Emperor of Steel

Chapter 529 - End of the Attack on North 1

Red dust swelled with the sound of thundering under the dry sky in the barren land.

In the red dust were 8 hero class Gigants, Atlas who moved around Avenger, with their swords moving quickly.

Every time they went in for an attack, the Impact Aura would rip the air and the sound of iron clashes sounded like thunderstorms.

“Kuek, this doesn’t seem that great, right?”

Luke, who was completely surrounded by the Baroque Imperial’s Knights, hurriedly extended his sword to prevent the surprise attack from Viscount Kurian.

Right then, the Atlas of the Knights of Guard from behind ran and hit the back of Luke’s Avenger with its huge sword.


“Damn, got hit again?”

Fortunately, there was a shield put on the back of the Gigant, so no major damage was found.

However, it seemed like the Impact Aura of the Sword Master couldn’t be completely nullified, so there was a huge scratch on the back armor.

“Die you traitor!”

“Huh, it is so awful that such a flimsy attack managed to succeed!”


Luke hurriedly used Fire Explosion magic to the Atlas that was behind him and continued with successive attacks.

Luke managed to shake the opponent, however, their siege was still going strong, and attacks on them were turning unsuccessful.

The Knights of Guards were all attacking at the same time, as few as two at once and then five according to the previously agreed plan of theirs.

Conversely, when Luke tried to go for a counterattack, those people who were in the attack formation would bring out their swords and get into a defensive formation.

Thanks to that, Luke had constantly been on guard, and the Knights of Guards SS were able to have an advantage in saving their power and aura.

It wasn’t an easy task to use Blink and avoid the siege. It was because the knights would come in once they realized that Luke would use Blink.

‘Kuek, I thought it was a passing stage? This is turning a lot more annoying than I imagine.’

In fact, something similar was present in both Baroque or Symphonia.

However, it wasn’t an organized attack as of now. The passing stage was a situation where only endurance mattered until the reinforcements arrived and cornered the opponent.

However, the Baroque knights didn’t just try to endure, but a well-formed team was aiming to smash the opponent.

Also, the swords skills they were all using was Sword Master level, which wasn’t much lacking when compared to Luke.

And accordingly, Luke abandoned his thoughts and began to use the second part of Gold Sword.


Gold aura began to form on the huge sword of Avenger, Kurian and his other knights couldn’t help but feel startled.

‘Go, gold sword second part! The one which was stolen from the Rakan family, ho-how is…?!’

More than 400 years ago, after Saul de Rakan, the sixth lord, was killed by the assassin of Hyrda, the second half of the Gold Sword was being secretly handed down in the Baroque Imperial, who stole it.

Then, how did Luke manage to use it?!

Shocked, they all came together and began to block the attacks from Luke.

Clang! Bang! Kwang!

Every time the attack got stopped, a tremendous shock shook the ground as if a shell was exploding.

Some of the knights fell to the ground, but with the help of the others, they managed to escape any serious damage.

The second half of the Gold Sword was terrifying enough to reverse the flow of the battle.

However, the eyes of Kurian, who was exchanging blows and defending himself several times, weren’t so shocked.

Rather, they seemed to gain light.

‘The second half of Gold Sword isn’t perfected!’

He was able to learn because of the frequent matches he had with Emperor Rudolf, who managed to completely learn the Second Half.

The Emperor said that in order to complete the second half of the Gold Sword, one would have to reach the level of Sword Sage and gain enlightenment.

If not, even if one would use the second half, it wouldn’t have much power.

‘Luke’s skills seem to be a lot stronger than what we were told, but I can manage this much! No, if I can just aim for that one loophole, I can crush that bastard down!’

Luke was using constant magic attacks to fill the gap in the second half of the Gold Sword.

But once his enemy found the loophole, it would be the end of Luke.

Kurian decided that he would have to make use of the trump card in order to make a huge blow to Luke, and began to concentrate on the aura of his sword.

The aura, which was swaying, began to change into a different color.

“That is?”

Seeing the gold aura form on Kurian’s sword, Luke’s eyes were shocked.

“How dare you use the Gold Sword!”

“Hahaha! The Emperor has passed it onto us!”

In addition to Viscount Kurian, five other knights too began to demonstrate gold aura.

Although no one managed to learn the second half because of their lack of skills, they managed to learn the first half of it.

“I am going to cut you off with your ancestors’ legacy!”

“You people are like thieves who have no values!”

Luke, immediately converted the Aether into mana and began to strengthen the shield around him.

The power of a Gold Sword was known to be stronger than an Impact Aura.

Clang! Clang!

Luke’s attacks were being stopped with a lot more speed and power.

And the gloves of Avenger, which were taking in the attacks, began to break at the joints.

When Avenger tried to move to the sky as a retreat, an Atlas jumped ahead and knocked him back to the ground.

Which made Luke go straight for Blink, however, in the process of avoiding the attacks, he lost his sword.

The skills of the knights were a lot superior to Luke’s assessment. The team which he thought would only capture him, ended up using Gold Sword.

“Kuek, this isn’t going to be easy, I guess.”

With a smirk on his face, Kurian spoke to Luke.

“Huhuhu! Even his Emperor had to work for two long hours against us. Do you think that you can even endure as long as His Majesty?”

“Definitely… if I go ahead like this, it will be tough for me.”

Luke was really impressed with the power the men were displaying.

It was impossible for Luke to defeat them with swords and white magic alone.

As if giving up, Avenger raised both its hands to the sky.

“What? Are you surrendering now?”

“Surrender? What funny joke. I am going to show you something other than magic and sword, this is a gratitude I am showing to the men who pushed me into the corner.”

“What did you say?”

Grrr! Rnnng!

When the Avenger’s body began to give out energy, the look on the faces of the knight’s changed.

‘This is like those warlocks whom His Majesty had…’

Yet, there were always rumors going around that Luke de Rakan was learning dark magic. Emperor Rudolf had deliberately instructed Count Voltas to make the rumors into a huge topic.

While Kurian wasn’t able to believe what he was feeling, sparks began to flash from Avenger’s fingertips.

“Av- avoid it!”

Purple flash, which soared through the sky, divided into eight strands of lightning to fall on the knights.

The purple lightning struck.

Knights like Kurian who knew Gold Sword avoided it.

However, those men who didn’t, couldn’t help but be shattered while they were still in their Gigants.

“Th- this was used by that High ranking demon which was summoned in the capital…”

“Yeah. This is Kauren’s Thunder Bringer.”

“Thi- this can’t be!”

Kurian wanted to scream out loud at the nonsense his opponent was spewing.

How could a human possibly possess the powers of a high ranking demon?

Even if he did manage to master dark magic, that wasn’t something which could be done.

Yet, he couldn’t just blindly deny what he witnessed with his own eyes.

The purple lightning he just saw was surely the same technique that the high ranking demon had used when it was creating havoc in the capital.

For Kurian, who was filled with confusion and shock, Luke spoke.

“Because you attacked me with the sword which you stole from my family, I will smash you with the powers I stole.”

That was enough explanation, and the time had come for everything to be eradicated.