Emperor of Steel

Chapter 559 - Unexpected Gain 1

“Kuak! For me to lose…?!”

Baymon had his left shoulder and arm completely removed from the body.

He was staggering to walk, while he thought about running away.

He never thought that there would be an opponent in the world, except for his master Arsene who could take him down, which was why the attack from the kid was a huge shock to his pride.

Baymon looked back to confirm if Karen was following his trail.

Fortunately, he didn’t find the kid.

However, his anger rose as he realized that he was scared of getting caught in a kid’s hand.

“Dammit! That little b*tch! I am only stepping back now but next time, I will tear her apart!”

He vowed to heal himself and take the most brutal form of revenge which the entire world would fear.

Baymon, who fled to meet his men, encountered a man along his way.

Recognizing the opponent’s face, he seemed startled.

“Y- you are!”

The young man who was staring at him with a bitter look in the eyes was Luke, the King of Symphonia.

Luke was rather shocked at Baymon’s words and asked.

“You remember who I am?”

“Obviously I do, I saw you on the border of the Castia Kingdom during the Battle of Magic Towers.”

Baymon answered with a groan and gruntled.

“Kuek, if I knew that the mercenary there, whom I met 4 years back would turn out to be the descendant of the Warrior Rakan, I would have never let you pass.”

If he knew that the Warrior’s descendant would turn into such a hurdle for his master, Baymon would have taken him down at any cost.

Luke couldn’t help but laugh at Baymon’s exasperation.

“It has already happened and time passed, what do you wish to do now? Rather, how about you think about how to escape from the current problem? You won’t be able to beat me since you are a mess.”

“Huh! I can take you down with just a finger. Because…”

Baymon who went silent, stretched himself straight and spoke proudly.

“Because the real identity of Baymon is none other than the legendary Devil King, Saymon!”

‘Does he still believe that he is the real Saymon?’

Seeing Baymon who was deceiving him and bluffing, Luke could only see him as a pathetic and miserable existence.

The real Saymon was Luke.

However, a man born as an undead monster was impersonating him because of Arsene!

“You are Saymon? Then I guess you know who is the person whom you value the most.”

“Of course. The most precious and forever grateful I am to him… my master, the great transcendent being, Arsene!”

‘… ah.’

Even if there was just 1% of Saymon’s soul, he would have been able to answer that.

Not being able to stop himself from smiling.

“You truly are a fake. If you are the real Saymon, you would have never followed Arsene.”


“Arsene had killed the most precious person in Saymon’s life. In other words, they are sworn enemies.”

“Th- that can’t be…”

The image of a dazzling woman passed through Baymon’s mind.

At Luke’s words, he was reminded of the memory which was still left back in Saymon’s body.

However, Baymon was brainwashed by Arsene before placing him in Saymon’s body, and he denied Luke’s words.

“Huh, don’t go around lying!”


Baymon stretched his right hand towards Luke with anger.

It wasn’t just for the purpose of escaping.

There was still one card he believed would work.

“Are you summoning your other men? What to do? I ended up killing all of them.”

“W- what?!”

As Baymon panicked, Luke shrugged his shoulders and spoke slowly, word by word.

“I said, I killed all of them!”


Baymon’s heart trembled.

And realized the weird thing.

Despite the fact that he had signaled the flash magic several times as a signal since his defeat, his subordinates never made it to him.

In other words, something must have happened to them.

“You think their presence would do something to me? Arsene, didn’t he tell you about me? What kind of a power I possessed or how strong I am?”

“Sh- shut the f*ck up! I told you, right?! My single finger is all I need…”

“I guess you still didn’t get yourself together. You are currently a lot below than me, especially with the injury you have. You still think you can win?”

Luke’s words were correct.

Even the power Baymon had to possess wasn’t working because of Karen’s Million Impact Spear.

Honestly, the fact that he survived was a miracle itself.

“My master is Arsene, the great transcendent being. He can make your nation into hell in just a moment. Are you trying to mess with such a man?”

“You are a mess. I don’t feel like talking to you anymore.”

When Luke didn’t want to hear his own body talk great about Arsene, he gathered magic, powerful gravity magic, and crushed Baymon.


The moment Baymon groans from his mouth, Luke unleashed the next magic.

“Black Bind!”

Wheeeing! Wheening!

Baymon, who was already stuck to the ground because of Gravity magic, got his body wrapped by the black plants which were coming from the ground.

“This is Black Bind? How- how are you able to…?”

It was a rumor, and Baymon knew that there was a rumor which said that Luke learned dark magic.

However, he never expected Luke to master Black Bind, which was a magic that was learned after the highest level.

As he was in crisis, he looked at Luke and asked.

“Aren’t you the descendant of the high and mighty warrior, and you are absorbing me, the devil?”

“This has nothing to do with the bloodline.”

In the end, Baymon’s body was his own to begin with.

Luke was thinking of absorbing all the magic which was left in his body, even the last piece of blood and flesh.

“N- NO! I can’t die like this!”

As the power was getting sucked out of his body, Baymon struggled.

However, there was no way out of the situation he was stuck in.

The plants which stretched from the ground were making him lose his sense, and the fear of being lifeless hit him hard.


Eventually, all the life was sucked out of him. Everything in him was taken in by Luke.

“Phew, is this the strength and body which I lost?”

There weren’t as many Magi as he thought.

Maybe after the attack from Karen, he didn’t hold much power.

However, there was better gain than the Magi, his physical condition seemed to have improved.

It wasn’t just the physical.

Pat! Wheeing!

Luke, manifested the flame magic of 1st circle.

The small flames which were supposed to burn on the fingertips were burning brighter and stronger than ever.

“The speed has improved by a lot.”

The Pure wizard. That too, the body belonged to the Devil King or Black Sage, so maybe his body’s reaction had improved by a lot when dealing with dark magic or such simpler magic.

It wasn’t just that, the efficiency of the magic increased by a lot.

“Uhh, I made an unexpected gain with this. But, who injured him this much? Was it Reina?”

It could have been possible with the divine power she possessed.

However, she wasn’t someone who was familiar with battles of using attack type magic, and there was no way she would have been able to take down undead monsters, even those who couldn’t be taken down by 8th circle wizards.

‘I need to hurry. It has already been too late.’

Worried about Reina, Luke hurried to the place where he could feel Aether.