Emperor of Steel

Chapter 548 - Holy Sword Valiant 1

Once the meeting and confirmations were done, Dark Moon warlocks were taken to the lab where the zombie disease was being researched.

In addition to the abundant knowledge of the undead, various experimental tools that they brought by themselves helped the research.

“This is a magic tool called a microscope. It allows us to see minute objects which our human eyes cannot see.”

Elder Quintero, the 7th circle warlocks, who led the group explained by pointing the tool.

The microscope consisted of two lenses made of crystals, the body engraved with magic stones, the condenser, and the plate where the objects had to be placed.

“At first glance, this looks like a telephoto artifact.”

The words of Marquis Reas made Quintero nod his head.

“Honestly, this is an improvement to the telephoto artifact. When collecting, the light magic circle installed in the condenser and the two crystals referred to as the lenses will amplify the size of the objects to a hundred times and make it visible for our eyes.”

“Oh, that is amazing. But, do we need to learn dark magic to use it?”

“Not at all. It is made with general knowledge on magic and can be used by anyone regardless of their magic.”

In general, magnification artifacts used by the medical mages amplified the magic circles on the artifact, so it was impossible to examine the objects in great detail.

However, using the microscope, the hair follicle would look thick as a finger.

“Thanks to the development of this magical tool, our Dark Moon warlocks were able to make progress in the study of origins of life.”

“Origins of life?”

Quintero explained in great detail at Luke’s question.

“Yes, Your Majesty. Chicks are born from the eggs, but they aren’t chicks in the beginning. When we break a chick egg, it is just the white and yolk inside.”

It wasn’t just the chicks, even humans didn’t have a set form to generate, such as heads or limbs in the very beginning.

Whether the egg or a mother’s womb, everything began with a very fine form and continued to grow.

“There are those people in our Dark Moon who have been exploring the original form of life and the structure of the life and growth process, and these microscopes were created by them.”

After a long study, the wizards discovered that living things consisted of tiny structures called ‘cell’.


“Yes, there is a difference in the number, but every living thing is made of these cells.”

“But the records don’t say that!”

Marquis Reas spoke out.

Prior to becoming a wizard, he was an educated priest, so he couldn’t accept Quintero’s words.

Quintero nodded his head, as he understood why Reas had to say that.

“Of course there weren’t mentioned. There is only a record which says that Goddess Belize shaped the earth and the Lord gave life to those.”

“I see you know about it. But why do you…”

“We only study about life, we don’t deny what’s written in the records. When a life is lost, the body… well, the cells go back to the soil. I think that it is because of the power and the will of the transcendent beings that the creatures are able to grow and make decisions for themselves, and aren’t similar to stone, chunks or dust.”

Marquis Reas, closed his mouth when he heard the man accept the existence of God.

However, Luke, who was listening to the explanation from the other side was rather astonished.

What Quintero had just explained was a theory that was completely unknown to the magic world and the continent as well.

‘That is amazing. When did these warlocks develop such great things?’

Just as there were various types of schools such as elementary, medical, magic engineering in White Magic, it seemed like the Dark magic too have been divided into several categories according to the subjects and studies.

In the past, when Luke was Saymon, and referred to as the Black Sage, and erected his own Magic Tower with his warlocks, they only researched a few topics.

Among them, Luke paid attention to the magic engineering, production of Golems and such, which was carried out and made into Gigants of the current world.

So, there was a sphere that was attempting to uncover the origin of life in dark magic, yet, he had no idea that the research was happening too deeply.

‘I was always busy with this and that, however, it is time for me to reflect on my duties. I used to be called the Black Sage, but now I lag behind the successors in science…’

As a king, he had a position to keep and duties to perform, so it was clear that there was a limit as to what he could learn.

Moreover, the magic in the current times was more diverse than in the past.

Even then, it was necessary for him to learn and understand what and how things changed.

That was the only way he could have the advantage of controlling the wizards under him.

‘When I go back, I need to raise the funds for the magic department to the military level. The budget and the number of people have to be increased.’

His warlocks had brought a lot of magic tools in addition to the microscope.

The other artifacts included anti-dust-inhaling masks, anti-gas masks, which prevented the toxic substances from entering the nose and mouth.

And they were all the tools that were essential in studying the zombie disease, which would infect the body with fluid.

Thanks to that, the wizards and the priests of the Holy Arthenia Magic Tower were able to have a thorough and in-depth study about the zombies.