Emperor of Steel

Chapter 567 - Arsene's Fury 1

The news that Luke had returned from his investigation reached Arch Duke Gregory.

“Your Majesty, how did the interrogation go?”

“I did figure out a way. The power that Constantine used to bring back the zombies to humans was with Spirit power.”

“Oh Oh OH!”

Gregory and the other paladins were delighted.

However, the knowledgeable priests and wizards sighed.

It was because they knew that the Spirit power didn’t exist in the current world.

However, as Constantine was able to use it, they didn’t give up hope and decided to do something about it.

“But, Your Majesty, who is he…?”

When Luke brought back an old and ugly looking man instead of Constantine, Gregory asked with confusion.

“Uhm, Uhm, Constantine repented and condemned his actions during the interrogation process. And while we were on our way back, he was running away from the sins he committed. So I decided to subdue him instead of killing him so that Arch Duke would take care of him.”

At Luke’s words, Gregory looked at the face of the man which was burnt.

‘If I think about what all he did this time, he can’t be excused from death! Neither him nor his men!’

Everyone would have to pay the price for their actions.

Gregory decided to instruct the paladins to imprison Constantine.

“How about the Pope and her men?”

“They are in the city of Bremen and have placed their camp over there. I will guide, please follow me.”

Luke silently followed Gregory to the Bremen city hall.

The city hall and all the surroundings were busy with the reorganization of the Holy Empire army.

Reina was consoling the injured soldiers of the battle.

If she could, she would have healed them.

However, they were bitten by the zombies, and if healed with divine power, it would be similar to slaying them.

“Please hold for a little more. I will surely save you.”

“Don’t force yourself too much, Holiness.”

“I have already prepared myself. If I turn into a zombie, don’t hesitate to take me down.”

It was when Reina was feeling sorry listening to the words from the soldiers.

Luke and Arch Duke Gregory appeared near her.

“You have come. Have you figured out how to cure it?”

“I did. I can show you myself.”

Luke approached the injured soldiers and unleashed the Spirit power which he had absorbed from Constantine.

He wasn’t sure on how he was supposed to use it.

However, when Luke raised his hand, the Spirit power seemed to react to his will and a dull light began to sweep around the soldiers who were wounded.

The effect of it appeared rather quickly.

The swelling of the body and the lost complexion because of the zombie turning returned back to the original state and the decayed flesh began to heal.

“Oh Oh! The wound is gone!”

“That uneasy feeling on my back is no more! I can feel my body!”

Those who got treated got up and left the barracks.

Reina, who was shocked, immediately began to use divine power on the treated soldiers.

Soon the body of the soldiers revitalized and healed them.

Seeing them handle the divine power, Reina hugged Luke.

“Wow! You really figured it out!”

“The answer was Spirit power, and the zombie parasites which entered the body leave out when spirit power enters the body.”

Luke soon began to treat the other soldiers.

Perhaps, because they weren’t all full-fledged zombies, the effect of the treatment was rather fast with just a small amount of Spirit power.

In a moment, the wound gets healed and the body which was turning into a zombie would turn back to human.

However, there was a limit to Luke’s Spirit power, and he had treated around 10 people and was done.

Considering that the number of soldiers who were injured in the battle were almost 3,000—it was a very small contribution.

Reina was looking at it from the other side.

“I will try it now.”


At Luke’s question, Reina smiled confidently.

“You did say that the answer was Spirit power so it isn’t that difficult for me.”

Reina’s Aether was given to her by Sylphid, the Spirit King of wind—when she had gone to the Spirit World.

Because she had been to the Spirit World, she knew better than anyone about the spirits and their powers.

In addition, the Aether which was given to her by the Spirit King could be easily converted into Spirit power.

“I am restraining right now, but the time when I came back to Middle-Earth, I was able to revive the dead trees which had died with my Aether.”

“The time when you lost your memory?”

“Yes, I wasn’t aware, but I think I know how to use the spirit.”

All she didn’t know was that the Spirit power could be used to treat the zombie disease.

But looking at Luke’s use of Spirit power, she knew that her ability was similar to that.

“Now that we know the answer, I don’t have to hesitate.”

Reina immediately transformed her Aether into Spirit power.


A fresh light shone from her body, flowers began to rain from the sky.

It was so beautiful to see the sky rain flowers which were filled with the pure energy of nature.

‘Th-this is!’

Luke was shocked.

The Spirit Power which Reina had just unfolded was a lot lively and huge when compared to the Spirit power Luke stole from Constantine.

“What is this?”

“These are flowers?”

The injured soldiers who were being treated in the square next to the city hall had a strange expression when they saw flowers raining down.

It wasn’t even the season for the flowers to bloom, and even if it was, there was no way that flowers would bloom in Bremen—let alone rain down on them.

Where did all those flowers coming from?

However, after a while, the body of the wounded began to change.

The men who were bitten by zombies were turning back to normal.

“Th-the miracle!”

“Oh oh! Her Holiness has worked her miracle!”

That was when the wounded soldiers had grasped the situation with smiles on their faces.

Some of them were so thrilled that they began to kneel and pray.

As a result, the flowers which rained down instantly cured 3,000 people.

In addition, the zombies which were hanging around the city hall too turned back to humans.

The miracle which Reina performed once again blossomed hope in the northern city of Bremen.