. He is the fiancé of the Pope, and would surely do that.’

Thinking that only made him feel more unpleasant.

Constantine was supposed to be used as a puppet by Baymon.

And the Spirit Stone placed in Constantine’s body was gone!

“Kul! Baymon. Needs. To. Be with. Constantine. Yet. This happened! What. Kind. Of. Disgusting. Situation. Is this?!”


The entire pyramid structure shook because of his anger, stones and debris fell from the ceiling.

He never thought that the plan to disrupt the Holy Empire would fail so miserably, especially after he had put so much effort into it.

Honestly, he shouldn’t have failed.

Hundreds and thousands of zombies would be spreading the plague and his warlocks could handle the situation.

He even sent Baymon, the strongest warlock in his men apart from him, Baymon was someone who would freely use the 9th circle dark magic.

And now that plan had failed, he couldn’t hold back the anger burning in him.


As the response to Arsene’s angry cry, the wizard who had a splendid robe on him rushed to him.

“Cal- called for me, ancestor?!”

“Right. Now. I. will. Head. To. The Holy. Empire. Towards. That Wench. Pope. Of. Divine. Empire. And. Kill. Them. All!”

Till then he had been refraining from directly going to the Rhodesia Continent because a drawback, such as the whereabouts of Nanda was unknown and his Undead had to be strengthened.

However, he couldn’t hold himself back anymore.

At his words, Nestar immediately fell on the floor and pleaded.

“Ancestor! Couldn’t you please tell me what even happened?”

“Baymon. And. The. Spirit Stone. Given. To. Constantine. Connection. Lost. It. Looks. Like. They. Are. Done.”

“Eh? Then that means?”

“Kul, Someone. In. Holy. Empire. Killed. Them.”

‘That- that can’t be!?’

Honestly, the one who created the framework for the plan was Nestar, so he knew if the Holy Empire could handle it or now.

But, he thought that his plan would fail!

In a hurry, he shook his head.

“Master, Ancestor, it is natural for you to punish the leaders of the Holy Empire who ruined our plan. However, it isn’t so clear about who offended us. At least we need to figure out who it was in the Holy Empire and then plan!”

Nestar was sure that if someone like the guardian of his ancestor, who was stronger than himself had been defeated, then it was clear that the Holy Empire had a very strong ally.

From what he knew, Arch Duke Gregory didn’t possess the skills to defeat Baymon.

“Kul, it is. Obvious. It. Is. That. Descendant. Of. The. Warrior. He. Knows. The Pope. Of. Holy. Empire. They. Are. Together. I. need. To. Get. Rid. Of. Him.”

There were only a few strong men who could face the guardians made by Arsene, in the Rhodesia continent.

Of course, it was possible to try and avoid a few plans placed by Arsene, however, the number of traps Constantine had placed were numerous.

And there were around 200,000 zombies in the city alone.

In addition, the descendant of the warrior and the Pope—their relationship was well known.



Nestar tried to open his mouth, however, with the gesture of Arsene, she flew back.

He did manage to unfold the 8th magic circle Absolute Barrier, but in the face of Arsene’s fury, it was of no use.

Even after he collapsed, the wall behind collapsed on the back.


Arsene, snarled at him seeing the man struggle and vomit the blood from his mouth.

“If. You. Keep. Stopping. Me. Again. I. will. Never. Turn. A. blind. Eye. On. You!”


Arsene’s anger seemed like bubbling lava, so everyone stayed silent.

Nestar had never seen Arsene that angry.

Which meant that trying to even reason with him had just turned impossible.

Eventually, he decided to back off.

The strengthening of the Death Knight and Lich was also done, so all the work was done, and whatever was left could be done by him and his men.

The powerful Death knight and Lich, who were of 100 in number would be sufficient to take over the Southern Continent.

“Please do as you please. But, this man has one request to ask.”


“Yes, if you are going to get rid of the leaders, take out Luke in the beginning. Isn’t he the most troublesome one for us?”


“He must have gained a lot of skill if he could take down Baymon. If he and the other leaders of the Holy Empire strike together…”

At the end of Nestar’s words, Arsene’s eyes went cold.

“Kul. You. Don’t. believe. In. My. Abilities?”

“I would never do that. However, I am looking at the situation reasonably. Defeating them will make things more complete. If the cause is delayed due to the damage and loss of you, won’t you, ancestor be the only one who is at loss?”

It wasn’t wrong.

The forces which would go against Arsene were the powers of God, which don’t go well with Arsene’s power, so it was definite that Arsene would struggle.

“Okay, since. You. Are. Begging. Me. And. Since. I don’t. want. My cause. To. Be. Delayed. Any further. I. will. Be. Cautious.”

“Thank you, ancestor.”

Arsene turned away from Nestar and left for Rhodesia Continent.

To finish off the descendant of the damn warrior who kept destroying Arsene’s plans.


When his body disappeared, Meister Albert of Veritas Magic Tower, who was panicking from the other side, approached Nestar and asked.

“Father, is it fine sending an ancestor all alone?”

“Of course not.”

There was a Southern Continent saying, one hand could never block ten.

Even if the proverb wasn’t understood, Nestar had no intention of neglecting the safety of Arsene.

It would be difficult for them if something happened to him.


“This time, the ability of the intermediate Undead to attack the Holy Empire can be ordered, the ones made to attack the south.”

They couldn’t directly help Arsene, who was too proud of his own abilities.

He would never accept any help.

Instead, Nestar planned to attack the Holy Empire and make them incapable of supporting Luke.

It was an appropriate plan in the situation.

He checked the performance of the intermediate Undead which was just completed a while ago.

All of the undead which was used in the Southern Continent a few months back were of low-level.

Nestar was planning to send 5 undead to the Holy Empire, which had Sword Sages and 8th circle wizards.

Think about it.

What would happen to Gregory if 5 Undead ravaged on him?

Perhaps, the Holy Empire could really be destroyed this time.