Chapter 56: Second Coming of the Devil King 2

“Wah! What is this?!”

“Be careful!”

Surprised at the sudden flames, the troopers took steps back. Some of them who fell because of the frightened horses burned in them.

“Tch tch, I decided to come because something was making feel anxious…!”

“Wah, who?!”

Viper stared in the direction where the voice had come from.

If one was able to ignite flames of that area, he thought the wizard would be around middle-age.

And the dress was very unusual too.

Rather than a wizard’s robe, he was wearing clothes of the noble.

‘Are there some other helpers?’

Viper looked around the young man, but no one was there.

“Are you the one doing it?”

“Can’t see? Rather than that, all these actions aren’t much different from 500 years back.”

The identity of the man was Luke.

At first, he wanted the Rakan soldiers to bring in the refugees as planned.

However, a few days ago, he had an ominous feeling and dreamed a dream with nothing to dream.

‘It’s the same when Katarina was lost.’

Even then, there was an ominous feeling, and he just went back to bed thinking it was the nightmares that he always used to have.

As a wizard in search of the truth, it was normally difficult for one to be swayed by unclear foresight, and the result of the past couldn’t be ignored.

Moreover, maybe they were feelings expressed on an unconscious level?

‘We planned and prepared, but there is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly. There are way too many variables.’

Luke thought that it would be a good plan to go there in person, and Luke left Rakan by himself early in the morning, leaving aside all the work he had to do.

And with the power of magic for running, he came to rescue the refugees.

“Luke, young Lord!”

Reina who saw him shouted.

At her scream, Viper looked at him with a silly expression.

Luke, young Lord? Kid of Rakan who was in a vegetative state not long ago?”

“I don’t know who was in a vegetative state, nor do I know who is the kid you’re referring to, but I am the lord of Rakan Viscount.”

‘He is the jerk who encouraged princess Reina!’

Viper had heard the entire situation from Goth before starting on their chase.

The Count had pressed extreme situations on the Volga refugees to make her his concubine and a series of situations which led to the refugees to flee at night.

Goth had stated that there probably was someone who was supporting the princess from behind, and his judgment was correct.

“Luke, Young Lord. Are you going to intervene in our matters now?”

Asked Viper with curious eyes.

“If I am?”

“Isn’t it known that the working estates are not be interfered with by the other estates?”

“If you have ever thought of the Volga refugees as the people of your estate, I’ll remove my hands out of this matter.”

Of course, he had no thoughts of doing that.

Which was why he was personally there to take matters into his hands.

“I don’t know who they are, they are the matter that Count directly deals with, but you are entering the estate of the others and intervening in their home matters Young Lord. If you won’t clear of those flames right away, you’ll be facing pain in my hands.”

Honestly, Viper didn’t want Luke to back down.

It was because he knows that Count Monarch had a plan to devour the Rakan Viscount.

‘Kukuku, don’t back down. I shouldn’t be missing out on the chance to kill a legacy!’

Luke glanced at the look in the eyes of Viper.

‘I can see everything you’re thinking.’

In the past, Luke had fought with greedy and cunning nobles who were around the Baroque Duke.

Naturally, their habits and behavioral ticks were still lingering in his head.

“You want to kill me? You have the power to kill me?”


Viper was shocked at how he realized his thoughts.

But soon pointed to his cavalry.

“Can’t the young Lord see clearly? You’re really funny if you believe in the flames.”

He had never thought that the descendant of warrior Rakan who was a holy knight would use magic.

But he was alone. And there were 2,000 elite cavalry troopers.

There were no Experts among the subordinates, but there were more than 100 people who have reached the level of Sword user.

And was he going to face them alone?

Unless the wizard had more than 6 magic circles or a prodigy who can cast high-ranged offensive magic spells it would be surely hard to hit.

The magic attacks can be hit correctly only a few times.

Instead of the magic attacks, the words of the Young Lord shattered his thoughts.

“When did I even say that I was alone?”

Luke put the subspace bracelet forward and opened it.

And around 40 pieces of giants had appeared.

“What, what are they?!”


“Not a Gigant! The size is small, and the body is made of stone or wood, it is definitely a golem!”

In fact, the Scorpion Cavalry wasn’t surprised by the appearance of the Golems.

Only one thing was odd when the giants began to appear from the air, horses began to get nervous.

Hiiiiiah! Hiiiiiing!

“Calm, calm down!”

“Dammit! Just stay still!”

They were slender and powerful enough for combat, however, they seemed to be timid and meticulous.

Which was why they were surprised to the golems even when it wasn’t strange.

It could be a coincidence, but it was Luke’s plan.

Luke gave orders to his Golems.