Emperor of Steel

Chapter 564 - The Words of the Wicked 2


Luke’s Teleportation magic which was used on Constantine, took them near a cliff close to Bremen city.

Constantine couldn’t stop his body from trembling when he looked at the end of the cliffs.

“I think it would be best to answer my questions right away. That is… if you don’t want to experience your entire body crushing itself while reaching the bottom.”

“Uhhh, you bastard! Are you really someone who should call yourself as the descendant of Rakan?”

Laughing at Constantine’s childish outburst, Luke released the hand on Constantine’s nape, making him fall.



Constantine who crashed down the cliff kept on twitching on the ground.

Along with the muffled sound, his entire body was shuddering in pain due to the breaks.

Constantine’s entire body was crushed because of the fall.

“Uhhhhh! Ahhhhh! Uggghhhh!”

He was hurting enough to die, but somehow he didn’t seem to have died.

Right before Luke left him, he placed strengthening magic on him and then used a form of Healing magic called ‘Treatment’.

“Now, do you feel like talking?”

Luke’s voice could be heard in his ears.

“I’d rather let you kill me.”

“Oh ho, you want to go through that again?”

Luke brought back Constantine’s body with Anti-gravity Magic.

The healed body and once again thrown off the cliff.

After the process was repeated for a few times, Constantine surrendered.

“I-I’ll start speaking! I’ll tell you everything! Please don’t throw me off again!”

He had been through a lot of suffering all his life, however, the pain of feeling his entire body crush itself to reach the bottom was devastating to endure.

Luke healed the body of Constantine and began to ask the questions.

“Is Arsene the one behind all this?”

“… Arsene? Who is that? Are you not referring to the Archmage who was famous 500 years back?”

At Constantine’s words, Luke had a bitter expression on his face.

“The great and famous guy you are talking about had turned himself into a Lich and is still alive.”

“Th-that can’t be! Nonsense!”

“You should have heard it. That the Veritas Magic tower was destroyed because it was studying dark magic.”

Surely everyone would have heard that.

It was a Magic Tower that was on par with the Holy Arthenia Magic Tower, and somehow they summoned a high-ranking demon in their warehouse and ended up turning the Nemesis city into a wasteland and eventually destroyed the demon.

During that time, there were stories going around that Emperor Rudolf of the Baroque Empire was so angry at them, that he had ordered for the body of Arsene to be dug up and his bones to be smashed.

Yet, it was a shocking story.

Veritas’s founder—Arsene, who was known to have tried to abolish dark magic had turned himself into a Lich and was still alive.

“And, among the men who tried to attack me and kidnap Reina, there were remnants of Arsene, the subordinates in Veritas Magic tower.”


“Those men in grey robes. They all pretended to be priests, but they were all warlocks. One of them was quite strong yet, in the end, they all died with these hands.”

‘No- No way!’

Baymon or the other ones in Grey Order had never responded to the magic communication, but for them all to be dead because of Luke!

Constantine shook his hands when Luke was staring at him with a nasty expression.

“I-I really don’t know. I have never met that Arsene. I just received a God’s revelation!”

“Puht! God’s revelation?”

Luke couldn’t hold himself from laughing.

So, God had nothing better to do and decided to reveal himself to the rotten priests who was known for his greedy and self-ambitious goals!

Everyone knew that revelation only reached those who were faithful priests or to those who have practiced the preaching of God for a long time.

Even then, it would take a lot of time and was very rare to happen.

“It is understandable if the revelation was from the Devil God too. He too is a God in an aspect.”

“Don’t spew nonsense!”

Constantine screamed at the ridiculing words of Luke.

“I am sure that I received the revelation from God himself, I gained the power of God! Who else in this world can turn back zombies into normal humans?!”

Luke understood that Constantine, who was throwing a fit like a kid, knew nothing about what had happened.

He was just a piece in the chessboard which Arsene used.

Luke raised his head and stared at Constantine. He then cut down his words.

“Arsene knows, on turning zombies back into humans.”


Constantine, who was exposed to the energy released by Luke could feel his heartbeat against his ribs.

He even peed in fear.

However, he realized that it was his last chance, and decided to open his mouth by gathering his courage.

“Wh-who knows if that is the truth? I-I’ll let you know if you can agree to my conditions.”


“Ye-yes. Swear on the mana and I will teach you what I know, and spare my life and my followers.”

‘Asking me to make a mana oath? Eh? What kind of a bastard…?!’

Luke couldn’t help but consider Constantine as a fool after hearing his request.

He caused the entire crisis involving the zombie situation, killed countless people in the process, and a moment back he experienced the pain of dying yet, the man didn’t want to give up on his chance for attaining power.

The man in front of his eyes was never going to repent.

Luke was convinced.

He wanted to burn the man as slowly as possible until he died.

However, he calmed himself.

He had to find the cure to the zombie disease, and that was the most urgent matter at hand.

Whether he would keep his promise or break it was a matter of some other time.

“Fine. If you tell me how to do it, I will swear on the mana oath to guarantee the life and status of you and your henchmen.”

The vows made by a wizard on mana can never be broken that easily.

It was because, once the oath was broken, the mana circle within the heart would break.

And with Luke’s answer, Constantine seemed relieved.

He explained in detail the powers which were passed from Arsene, whom he believed to be God.

“God visited me the next night and gave me power. There are small evil spirits in those who have been turned into the zombies because of God’s punishment.”

‘A small evil spirit… it must be the parasite that carries the zombie disease.’

“The evil spirit is so horrifying that if one would try to take it out or kill it, it will turn the host into ashes. However, he told me that if I use the special divine power given to me by God, I would be able to eradicate the evil spirit without any side effects and return the zombies back to normal humans.”

Luke heard the entire thing from Constantine.

“And what was the special divine power?”

“Well, that special power… it is a mysterious force which is hard to explain through human words.”

“Really? I guess there is nothing special about the true disciple of God. You can’t even explain one single thing.”

Luke’s sarcastic words brought redness to Constantine’s face.

He looked like he wanted to protest, but Luke beat him to it.

“If explaining it is tough, demonstrate it, okay?”


At Constantine’s words, Luke took him to a village of zombies.

It would be easy to believe when witnessing it once rather than listening to it a thousand times.