Emperor of Steel

Chapter 562 - Unexpected Gain 4

“Pant! Pant!”

Constantine kept running in the underground waterways.

Marcus or any of his followers, who couldn’t see in the darkness, had scattered along the way.

And the only thing that could be heard were the footsteps of the paladins, who were chasing them from all sides by giving out orders.

“Over there! Someone ran that way!”


As soon as the voices of the paladins who were not that far away were heard, Constantine, whose legs had gotten tired, began to move once again.

‘How could this… As a messenger of God himself, why am I being pursued like this? I, who had been given the power of God, had to be the master of the new world, right?’

How long did he move like that while grieving to himself?

It was just around the corner of the underground where the waterway’s path took a turn.

Someone had come out along with a dim light toward Constantine.

“Wh-who is that?!”

When Constantine, who was startled, began to step back, the one on the other side spoke with a soft voice, “You don’t need to be afraid of me. I am the one who has come to pick you up.”

Upon hearing those words, Constantine looked at the one speaking.

Although the man’s appearance seemed to be very unusual, Constantine soon sighed out of relief when he saw the greasy grey robe.

‘Is he a priest from the Grey Order?’

In fact, when he took a closer look at the source of the voice, Constantine noticed that there was something different with his clothes.

Yet, Constantine was currently being chased, and he didn’t have the time to take such an inspective look at his savior.

“Did Baymon send you? Where is that man?”

“He had to go back to the place where he belonged.”

‘Go back? Where was that?’

However, he couldn’t figure it out.

The noise of the paladins approaching him was getting closer and closer even in such dark places.

“Ah, well, just get me out of here right away! I am ordering you to take me to your leader, Baymon!”

The old bald priest remained silent at the arrogant words of Constantine and soon nodded with a soft smile.

“Fine. Please take my hand.”

Constantine immediately grabbed the hand of the bald priest.


In a second, his entire surroundings changed and the landscape of an urban desolate city had appeared and not that of an underground.

‘An instant magic manifestation?’

Although the priest displayed the magic that couldn’t be performed by anyone other than a high ranking wizard, Constantine didn’t seem too puzzled.

He already knew that the Grey Order priests could use magic.

In fact, even in the Imperial Holy palace, there were priests who studied and used magic.

“Where is this? I think we are still in Bremen…”

“People will come and soon pick you up.”

Constantine was puzzled by the words of the bald priest. He soon saw those who appeared on the opposite side of the alley and was shocked.

Veronica III and Arch Duke Gregory were out front.

“Holiness, you should never leave us and do such dangerous things by yourself.”

“I understand. I will never deceive Arch Duke ever again… Oh my? You are?”

While the two of them were talking in the alley, they found Constantine and were equally surprised.

From what they knew, Constantine had fled into a complex underground waterway.

Marcus was the one who informed them Constantine’s whereabouts, and that was why they thought Constantine was still wandering somewhere in the underground with the paladins pursing him.

However, he was underground!


The screaming Constantine turned back to run away.

However, he couldn’t move one step.

The man standing next to the pope ran quickly and blocked him.

“Y-you are Lev…?!”

“Yes, and also Luke de Rakan, the King of Symphonia.”

Luke, who placed his sword on Constantine’s shoulder in the speed of lightning, smiled.

He finally met the person he was searching for; the clue which would solve the hellbent situation they were in.