Emperor of Steel

Chapter 520 - Sherwood's Fall 2

The squad of Crab Gigants which was being led by Hobart divided into three and were sweeping the downtown of Sherwood.

Information about the structure of the city and the major warehouses were all received beforehand from Count Ferrero, which made it easy for them to get around.

“Here they are! The enemy Gigant!”

“Go ahead and… kuek!”

The knights on the horse blocked the Crab Gigants, however, their defense didn’t seem to be so strong.

No matter how small the Crab was along with its low output and weak armor, it was still a Gigant.

It wasn’t something that couldn’t be prevented by swordsmen or infantry of knights.

Surely, there were wonderful exceptions.

Expert top level knights or War Mages above the 6th magic circle could hit back the Gigant to some extent.

Unfortunately, Sherwood didn’t have such strong men.

“Commander! The enemy Gigant appeared and fired the eastern supply warehouse!”

“Tch! The east side is blazing a lot.”

Darland, who led his 1,000 reserve troops into the city could only bite his lip at the news.

He was still not able to understand how the enemy Gigants had found a way into the city and caused riots, however, all he could do was run and try to stop the enemy from creating further havoc.

It was because, once all the food and gunpowder of the city were lost, they wouldn’t be able to stand still.

“You men head over to the east warehouse and put out that fire. The rest, follow me.”

Darland led the knights and soldiers to head towards the supply warehouse which wasn’t attacked yet.

Shortly after his arrival there, three Crabs led by Hobart had appeared.

Whether they reached the warehouse from elsewhere or fought there itself, their gloves were filled with blood and soot.

‘Where did I see such a small Gigant? Is it maybe…?’

Information was passing through Darland’s mind, who wanted to find the answer to the enemy Gigant.

The large sewer which led to the outside of the city.

If it was a regular Gigant, it couldn’t have been the case, but if a Gigant was so small then that tunnel could be used.

“Sire, it’s dangerous!”

Darland’s eyes shot open at the urgent cry.

The enemy Gigants were rushing at them with a frightening rate.

Thud! Thud! Thud!



As the Gigants rushed and wielded their swords, the knights and soldiers who were standing in a defensive stance fell down with blood all over.

If his lieutenant hasn’t thrown himself to defend Darland, he too would have met the same end.

“Sire, you need to get away.”

“Kuek, those men!”

Darland ran to see the Gigants breaking the door of the supply warehouse.

“What are our Gigant units doing?!”

Those squad members who had gone outside the walls will take time to return back to the city.

However, half of the Gigant squad was asked to stay back in the city in case of such an emergency.

However, they couldn’t see a sign of their Gigants!

Bang! Crack!

At last, the Crabs who succeeded in breaking the door entered the supply warehouse, set fire to it, and fled.

“No-No it can’t be! Put off the fire!”

“Sire! It’s dangerous! We will do it! Sire come back here!”

The lieutenant, who managed to pull back Darland who was running at the blazing warehouse to extinguish the fire, stepped at the front of the warehouse along with the wounded knights and soldiers to do something.

However, they judged that it was already late.

Boom! Boom!

The fire rose higher with the explosive sounds and the ground shaking.

The gunpowder and shells stored in the warehouse exploded.

“The fi-fire is spreading everywhere…”

“Hurry up and move! Move!”

The heat waves from the supply warehouse spread to the military weapons warehouse.

Count Darland, who lost everything right in front of his eyes, couldn’t help but look devastated.