Emperor of Steel

Chapter 551 - Holy Sword Valiant 4

The clue to the zombie disease was finally found.

However, that didn’t mean that the treatment procedures were being developed right away.

The warlocks of the Dark Moon, who were being led by Quintero, collaborated with the Holy Arthenia Magic Tower and found a way to safely get rid of the parasites that were causing the zombie disease.

In the process, they managed to use special reagents, which were improved through purification magic circles. Even a dark magic method was used.

However, all those methods only succeeded in removing the parasites, yet none of them turned the nobles back to their humane nature.

During that time, Luke had started experimenting on animals.

The wild animals weren’t being infected with the zombie disease, even when injected with the bodily fluids of the zombies. The parasites that entered the fish or wild animals were unable to reproduce, and it disappeared.

“Is it because of the antibodies in the bodies of the wild animals?”

At Reina’s question, Luke shook his head.

“That doesn’t seem like the case. I tried injecting animal blood into an infected one, yet that didn’t seem to work that well.”

“Though huge effects weren’t seen… I did hear that it worked, right?”

“It did. To some extent, the parasite production was stopped but that was all.”

It was on a repeat, looking for new treatments by repeating the experiments and countless discussions, day after day.

One early morning, shocking news came for Reina, who was in talks with Arch Duke Gregory.

“Holiness, we received a magic communication from the wizard at Bremen, and surprisingly, Archbishop Antero is still alive.”

Reina couldn’t help but be startled at the new piece of information.

“I beg your pardon? Was that verified?”

“Yes, it was said that they were certain they heard Archbishop Antero’s voice. And the wizard said that it wasn’t just Archbishop but the others too.”

Everyone thought that the city of Bremen was completely taken over by the zombies, and that was the reason why they had lost contact with Archbishop Antero.

However, that didn’t seem like it!

Arch Duke Gregory, who was next to Reina, asked, “And why haven’t they contacted us in the meantime?”

“That… When the city fell, they ran away from the undead and lost their magic communication ball. It was said that they barely managed to get back and contact us.”

According to the wizard who had been contacted by Antero, the Archbishop hid underground once the city was taken over by the zombies.

In an old sanctuary, which was common to have labyrinth passages, they ended up in a secret room in the underground to prepare themselves.

Those secret rooms in the sanctuaries were usually used for meditation or any other activities, so food and water for emergency situations were always kept.

So, maybe Archbishop Antero hid there.

“But there was something that Archbishop Antero said that sounded very weird. The zombie disease in Bremen, he said that he found a clue about it… and said that he would only say the clue if Holiness goes to visit him.”

The words of the messenger made Reina look surprised.

“A clue regarding the disease?”

“Yes, but we weren’t given any specific details. The magic communication got interrupted in the middle.”

It was said that there was a lot of noise during the call, with the cry of someone telling others to run away just before the call got cut.

“Oh my, it seemed like something was wrong. We need to go and rescue Archbishop Antero right away!”

At Reina’s words, Arch Duke Gregory sternly spoke, “Holiness, that place is crowded with zombies!”

“But there are people over there who are waiting for help. If we don’t hurry, they could be attacked by the zombies.”

“It can be done by your men. Your Holiness, you will have to stay here.”

“But, it was said that there was a clue to the disease in Bremen and that I need to be there to get the clue.”

“I think we can secure Bremen City first and then take you there safely. So, please hold yourself.”

And honestly, that place was more dangerous than Wolfs.

It was because everyone in Bremen was now zombies, and if she went there and something unexpected happened, everyone including the pope could be infected.

Surely, after Luke came, thorough preparations were done like purifying the water and not coming in contact with the body fluids of the zombies, but accidents could happen anywhere and anytime.

And for the pope to go to such a dangerous place, there was no way Gregory would ever give her the permission.

Even then, Reina wasn’t someone who could be convinced so easily, and he needed the help of Luke.

After getting the message from Gregory, Luke jumped out and went to persuade Reina.

“I will go to Bremen instead of you. Me and a few more Proximal Guard Knights are enough to save those isolated people in the city.”

With the skills of Luke and his knights, they would be able to deal with thousands of zombies.

It was because inside Luke’s subspace bracelet were the Gigants of the Proximal Guard Knights.

So, if what he needed to do was just assess people out and not take over Bremen City, the task seemed rather easy for Luke.

“But Archbishop Antero asked me to come.”

“I did heard about it, but I think it is dangerous for you to go to Bremen without knowing what the clue even is.”

“I know what you are worried about, but what if we miss the opportunity and some grave mistake happens? There is only so much we can do regarding the containment of Jackson. The more time we take, the more people will suffer.”

Luke couldn’t refute back at Reina’s plea.

“Fine, instead, you will only come till the suburbs of Bremen. Me and my Guards will head in first to rescue Archbishop. If something dangerous happens, we will all step back immediately.”

“Understood. We will do that.”

Luke and Gregory, who barely managed to convince Reina, began to set up the troops for them to move for Bremen.