Chapter 52: Operation ‘Move’ 2

‘Huhuhu, good.’

After a long meeting with the retainers, Luke smiled.

The process made it possible to keep the promise to the princess and the deal with the source of the gold and silver ingots from the mine.

‘And with just another harvest, I won’t have to listen to the retainers telling that they don’t like it when I go to the Devil King’s castle.’

Up until that moment, none of them were eager with the Young Lord going into the Devil King’s castle again and again.

But, what they had gained was so great that it didn’t even matter if Luke decided to stay there the whole day.

That too, if he had a guard with him and if he would go to his classes.

“Young Lord, won’t you learn fencing?”

Rogers blocked the entrance of the castle and asked Luke.

Before the accident, Luke had learned and practiced to wield a Silver Sword, a sword of the Rakan knights.

Even though the achievement wasn’t so great, yet he worked very hard, however, after waking up from the accident, he didn’t practice even once.

“I now use magic rather than fencing… no. I should learn swords.”

Luke had said that he wanted to learn magic as much as he could, so he cut down the practice of fencing and used that time for magic.

However, the assassination that happened the other day had occurred to his mind.

At that time, he was about to die because the dark circle had stopped.

Surely, it was because of the curse that someone had placed on the Rakan’s descendants, but they couldn’t be blamed.

‘I also need to learn some swordsmanship. Shouldn’t there be a way to deal with opponents if magic doesn’t work for fighting?’

As Luke decided to change his mind, Roger’s face went bright.

“Huhu, then move to the training camp.”

Luke followed Rogers to the knights-only training ground in the parade ground.

Everyone had gone to work, and no one was training.

“I will relax a little and see the accomplishments of the others.”

“Well, okay.”

When Luke picked up the sword from the stands, the two men took their positions to practice.

Kang! Kkkang!!

It was a sword which hasn’t been raised, but every time it hit the other sword, sparks flowed.

Although Luke was a warlock, he had fought with quite a few knights in his time as Saymon for self-defense.

And as the young Lord, the original owner of the body, who had been practicing very hard before, naturally avoided the attacks of Rogers properly and carefully.

‘Ho, he’s moving faster and stronger than before. In the past, the young Lord had attacked just blindly, however currently it seemed like he was studying his opponent and trying to read their next moves.’

Rogers seemed to be surprised.

However, unlike his own feelings, he kept pointing it out to Luke.

“In that situation, you need to attack rather than to block with the sword. Like this.”

“Slow. How will you win over the enemy with such slow moves?”

Luke was getting upset with the constant intellectual and bitter attacks.

As a result, he didn’t realize that he was infusing the sword with magic.


A faint purple aura began to form around the sword.

Rogers couldn’t help but look amazed.

‘This, this is.’

Luke stuck upon taking Rogers down, began to dig into Rogers’s movements.


Rogers who began to get nervous barely managed to avoid the attack from Luke.

In addition, his sword was going against a small aura sword of the young Lord.

Kang! Kknag!

The swords that clashed were so much thrilling than before.

In the early stages, a tense confrontation had happened, but in the end, Luke’s sword had drifted far away.

No matter how much he had learned self-defense and practical experience, it was impossible to win and master the advanced expert of the orthodox sword family.

“That is all for today.”

“Huhu, I can fight a little more.”

At the end of the class by Rogers, Luke said his will to learn,

“It isn’t good to do that. It is important to know when to take a break and be strong.”

Soon with excitement, Rogers spoke,

“But, young Lord, when on earth have you been able to make an aura?”


“Yeah. The purple aura that was seen when you were attacking a while back.”

“Ah, that…”

He wasn’t aware as he was too engulfed into attacking, but now when he thought about it, he did infuse some Magi into it.

‘The physical transformation of mana. How does that work when the sword is infused with Magi?’

The other day, during the assassination, he had absorbed the aura and the life with the dark magic.

But, no matter how much one absorbs, it was useless when they didn’t know how to use it.

Luke, looking for the reason, got angry with the rebuke of Roger’s and put the Magi into the sword.

‘Aura got made by acting on the emotions?’

As with magic, the mind, specifically the will, was at work when a person creates or accomplishes something.

And that day was surely the same.

Somehow, the wish to defeat Rogers had transformed the Magi into aura.

“I can’t say if it is a finished form in terms of shape or concentration, but if you practice a bit, you’ll be a good expert.”

When Luke made no response, Rogers knew why he was flustered.

‘I thought he didn’t care about fencing…’

There was a lot of talk among the knights the recent days about Luke’s enormous interest in learning Magic from Mute.

It was fortunate that the young Lord was turning more reliable than before, but he wasn’t a wizard, or maybe he was neglecting the knights for the coming future.

They were proud of the family of Rakan, the brave warriors who established the outstanding standards of the knights.

And their master was going to be a wizard?

‘That will never be!’

Rogers had vowed to prevent that.

So, after completing the silver sword, he pulled out a number of spleens he wanted to teach.

“From today on, I’ll teach you, Gold Sword.”

“Gold, Gold sword?!”

Luke was shocked for a moment.

How can he ever ignore that?

The sword which pierced through his heart 500 years back, the Gold Sword of Rakan!

But suddenly something popped into his mind.

“The Gold Sword, isn’t it meant to be a family item?”

He knew about the greatness of the sword after waking up. As stated in the genealogy of the family, the principles of the family heirloom.

“Of course, it is. But 250 years ago, an exception had been placed.”

From generation to generation, the heirs of Rakan were short-lived.

In some cases, their bodies were so weak that some succumbed to death.

As a result, the heirs were troubled with the Gold Sword’s tradition, and 250 years ago, they finally came to a decision.

One of the ancestors feared that the family heirloom sword would cease to be taught to the future knights, and the knight general was to take a pledge not to unveil about it to anyone else.

‘Oh, my god!’

Somehow, despite the sudden death of the first lord, the retainers didn’t even worry about gold sword, and it was such a situation.

And Luke hadn’t known that, and that was why the Rakan viscount hadn’t been destroyed for the past 500 years, even in the hands of other knights.

The knights of the past who had learned the gold sword were deemed to be a strong supporter of the family with excellent skills.

“Would I become a Sword Emperor like Rakan or the ancestors if I learn the Gold Sword?”

“Well, that could be impossible. Because we lost the second half of the sword 400 years back. But you can be a swordmaster by learning with the other half.”

Seven of the Knights had become Sword Masters.

Rogers was in his early 40s, surpassing the top of the experts’ class.

‘But it is very strange that none of the ancestors had become Sword Masters. Was it because of the Devil king’s curse?’

Rogers shook his head along with his thoughts in his mind and continued to tell Luke about the Gold Sword.

Explaining the history and the main aspects of the gold sword had begun step by step.

“Gold Sword is basically more about mana flow than fencing. Be able to read the flow of mana hidden in the sword…”

At some point, Roger’s sword began to faintly glow with a golden radiance.

Luke clenched his fist without his knowledge.

He remembered the past when he was killed by the Gold Sword.

‘Sh*t! The one isn’t Rakan, and the Gold Sword is just another sword that I will master.’

Luke calmed his heart and looked closely. With frightening concentration, he began to absorb what Rogers was trying to describe.

‘The flow of mana is important? Yeah, don’t know but it can be easier to control the sword as I am a wizard.’

However, apart from that, because it was difficult to learn excellent swordsmanship, it would take quite some time.

Luke wasn’t nervous. And he decided to build up the skills one step after the other.