Emperor of Steel

Chapter 534 - Emperor of Steel 2

Ten days later, shocking news was reported to the capital, Bless.

The troops, which left for Jackson, were completely destroyed, and the city of Bremen, which was the capital of Jackson, was under the hands of zombies.

The report turned the peace in Bless. It was because they heard of the defeat of the strongest group, Saint Guard.

“That can’t be! How did that even happen?”

“Then, what about my brother? What happened to all those soldiers who left to support the Saint Guards?”

“You didn’t hear about it? They were wiped out. I feel bad telling you this, but they probably turned into zombies and are roaming around Jackson.”

“That makes no sense! Bremen had three of the most influential denomination of the 7! How could they not stop that?!”

Shock and anxiety were spreading quickly among the residents of Bless.

With the rumors going around, they were aware of the zombie disease, and they did know that eradicating the disease wasn’t going to be an easy task.

However, they expected that the number of zombies would decrease, but what they heard about was the annihilation of their men!

“It will be alright. The Holy Pope will take care of it.”

“Huh, what good can the pope do? There are hundreds of thousands of zombies in there. What’s more, the moment divine power touches them, let it be a zombie or a patient, both of them are going to die, right?”

“Yet, it is a better manner to attain salvation.”

“I know. Rather than being in a state where we aren’t sure of being alive or dead…”

To the already confused people of Bless, more confusion and doubt rose.

Those, who were opposed to the reform policies of the pope, alleged that it was a punishment for choosing a fallen angel, and the priests who followed her.

Among them, Archbishop Constantine was the representative.

He, who once was the regent of the pope, publicly criticized the pope in the central square of the capital.

“The zombie disease is a punishment! God is punishing the witch, her officers, and those who are following her!”

The supporters of the pope shouted and protested to his words.

“What nonsense are you spewing? Didn’t you see the miracles the pope did!”

“On top of that, you are the witch and not the pope. Don’t go around spewing venom on others for being kicked out because of your inefficiency!”

“Right! Rather, are you really Archbishop Constantine? Aren’t you a love child of Constantine?”

Some people doubted the identity of Constantine.

After the increase of the pope’s rule, rumors spread that Archbishop Constantine was abolished from the capital.

And there were a few that said that they witnessed the abolishment.

Yet, the man in front of them seemed to be very young. It was as if he aged back. Their doubts weren’t so unreasonable.

Constantine’s nose flared at their reactions.

“I regained my youth because of El Kassel, who gave me his blessing. He forgave my sins of getting deceived by that witch and made me into his true disciple.”

Those words brought about a few moments of silence, which ended up making the crowd boo.

“Don’t be funny. You being a disciple?”

“If you are a real disciple, give us evidence! Show us!”

“Right, show me miracles as the pope did!”

Rather than panicking at their request, Constantine smiled.

“Evidence? A miracle? Fine! I will give you clear evidence, to show who is the real disciple of El Kassel!”

Constantine glanced at Count Marcus.

Marcus dragged a wagon, which was on one side of the plaza, and moved the black cloth that was covering it.



Shocking as it was, zombies were encaged in the wagon.

The moment the people saw it, they couldn’t help but move back after seeing the zombies push their hands from the iron bars of the cage.

“Kyaaa! Zombie!”

“Crazy bastard! Why would you bring a zombie into the capital…!”

“Call the Saint Guards! We need to get rid of the zombies right away!”

There was no way the people wouldn’t feel fear.

They never imagined that a zombie would appear in the middle of the capital.

When the mess only increased, Constantine screamed with a dazzling light shining all through his body.

“Be quiet people! These are the zombies from Jackson. They were brought to prove that this really is God’s punishment, and I am the real disciple, so you have no reason to be afraid.”

His voice, which was full of confidence and grace, displayed subtle divine power, which made the people settle a bit.

It wasn’t just that, his energy made the zombie’s movements slow down.

As the disturbances subsided, Constantine looked at the people and said,

“Look carefully everyone. I will bring them back to their human senses with the power that was bestowed onto me by God for being his true disciple.”

“Don’t spew ridiculous words!”

Among the crowd, a middle-aged man came forward.

