Chapter 53: Operation ‘Move’ 3

A few days have passed since Luke began to learn the Gold Sword.

While he was busy with the sword training and the magic studies, the development of the mine was still underway.

In addition to the gold and silver ingots which were handed over to the retainers, iron ingots were piled up on one side of the castle’s underground golem production workshop.

‘I should call the Hades Co. and get more materials for making golems.’

He had no intention of investing everything in the Rakan Viscount.

He had numerous things he couldn’t reveal to the retainers, such as his dark magic and he wanted to raise his power and have people who listen to his words and wanted to use such people actively.

And to do that, he first had to increase the number of golems.

Luke immediately called the manager of the Hades Co.

The last time was pretty good, which was why, as soon as Luke had called, the branch manager ran to him.

“Young Lord, you need something else?”

“I need to get construction materials, minerals, and the magic metals I bought last time.”

“Haha, if you give me money…”

“Three times the products than the last, can you get them in ten days?”

At the question of Luke’s, the branch manager was shocked.

“Hu! That much?!”

“Why? Is it impossible?”

“Ah, it is not! I will prepare it within the deadline even if I have to put out the other customers.”

“This is the payment.”

Luke handed him a box of silver bars.

The amount was around 20,000 pesos.

After checking the silver bars one after the other, the manager looked at the ground and shook his head.

“Oh, and I would like some food. It doesn’t matter if it’s very old and fermented, around 1,000 servings of salted meat or biscuits.”

“You are going to mash them and use them to feed the livestock? I’ll give them to you cheaply.”

The monsters in the mines were working hard.

Luke decided to give them food as promised earlier. Which was why he ordered it this time.

After Luke’s order placement was done, the branch manager left the manor.

Perhaps he needed to run around to gather a list of items ordered.

After completing the order, Luke went down to the underground lab. And he picked one of the books, sorted by a category on a bookshelf.

The books in the bookshelf were some of the books that Luke had stolen from Veritas Magic Tower.

‘I’ll read it all and then hand it over to Mute, he’ll like it.’

The wizards were very close to each other, but he hadn’t revealed his vision.

Which was why he bought a 5 circle magic book from the black market, which was going to be his excuse.

And it wasn’t just one, they were numerous books that would never seem to end.

Luke, picked up on the spellbook and began to read it at a fast pace.

There was a 6 circle magic theory about medicine, and when he reached the 9th circle of spiritual and intelligence, an hour had passed.

“It was easier than I had thought. Then should I ready the next one?”

This time it was the 5 circle, extensive attack magic.

It seemed to be of good use to him as he was disguised as a white wizard.

‘Huhu, this will be a perfect identity wash.’

With a pleasant smile, he looked back at the calendar while reading the book.

‘The operation must have started by now, right?’

‘Move’ the plan devised by princess Reina.

Hopefully, it would end in peace, he looked back to the book and started to read it again.

“Is this the seventh one?”

Reina asked Pavel when a wagon with patients, children, and old people left the slum.

“That is right. Just two more and all the elderly would be moved.”

“It is going faster than I thought.”

“Because we bought a wagon and cart with the young Lord Luke’s support.”

Luke had given 33,000 pesos which gave them a few carts and wagons as well as rafts, horses, and trailers.

That made the movement of the refugees much faster.

“The Count’s action? Won’t the count’s people know about the movement of the people?”

“They won’t think much about some of the people leaving their country. No, they’ll probably feel happy that they are all leaving.”

The nobles’ perception of the Volga refugees wasn’t a potential mob.

Which was why, even with imposing them taxes, there was no specific treatment for them.

It was the common attitude of the guard towards the refugees, who often beat them.

“The day of operation is three days later? Has everything been packed?”

“Yes, I decided to throw away all the bulky luggage. And packed the minimum ones.”

“Phew, I’m very sorry, we have been here for over a decade, I’m sorry that you’ll have to leave this because of me.”

Pavel jumped when he heard bitterness from Reina’s mouth.

“Don’t’ put it like that! The people know how well the princess looks after them. And if they plan on staying here, the future would turn very painful. It is better to move quickly when there is someone who is willing to accept us.”

“Yeah, I guess it is good.”

When the two of them were speaking, Victor sent the last wagon to be approached by them and asked,

“What are you talking about?”

“We are talking about the operation that is supposed to happen three days later.”

Most of the elders were sent away first.

Three days later, if the young were moved, up to 30,000 refugees can escape from Count Monarch.

“How long will we be able to deceive the eyes and ears of the Count?”

“Right. If the soldiers of the Count block us, it would be a mess.”

If a thousand disappear it won’t be a huge issue.

However, if a whole slum disappears, they were bound to notice.

“So what, what about using this?”

Victor took out something and showed them.



The two of them were surprised to see what Victor had taken out.

He had a mask with a swollen nose; full of blisters and spots.

“Don’t be surprised. This is a mask made specifically for the theatre.”

Victor explained their plan, and the two who heard it immediately agreed to it.