Emperor of Steel

Chapter 566 - The Words of the Wicked 4

“Huh, you look great. People might even mistake you for a zombie.”

Looking at Constantine’s face, Luke smiled.

Luke was a nice man, just not as kind as Reina.

He was someone who believed that the wicked should be punished.

“Huh… Uhhhhh…”

Constantine, whose body was burnt all over, tried to heal his wounds with Divine power.

However, he wasn’t able to use it.

Luke had absorbed all the Spirit Power in him and sealed off the Divine power in Constantine.

Luke had fought against numerous priests and paladins when he was called the Black Sage, so he knew how to seal one’s Divine power.

He managed to find the solution in a battle.

When priests who considered him to be evil just because they assumed that Saymon had sold his soul to the demons and was nothing much than trash, it was then that Saymon had placed a flame magic stigma on their bodies.

“If I am a henchman of demons and you are a follower of God, then who sells God and squeeze the blood out of the people who believe in that God of yours?!”

With such emotions, a huge amount of power rose in his body.

Those priests, who were branded by Luke, failed to release their Divine power.

In the case of high ranking priests, it wasn’t that effective, yet their divine power would be reduced significantly, and the power would never restore to its original amount until the stigma got removed.

And after that, most priests took considerable precautions to avoid getting branded by Saymon.

‘Thanks to that stigma, I knew that there was a ‘taboo’ that the priests would always resort to. I was too busy fighting at that time that I didn’t figure out how it worked.’

It was the same as now.

There was something about the taboo and Divine power.

However, once he realized that the corrupt priests could handle Divine power, Luke knew that Divine power had nothing to do with faith.

In addition, during his time as Saymon, Luke wasn’t interested in the theology of Divine power nor was he currently.

It was because only one task could be perfected, and he was already proficient in magic and sword. He didn’t want another.

Also, it was involved in the behavior of the denominations of the Rhodesia Continent.

Most of the denominations considered God to be sacred and were reluctant when it came to analyzing Divine power, so it wasn’t an easy subject to study.

‘Maybe Divine power is similar to magic. Just one stigma on one’s body and that body will be unable to exert Divine power. It’s almost similar to mana getting blocked by a sealed magic circle.’

In addition, magic and Divine power really went hand-in-hand.

It was evident that the wizards of the Holy Arthenia Magic Tower could use both magic and Divine power.

‘Divine power, magic, and aura all originated from Aether. It shouldn’t be so shocking. Hold on, then… can I handle Divine power too?’

Reina always said that she used Aether as her Divine power.

If that was the case, Luke, who had Aether in him, also might be able to channel it.

Divine power and dark magic were contradictory powers, and he could currently convert the black circle on his heart whenever needed, so there was no need for a collision.

‘Right. Rakan’s Gold Sword alone had numerous Anti-Magi properties. It might actually be easy now that I think about it.’

Luke once again used Black Bind on Constantine.

This time, he tried to take in all of his Divine power.


Constantine screamed out of pain as his Divine power was getting absorbed.

However, it didn’t seem that well.

‘What? It can’t be absorbed? No, it was obvious that it wouldn’t happen.’

Black Bind was a dark magic spell.

The mana aura or the Spirit power might be able to do it. However, that would only happen when the two forces collided with Divine power.

Realizing that, Luke slumped down and looked at Constantine.

‘This doesn’t seem to work. Is there any other way?’

There were two reasons why Luke was so greedy when it came to Divine power.

The first thing was that he wanted to learn about it.

Until then, he thought that Divine power could only be used by the priests and believers of God.

So he never even thought of acquiring it.

However, it was different now.

The second was that it could be critical when fighting Arsene, who is a Lich.

Honestly, neither magic nor Magi was of any use when fighting a man who lived for over 500 years.

A Gold Sword with Anti-Magi might be useful but only to a certain extent.

To take Arsene down, he would have to hit him properly with the right power.

The only answer was Divine power, which didn’t sit well with dark magic.

‘It might be impossible for me to absorb Divine power with Black Bind… Should I ask Reina for some Aether?’

Luke, who concluded his thoughts, teleported to Bremen City, where Reina was, with a burning desire for new power.