Emperor of Steel

Chapter 561 - Unexpected Gain 3

It was an ambush with zombies flowing in from all directions, and the Holy Imperial army was trying to enter Bremen to save their pope.

Constantine and Count Marcus couldn’t help but panic, looking at the momentum which was building in the Holy Imperial army.

They were all definite that the Holy Imperial army would retreat to a safe place once they were attacked in huge numbers.

They even managed to sneakily install the flame magic circles or gunpowder bombs at the retreat points, and a number of zombies were deployed ahead around the possible retreat areas.

They were all expecting to inflict a fatal blow on the Imperial army of the Holy Empire once they chose to retreat. However, they were all rushing into Bremen city.

“Push ahead! We need to find Her Holiness at all costs!”

“Do not be afraid of those zombies! Even if you end up turning into one, you will have to save Her Holiness!”

The courage and the selflessness of those men, who stepped in to not lose their pope, was something that the zombies weren’t able to stand against.

The zombies that were ahead of the fierce assault began to collapse like sandcastles.

The Holy Imperial army, which Constantine had planned to stop, was somehow turning into a raging wave of destruction for him.

He had no other decent response for it.

“Hurry up! Move ahead and bring in the zombies that were placed at the ambush points and the Gigants troops in the city, too! We won’t be able to stand a chance this way!”

“Understood, brother!”

Count Marcus immediately rushed to deliver the given orders to the men. However, he returned with a pale complexion.

“T-there is a huge problem! The Gigant troops, which were deployed near the sanctuary, have been completely destroyed.”

“What was that?! What had happened out there?”

According to the messenger that went out to help them, a single Gigant had jumped out of the collapsed sanctuary after the explosion and destroyed all the ambush Gigants.

“O-one Gigant annihilated our troops?”

“Y-yes! And as the enemy Gigant troops were attacking the rear of the zombie troops, the Holy Imperial army began to enter the city like a tide.”

“T-this can’t be…!”

Constantine was clearly distressed since everything wasn’t going according to his expectations.

However, he still believed that it wasn’t the end.

He had a reliable card that he could use.

“Call for Baymon! And call all of the Grey Order priests and ask them to stop the incoming Imperial army!”

Surely, those priests from the Grey Order could buy them some time.

The number of zombies, who were placed to ambush in the retreat spot, were over 100,000.

Moreover, unlike humans, zombies would never get tired.

At Constantine’s orders, Marcus shook his head.

“You are asking for Baymon? Didn’t he lead the brainwashed 4th squad of the Saint Guards to catch that fox-like wench?”

“Ask him to come back then! Use those magic communication tools, those marbles, and send information!”

At Constantine’s shout, Count Marcus ordered the wizards under him to connect the magical communication to Baymon and the Grey Order priests.

However, no one responded to their call.

“Why the hell are they not receiving the call?!”

Marcus never imagined that both Baymon and his men would have died in the hands of Luke.

‘Don’t tell me…? Please, they weren’t using us, right? Now that we are of no use, they decided to abandon us?’

Such thoughts of betrayal entered his head.

However, Marcus shook them out.

Who else in the world could turn back the zombies into humans?

It was surely not the one calling herself the pope. The one who was considered the Apostle of God by the people, or definitely not that unidentified leader of Grey Order, Baymon.

Marcus believed that Constantine had the real divine power and thought that Baymon would never give up on them, at least not that easily.

‘But this situation doesn’t seem that good. Once the Holy Empire takes over the city and starts to conduct a massive search, we will be done for.’

Constantine had the tremendous ability to turn the zombies back into their human form, but that was all he could do.

In addition to the Gigant troops in the city that just got wiped out, the zombie troops hidden in the other places would take considerable time to come.

Strategically analyzing the current situation, Marcus rushed straight to Constantine.

“Brother, we need to get out of Bremen right away!”

“What? What about Baymon?”

“It is odd, but I can’t reach him or his men either. Let’s get up and move out before something more troublesome happens!”

Constantine, who was feeling troubled, left the base where he held meetings with his followers.

However, by the time he took the decision to withdraw, he was already a step behind the Imperial army.

The Holy Imperial army pushed ahead.

“T-this can’t! go on and stop them!”



When Constantine’s orders fell, hundreds of zombies who were the last line of defense moved ahead to block the Holy Empire’s Imperial army.

“No, they are…!”

Arch Duke Gregory, who was leading the military at the forefront, was shocked at the sudden appearance of the zombies.

The zombies, who were blocking the path for them, were the soldier troops who were sent to Bremen in the beginning.

Yet, his hesitation was just brief.

As soon as he gained his composure, he gave out the command.

“Attack! Sweep away those zombies!”

“Please, please wait, Arch Duke!”

It was when the knights of Saint Guard tried to move under Gregory’s orders that Luke flew in and halted Gregory’s actions.

Instead, a huge explosion happened at the front.

He must have sensed that!

Gregory was able to feel how Luke’s power had reached a tremendous level.

“You are safe, Your Majesty. Have you seen Her Holiness?”

Luke nodded.

“I met her on my way here. The pope is safe and sound. I can take care of those zombies.”

When Luke spoke, his Aether Globe began to turn into a black circle.

He manifested the dark magic that was developed to control the undead.


Purple light shone from Luke’s body and wrapped the zombie soldiers. The moment the light touched them, all zombie halted their movements.

It wasn’t just their movements being halted. They moved away on either side as well, creating a path in the middle.

“It won’t turn into a mess now.”

“Is that so? This is comforting.”

Though no one was saying it out loud, many of the riders that were steering their Gigants were exhausted as they had to rush at all the zombies while staying in the front line.

There was no way they would have felt bad for Luke’s help.

Unlike the Holy Imperial army which was rejoicing, Constantine, who was watching things happen from a distance, was shocked after seeing Luke’s ability.

‘Uhh, who is he? How dare he come here suddenly and take my zombies?’

“There are suspicious men over here. Get them at all costs!”

At the cry of a knight that found them, Constantine and his followers began to flee in panic.

However, escaping from there wasn’t that easy.

The Gigants of Symphonia Kingdom led by Hwang Bo-sung was blocking their road ahead.

“Damn it! Run into the underground first and stop them!”

“They might be the ones controlling the zombies! Be sure to catch them!”

Hwang Bo-sung and Arch Duke Gregory simultaneously gave out orders.

‘Damn it! Why did things have to turn out like this?!’

His plan was perfect.

The plan had been successfully implemented until the sanctuary exploded, and the zombies rushed out for an all-out war with the Holy Empire’s Imperial army.

However, the situation changed somewhere in between, and he wasn’t able to understand how and why.

Constantine, who was trying to escape, began to run deep into the underground waterways where there was no light. He wanted to avoid the paladins at all costs.