Emperor of Steel

Chapter 558 - Close Encounter 4

Luke, who slaughtered all the enemies who had attacked him and his knights, treated his injured men only to sense the energy flow of the zombies that were rushing out of the city and driving south toward the army of the Holy Empire.

‘I knew it. Those zombies won’t just disappear.’

The number of zombies moving was too large, and that meant Reina and the Holy Empire were in grave danger.

When Luke was about to move, Hwang Bo-sung approached him and reported, “Master, we have finished treatment and are ready.”

“Then we will start moving right away.”

He was already done gathering his men and had unleased Fly magic for all his knights when a pair of dark magic attacks, which were aimed at him, came flying in.

Maybe if Luke was a normal wizard, he wouldn’t have been able to feel the magic. However, Luke was different. He managed to sense the attack when it got close.

‘Huh? This is the Secret Black Spear?’

While Luke was looking at the dark magic, his men yelled in shock.

“Y-your Majesty!”

“Please be careful!”

The hearts of the knights shuddered in fear. However, Luke wasn’t the kind to let himself get attacked after knowing about the presence of an attack.


He managed to simply unfold the defensive magic and blocked the Secret Black Spear. He then looked for the attacker.

On a building that was far enough to be seen with the naked eye was a man in a grey robe.

‘A warlock? Are there any other men in here besides those from the Dark Moon?’

While he was trying to think, he managed to find out the answer.

The Secret Black Spear, the attack that was just used on him was a dark magic attack which could be found in the ancient Black Magic Book that was obtained by Saymon 500 years ago.

And the people who knew about it were Luke and the warlocks from Dark Moon. The remnants of Arsene and his successors of the Veritas Magic Tower, who Luke believed to have stolen his books and visions.

‘Now I am sure of who’s behind this entire zombie situation, and what that person who is supporting Constantine is getting.’

Luke couldn’t help but smile when he found evidence right in front of him.

However, he chose to kill the attacker rather than catching him. He wasn’t in a position where he could waste time.

And the most important thing for him was Reina and her safety.

“Dark Blitz!”

Black bullets were fired from Luke’s hand and went toward the warlock faster than light.


Once the man fell down, Luke tried to unleash Fly magic once again.

However, things didn’t go as planned.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The remnants of the Veritas Magic Tower, who began to appear all over the place like moles, began to unleash dark magic toward Luke.

Some of the warlocks, who noticed that the attacks wouldn’t have any effect on Luke, began to focus their attacks on Hwang Bo-sung and the other knights.

Luke, who constantly prevented the successive attacks on him and his men, began to turn irritated.

‘Bloody rats, they keep bothering me and bothering me!’

They were keeping him tied down.

Luke spoke to Hwang Bo-sung after deciding that he would get rid of them even if it meant taking time, “I will equip you guys with shield magic, so take the knights and immediately head to the south to help the Holy Empire. I need to take down those rats first.”

“Be careful, Master. It seems like they have something planned for you.”

“Yes, I think so too.”

Luke, who manifested Blink magic one after another, approached the closest one and cut his head off with his sword.

Well, he still ended up taking time, so he planned on killing all of them, leaving only one man behind.

Kwang! Bang!

Slash! Slash!

Luke managed to take down one-third of the warlocks, who were attacking him, by turning them into ashes or splitting them into two pieces.

And the remaining men that survived began to retreat.

‘Huh, are they trying to lure me?’

It would have been fine if he didn’t follow them, but if he let them run away, they would once again come back and attack him.

That was why Luke decided to play along with them.

As long as he was going along with them, he was confident to avoid and escape any traps.

The remnants of the Veritas Magic Tower that fled stopped at an empty space near the walls of the west side of Bremen.

“Is that the place where you all have marked my grave?”

As Luke approached them and spoke, a magic circle that was hidden on the ground got triggered and a vortex of subspace got created.

Luke was impressed as the subspace was huge.

“Kuek, a reverse summoning?”

It was a technique where a magic circle was used to reverse the normal conditions of summoning a demon into the world by sending in a target into the Devildom.

Maybe it was another one of their tricks that had been prepared if the explosion didn’t take out the army of the Holy Empire.


As soon as Luke’s body got swallowed into the subspace, remnants of the Veritas Magic Tower burst into laughter.

“Kukkk. It was a success!”

“Surely, Mr. Baymon’s preparedness has worked for our advantage.”

“But, who was that man? I expected Arch Duke Gregory to come, but some other guy seemed to have made an appearance?”

“It doesn’t matter now.”

However, their joyful conversations about the success of their plan only lasted for so long.

Luke, who they thought would have ended up in Devildom, came out of the subspace.

“Wha… No…!”

The warlocks that saw what happened couldn’t help but be shocked. It was because everything they believed was crumbling in front of them.

“Kuk, I used this reverse summon once on one of Rudolf’s dogs.”

Luke used the reverse summon numerous times, including the time when he lad the SS Knights who were led by Kurian.

Therefore, the structure of the reverse summoning circle installed by Veritas’ remnants was easy to understand and change.

“D-damn it! Run!”

“We can’t deal with that man!”

The remnants of Veritas Magic Tower, who realized that they weren’t a match for the unknown man, attempted to escape with Teleport magic.

However, Luke was a step ahead of them.

“Cyclone Rage!”

“S-save me!… Kuakkk!”

When he used the second half of the Gold Sword, the remnants didn’t take much time to turn into ash by decomposing.

There was just one person remaining.

If it wasn’t for Luke’s decision to leave one person and gain information, he would have been killed, yet it was of no use.

“Uhk! Uhhhh!”

“Tch! This one seems to have lost it.”

The warlocks, who went insane at the sight of his colleagues literally ‘decomposing’ in front of his eyes, grabbed onto his head and screamed.

Luke, who disposed of the man who couldn’t take the truth about his colleagues’ death, flew to the north gate and not the south.

He managed to detect an unusual energy from the north while he was battling with Veritas’ remnants.

He wouldn’t have thought of it as a huge deal if the problem had been handled. However, the problem was that he could feel Aether rising from there.

And the only ones who could handle Aether on the continent were Reina and Karen, who was missing.

And in the current situation, it seemed more likely for the Aether to belong to Reina.

“She really can’t listen to anyone. I asked her to wait. Even then, she doesn’t listen to me!”

No matter how pissed he was, he had to hurry.

It was because he could feel the aura of a strange form of dark magic along with Aether.

Moreover, the owner of the dark magic was someone Luke was familiar with.

A few years ago, while he was fighting in the civil war of the Holy Empire, he had a brief battle outside of Castia Kingdom.

‘It is dangerous! No matter how much Aether resides in Reina’s body, that monster can’t be taken down…’


All of a sudden, huge flash of light with a terrifying blast happened in the north.

Luke was shocked and puzzled, so he stopped in mid-air.

“What the hell just happened? What the hell is going on here?!”

Luke, who clenched his chest, began to move faster than ever.

As he flew there, he saw something staggering on the other side.


His face was crushed. However, Luke was able to recognize him very clearly.

It was his own body, which he had lost after his death 500 years ago. The body that was used by Arsene to create a monster.

The body of Devil King Saymon!