Emperor of Steel

Chapter 556 - Close Encounter 2



“Ugh! This- this cant be!”

All of a sudden, when a light flashed from the ring that Reina was wearing, the sword which was being wielded by the commander of the 4th squad turned fiery.

In addition to the commander of the 4th squad and Baymon, even Reina was shocked.

However, she managed to find out the reason.

It was the wedding ring she had received from Luke which had shone, the promise she made with Luke.

‘He is still protecting me!’

Honestly, the wedding ring had Luke’s magic in it.

In case Reina ever felt any crisis, a strong shield was supposed to be triggered.

It was late when Baymon had noticed that there was strong magic hidden in the ring.

However, there was another reason why he seemed so surprised.

‘That ring… it feels familiar, somehow.’

It wasn’t just that, but his heart was pounding strongly for some unknown reason.

Baymon, no, the guardian who was placed by Arsene didn’t know the reason.

The truth was, the body he was using belonged to the Devil King Saymon, and it still contained memories and remnant emotions from the past.

The ring which Reina had on her hand was a 500 years old ring which Saymon made to be given to Katarina.

“Tch! That witch’s magic?”

The commander of the 4th squad, who seemed irritated with her shield, went for Reina once again.

However, this time, Bertie managed to attack him first and push him aside.

“Holiness! Do not hesitate and avoid any attacks towards you! Sir Victor! I’ll take care of all this, so please take Her Holiness away from here!”


Victor nodded at Bertie’s words and hurriedly pulled Reina by her hand and rushed to escape from the alley.

However, Baymon had come out.

He had intended to hide and watch the show, but now that the Pope had shown herself, he couldn’t help but come out and complete the task.


Grey shadow began to appear and block the road, Victor wasn’t able to realize what had happened.

He hadn’t felt any other presence until the shadow appeared in front of him.

“Wh- who is he?!”

“What do you plan on doing after knowing it? You are going to die here anyway.”

Before the opponent could complete the words, Victor took a step ahead and threw his sword. Everything happened pretty fast.


The sword, which was supposed to hit the neck of the man accurately bounced away.


When the attack failed, Victor wasn’t sure what to do.

“Kuek! That was a surprise attack… an old man who looks all decent and humble to do such a cowardly act.”

Baymon, who knew that he had to get rid of the annoying ones, created a dark wave from his right hand.

Victor, who noticed the form of magic was shocked.

“Holy, warlock!”

“Knowing my identity is a waste of time now. Just die!”

Baymon, who had a stiff smile on his face, shot Black Bullets which were created by his right hand.

Ping- Puck!

The power of the Black Bullets was strong.

As the bullets crushed the aura placed by Victor’s sword, his body blew back around 10 meters.


“Sir Victor!”

As Reina tried to run towards Victor.

Baymon didn’t give her the chance.

“Kukkk. Where are you going?”

Reina couldn’t help but stare at Baymon who blocked her path.

“Are you the warlock who caused this zombie uprising? Why did you have to do all this?”

“You don’t need to know. You just need to die, Veronica III.”

Baymon didn’t forget the fact that Reina was wearing an enchanted magic ring with defensive magic in it.

However, no matter how strong the defensive magic was, with constant attacks on it, it was bound to break.

He created a Thousand Bullets Wave and was ready to shoot at her.

However, the hundreds to thousands of bullets, just disappeared like a mirage, even before activation.

‘Huh? why is it not…?’

It was a completely absurd situation for Baymon, so he once again created Thousand Bullets.

However, it was the same result.

It was as if his body wasn’t ready to attack Reina, like his body was refusing the orders.

Flustered as he had never faced such a situation, he was too shocked to think of anything.

When an attack came from his back.



Baymon’s body took a great deal of shock with the attack.

Getting up with the help of his hands, Baymon turned his head to look at the person who had attacked him and caused pain.

‘A kid?’

A child, a girl, who seemed to be around 5 years old or so, was looking right at him.

“Holy Bullet!”

“Kuek! This kid! Shadow Shield!”

Baymon, who stopped the Holy Bullet from the child, fought back with dark magic.

“Black Spear!”

The dark spear flew towards the kid like lightning.

Baymon, who smiled thinking that the child would never be able to counter his attack, soon was shocked.

The kid managed to block the Black Spear with her bare hands.

Well, maybe he wouldn’t have been that shocked if the kid had blocked it.


Rather, the Black Spear which was blocked by the kid’s hand soon lost its shape and got absorbed into the kid’s body!

‘She absorbed the magic? How can that kid be able to handle dark magic!?’

Right when he thought that the kid was weird, he realized that the kid didn’t just know divine power but also dark magic.

The bullets he was attacked in the beginning were clearly of divine power.

‘The divine power is normally used for healing or purification. It is rare for such divine power to be used for attacking purposes, that too by a kid.’

There were men who could do that.

There were wizards in the Holy Arthenia Magic Tower, who studied magic and divine power.

‘Is that kid a wizard at the Arthenia Magic Tower? Even then, to use divine power like that, she needs to be around 8th magic circle…’

In other words, the kid had to be a ridiculous genius who knew how to deal with divine power and dark magic and was on the 8th magic circle.

“Who are you? From where did you learn to use that power?”

“… Phoenix Blow!”

Instead of responding, the little girl used a flame magic.

The flame attack called for seven giant firebirds one after the other rushing at their target.

Lich Arsene, the master of Baymon who was learning both white and dark magic wouldn’t have been unable to perform that spell.

‘Kuk! I don’t know who she is, but she isn’t a normal kid!’

In the Southern Continent, there was something called ‘Age Shift’.

It was similar to the ‘body change’ phenomenon in which the body was reconstructed after the man reached the Sword Sage level.

Maybe the kid was of such kind.

“You are fun to see, kid. I need to take you to my master as a gift. He will be very interested in you.”

“Are you talking about the Lich, Arsene?”

The kid, who seemed to be silent till then, spoke for once and shocked him.

“You know our master?”


“Huhhu. You are making me a lot more curious about you. I really need to take you to my master.”

Baymon laughed out loud and began to wield his Magi a lot stronger than before.

Despite the momentum, the little kid didn’t step back.

Almost as if she was going to protect Reina who was behind her.