He was a priest, Keaton, who was a member of the Sanctity of Holiness, which was well known for providing relief to the capital’s poor.

He had a strong personality compared to Luther. Even after being called by Veronica III, he refused to join in the politics as he felt he had to provide service and relief to the people who were suffering.

“Zombies are a kind of undead. Even if they were once humans, they are beyond help even with the use of divine power! It makes no sense for God to punish a man and turn a living human into a zombie, and there is no way for a zombie to be turned back into a human!”

Constantine laughed at Keaton’s claim.

“Priest Keaton, you don’t seem to be aware of the greatness of God. Don’t you know that God’s power is what makes us perform miracles? Are you really considering that to be ridiculous?”

“I know about the miracle. But, you who is stained with desire and greed can definitely not do it like the pope.”

Keaton, who was so confident, spoke back to Constantine, “I have been watching your moves for a long time, so I know for sure that there is a reason why you are doing all this. They obviously aren’t real zombies. They should be one of the theatrical actors, all dressed up to help you.”

“Is that what you really think? If you don’t believe me, you can check them for yourself.”

When Constantine stepped out, Keaton approached the wagon with zombies and began to pray.

“Oh Heavenly Father! The child who follows your path is here…”

As he continued to pray, soft divine power began to emanate from his body.



With screams, the zombie that was closest to Keaton turned to ash and disappeared.

Keaton was flustered and shocked at what he witnessed.

“N-no! That can’t be!”

“Oh my, what great actor he was to turn into ash in no time!”

Count Marcus applauded and made fun of Keaton.

Constantine shook his hands and asked him to stop. He looked over at the people, opening his mouth again.

“Now you see, they are real. It is sacred to provide the power of God to the most valued man, and I, his true disciple, will show it to you. Look carefully.”

Constantine pushed aside Keaton, who was still in shock, and reached out to the zombies with his right hand.

A cloudy light began to wrap his hand and spread to the zombies.

However, the zombies, who should’ve turned to ashes and crumble to the floor, gradually began to regain their human complexion!

Their rotten skin was regenerating, and the hair from their head was beginning to grow back again.

It wasn’t just that.

Their broken and twisted vocal cords were being restored instead of their bizarre cries. They were stuttering yet they were able to speak.

“Wh-where am I?”

“Wh-why am I i-in this iron bar…?”

Unlike the confused men, the crowd was full of agitation. It was because something crazy just happened in front of their very eyes.

“A zombie turned back to being a human!”

“Holy! Am I dreaming?”

As people were screaming with shock, Constantine looked at Keaton who was still in daze.

“I know what you are thinking. You think I deceived the people with some trick.”


“If you are still in doubt, check them yourself.”

At Constantine’s suggestion, Keaton approached the people who had just turned back to being humans and touched them with divine hands.


Surprised by what Keaton did, they stepped back.

However, unlike the thoughts of Keaton, who assumed them to turn into ash, they seemed more vibrant.

It was as if they were getting treated by divine powers.

“I guess it is true. The Undead turned back to humans!”

At Keaton’s words, the people who were still suspicious began to go quiet.

In the crowd, there were those who knelt down to pray to God.

“He is the disciple! The real disciple of God has appeared!”

“Oh, Lord El Kassel, forgive me for my sins!”

Many of those people were placed in the crowd in advance by Count Marcus.

However, there didn’t seem to be a lot who doubted Constantine’s miracle.

“Disciple! Save us from the punishment!”

“I will do anything you say!”

As the shouts began to grow, the dubious crowd began to kneel down one after the other, being swayed by the flow.

Constantine smiled, looking at the wealthy people who were in front of him. Keeping his composure, he spoke, “Those who want salvation, follow me! I will make you the masters of the real kingdom of God!”

At Constantine’s declaration, Count Marcus and his men began to shout.

“Follow the real disciple!”

“Let’s purify the fallen denomination!”

“The witch needs to be pulled out and the Holy Empire needs to be placed on the right path!”

Dozens of words spread quickly.

After a day or so, the word spread inside Bless and all the surrounding areas.

Reina’s reform policy started the new storm of rebellion in the Holy Empire.