Emperor of Steel

Chapter 521 - Sherwood's Fall 3

During that time, Bodley’s Gigant troops, who were dispatched late, they were running through the city roads to catch the Crabs.

However, it wasn’t easy to get rid of the Crab Gigants.

Hobart and the Crab riders were well aware of the performance and the combat power of their Gigant, so they tried their very best to avoid the fight with the enemy Gigant.

Because of their very high-speed maneuvering ability and the small size, the Crabs ran back and forth and hid, which made Bodley and his men run around not being able to find them.

Their annoyance reached a height when their Commander Darland quickly shot back at them.

“Great! You couldn’t even come out right away! You disgusting cowards!”

Hobart, who was hiding behind a three storey building laughed at Bodley.

“Kuekku, I guess he got his medicine served well.”

Was he feeling like that because he was treated the same way by the Grenada Kingdom?

However, he was feeling a bit sorry for them.

“Here! He is hiding in here!”

A knight, who was on his horse scouting the region for Crabs, screamed when he found Hobart.

“Sh*t, got caught?”

“This man! Stop there!”

Thud Thud!

When Hobart was about to run away, Bodley and his few other Gigants pursued the man.

They made a vow to themselves that they would catch that rat-like Gigant and crush it into pieces, and the rider in it too.

However, when Hobart entered into a narrow alley, they could no longer go after him.

It was impossible for such huge Gigants to enter the narrow space.

“Kuaa! That loach bastard!”

“First we will have to block the street. I will go and block the other side… Ah! Captain!”

Bodley didn’t care about his men’s words and pushed his Gigant down the alley.

As he was riding a Knight class Gigant, its head was larger than the regular Gigants, the houses on both sides of the alley were broken as the aftermath of his reckless move.

Bang! Tear!


“Euh! Why is a Gigant going in this place?!”

“Ou-Our house is collapsing! I haven’t even paid the installment yet…!”

People jumped out in shock and screamed at what they were forced to see.

Hobart was running away without even sparing a glance at Bodley and the destruction he was causing.

“Did I do too much?”

“You there, stop! If you are a knight, stand there and have a fair fight!”

“How would this even amount to a fair fight? These Gigants have such different output rates.”

The Knight class Gigant had around 2,000 fights when compared to the Crab which had only around 500-600 fights.

In other words, going for a fair fight was a ridiculous task.

Hobart continued to run away ignoring Bodley who was still pursuing him.

Bodley was reckless and ended up missing the balance because of the drinks he had before the battle.



As Bodley’s Gigant fell, it smashed into a three storey building, and people inside the building were the only ones who suffered.

“Kuak, all this sh*t…”

Bodley immediately got up with his Gigant and followed the path where Hobart’s Crab had run.

Within some time, he was able to see Hobart standing and no longer running away.

In addition to him, when looked closely, all his other Crab Gigant were on the streets.

“Kuak. Those rats are going into the holes!”

However, Bodley and his men were completely in the dark.

The fact that a hole was drilled through for the Crabs to move.

The Crabs returned back to their original point of invasion, one after the other went into the sewer.

“They! They are running away!”

Bodley, who was startled and wanted to catch at least one, ran ahead.

However, the rate at which the Crab Gigants were retreating was much faster.

Once his men entered, Hobart was ready to enter the sewer hole and just before disappearing he showed up his middle finger, Bodley ran down the road and wielded his huge sword.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He kept hitting the sewer’s entrance again and again, however, he couldn’t break it huge enough to enter.

“Kuak, those men!”

Once Bodley thought that the hole he made was large enough for him to enter, he pushed his Gigant into the cramped place.

“Captain, please be patient!”

“If you enter it with your Knight class, you’ll get stuck right away!”

That was when Bodley ordered his men to bring oil.

It was his thought to pour in the oil into the sewer and give them a taste of fire.

However, implementing the thought wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

It was because all the oil in the city was already gone when the Crab’s were busy burning down the warehouses.

“Captain, if we head to the river where this sewer meets, we might be able to catch them!”

At the words of his men, Bodley led his unit and ran towards the east entrance.

However, by the time he reached the entrance, he saw the Crabs walking across the river with tubes around them.

“Kuak, he should have chased after them much faster!

As he was too involved in getting oil and fire into the sewer, he couldn’t come up with the thought of reaching the exit until his men gave him the idea.

Because of his nervousness and ignorance, he wasn’t able to come with a sound judgment.

“What are we supposed to do now, captain?”

“Kuek, bring the transport! Go across the river and chase them!”

When his subordinate asked, Bodley gave an immediate answer.

“Sorry? But the night rivers are dangerous. And we are in the middle of battle, unless we are ordered by the commander himself…”

“Then are you telling me to let those men away like that? I will have to reprimand you for not being able to stop the enemy.”

At the word of reprimand, the knights and riders jumped out.

They were asked to fight before the enemy attacked them.

If things went out about the order, the punishment would be inevitable.

“Bring the transport! And I am not acting about it without thinking. To just go after them without thought. They can’t possibly think that in such situations we wouldn’t cross the river for our job!”

The riders were convinced when Bodley spoke confidently and asked for the fellow members of the ambush squad.

And began to transport the Gigant with anchored ships.

“W-what is this?!”

The officer in charge of the ships was startled at their request.

Bodley coldly spoke to the man with his sword at the neck.

“Shut up! We are just borrowing the boat to chase after the enemy. If the commander asks anything, tell him we went to show them the taste of fire!”

Bodley took over the ships without official orders by threatening the crew.

And commander Count Darland wasn’t aware of what was happening.

It was because he was busy working on reducing the fires and securing the supplies that were left.

After he was reported, he jumped up.

“Stop them right away!”

However, Darland’s orders were late.

The ship carrying the Gigant troops already went to the middle of the rider.

“Arch Duke, the enemy fleet is approaching us.”


“It looks like they are following the crab squad.”

As Bodley predicted, the Symphonia men had no idea that they would be pursued.

They thought that Sherwood wouldn’t act recklessly.

But just because they didn’t think, it didn’t mean that they weren’t prepared.

It was because the enemy troops would deploy troops wherever possible.

“Should we give orders to the Gigant unit?”

“Firstly, tell the artillery to attack and stop them at the river.”

With the orders from Belik, artillery units that were on standby smashed the shells at the enemy fleet.

Bang! Pung!

As the shells poured in and knocked on the ship, the sailors were shocked.

The ships which were tried to move past them hit the other ones and began to change directions.

The artillery of Symphonia continued to shell.

“Kuak, those men! Don’t act like this and let’s fight fairly!”

Bodley, who was struggling on the deck when a shell fell right on the ship, sank with his Gigant.

Because of his foolish actions, the Southern Army troops in Sherwood lost their last available card.