Chapter 54: Operation ‘Move’ 4

“What, what did you say?! You think that the slums are moving outside the castle?”

After receiving the reports from his subordinates, Lamer’s Marshal, Chris, looked very annoyed.

“The disease is still isn’t in huge numbers, what do you want us to do?”

“What do you mean what do you have to do? I’m going to have some soldiers run to the slums right away, and the patrolling is to be suspended for the time being.”

For him, it didn’t matter if the people in the slums died or not.

He was just worried that the epidemic would spread into the city, which was why he thought of blocking the gates and improve the search.

‘If the situation worsens later, we can use the soldiers to wipe out the slums.’

Chris was thinking about it.

“Would it be alright? It will be violating the orders of the Count?”

Goth had recently ordered the security forces to keep a close eye on the trends of the slums.

As a result, the number of guards and patrolling officers were doubled near the slums. However, the problem was there weren’t enough policemen.

“What is the use of knowing? Even so, it is better than being dead. Later on, I’ll say that we stopped the epidemic from entering.”

Chris had never considered Goth.

He didn’t even want to see Goth, who was recruited from outside the territory a few years ago and not even a favored retainer by the Monarch’s family.

“But even if he was the one who was given the orders to, it means the Count…”

“It is alright. I’ll take full responsibility for it.”

At those words from Chris, the soldier nodded his head.

However, they didn’t know.

That the Count and Goth were interested in the slums.

If the Marshal knew why the Count was pressing and repressing the poor, the purpose being to get Reina to be his concubine, he never would have neglected the surveillance.

Late at night, when the moon was high in the sky.

People with bags on their backs and hands poured into the streets.

Nearly twenty thousand people gathered in a vacant lot in a slum along with Princess Reina.

“Did everyone came?”

“Yes, we can leave right away.”

Victor, dressed in the armor of the guardian knights of the old Volga Kingdom, responded vigorously.

He took out the plate armor, which had been pushed into a corner in the warehouse for a long time. He oiled it and cleaned it with sandpaper.

“The soldiers?”

“We haven’t seen any of them since they withdrew three days ago. It means that the plan had worked, keu!”

Victory laughed sneakily.

Pavel, not wanting to see that smile asked,

“Any problems with the appointment?”

“The message just came back. We’ve already got a raft ready to ride. Somehow we need to be on the river for two days.”

Of course, the water path of the Lamer couldn’t be used. It was being guarded by the Count’s soldiers.

The same was true even near the waterways.

Which was why they agreed to meet with the Rakan soldiers on the riverside two days away from the Count’s region.

The question was—could they do it safely.

They camouflaged themselves, so they would look like they had the plague to the guards. It would be too late once they find out that the slums were empty.

Of course, the Count would send his soldiers to chase them.

“It would be too late once the count realized that we have disappeared…”

“Well, if God has pity on us, he’ll send us safely.”

Victor, who responded to it, shouted to the people.

“If you are ready, leave!”

“Yah! Yes, captain!”

With the women placed at the center, the wagon rode.

They started with a full wagon.

The escape of more than 20,000 Volga refugees had begun.

‘El Kassel! Please care for our sorrowful people!’

Reina prayed in the dark night sky and set off on a wagon.

Count Monarch had been in a good mood recently.

There were signs of princess Reina starting to surrender.

“Huh! That woman has finally jumped into my hands.”

When he first heard of the news that the princess had gone to the Southern nobles for help, his heart wouldn’t stop pounding.

However, as Goth had said, she returned empty-handed and was deceived saying that she hadn’t even left the slums.

“Now, a few more days and you’ll remove your skirt and come into my arms, keu!”

Count Monarch was smiling happily.

Suddenly the door opened wide with Goth coming in.

“Sir, the slums are empty!”


The count wasn’t able to understand what had happened.

“I had no work, so I walked around the slums and didn’t see any person, so I went inside. I couldn’t see the princess or her messengers.”


As the Count was out of words, Goth called Chris.

After a while, Chris entered the office only to be immediately asked by Goth,

“Marshal! Since when were the slums empty?”

Chris was angry with the questioning, but he tried to control himself as the Count was watching.

“What do you mean?”

“I had to see something this morning, so I went near the slums, and nobody was there!”

“No, they were all there since yesterday evening, right?”

“Then, it means that they left yesterday evening since they were all gone this morning. Why didn’t you report it? Haven’t I ordered you to keep an eye on them!”

“Ah, that… An epidemic was going around in the slums…”


“Yes, which was why I pulled out the soldiers and moved a few residents to a different place.”

The best way to avoid an epidemic was to stay away from it.

However, Goth had another thought in his mind.

He looked at the Count with an urgent expression.

“It looks like the princess has run away.”

“Huh? the princess has run away…?”

Asked Chris with a bewildered face.

“You stupid guy, you couldn’t even follow simple instructions! Shut up!”

The Marshal who still didn’t understand the situation was being yelled at when Goth interjected.

“It was a difficult decision to take all the refugees. They must have gotten some help from the outside… Anyway, we need to send the soldiers to pursue them!”

‘Kuk! I left the situation alone until it came to this…!’

The thought that the princess would run away had come to his mind.

However, she didn’t just run away. She also took the refugees, who were being held as hostages!

The Monarch was angry at the Princess. He jumped out of his seat and ordered.

“Ready the Scorpion Cavalry right away!”

“The scorpion cavalry?”

The scorpion cavalry was the elite cavalry of the Count Monarch, consisting of 2,000 veteran soldiers and knights.

“They would catch them where ever they are. Kill the refugees and bring back the princess!”

The Count didn’t hesitate in giving out his cruel orders. He also ordered for the princess to be trampled on too.

‘Kuk! Princess! This is because of her own action.’


The north of Lamer City.

At the arrival of the scorpion cavalry, a trumpet sounded to announce their arrival.

Fully armed with armors and horses, they poured out of the camp and rushed out of the city.