Emperor of Steel

Chapter 517 - Star of Battlefield 4

On the second day, like the previous day, Symphonia Kingdom launched the attacks right in the morning.

The operation of attempting to recover the bridge under the cover of the artillery units and forcing the infantry unit to move was unchanged.

If there was any other addition to it, the army had begun to build a bridge that wouldn’t be hit by the shells.

Upon receiving the report, count Darland, sent his Gigant and cavalry troops to check the strength of the Symphonia Kingdom.

When the Southern army camped across the river where the Symphonia was attempting to build a bridge, the army of Symphonia withdrew right away.

It was because if they proceeded with the operation, the damage they would have taken was too much to ignore.

“Today too, we had no progress.”

At the words of Philip who was disappointed, Belik shrugged.

“Siege isn’t an easy task. Even more, if it is a city in the middle of the water.”

Even in the past, there were a few cities in the middle of rivers.

Even if such places fell, it was only because of an internal spy opening up the door, or with the food supplies being exhausted due to prolonged siege.

And Belik was very well aware of that fact and didn’t execute forceful operations. It was because he thought that it wasn’t necessary to increase the damage his men took.

And there was another reason.

He was given a reliable card from Luke.

That evening, Belik had gathered all the commanders of each unit and help an operational meeting, she asked Shirley who was scouting up and down the river.

“Are there any places we can use?”

“Nope, the enemy’s units have already started to guard the crossings. And there Gigants troops which came out of the riverside for their sides.”

“They seem pretty good.”

Darland was referred to as the Star of Battlefield.

Even if he was so thoroughly prepared for a siege, Count Darland deserved to be called as the Master.

And he was surely someone worthy enough to be complimented, Philip spoke to Belik who couldn’t think of another way to attack.

“I really feel that we should use ‘that’, sir?”


“Yes, the thing which His Majesty gave us.”

After thinking about what Philip said, Belik shook his head.

“That is going to be our last card. If we use it in a hurry and end up failing, then we won’t be able to think of any other method.”

“But we can’t delay this situation. According to the information we got, the enemy reinforcements are speeding up their march. In addition, it was said that the Emperor’s exclusive knights and Gigants were being sent.”

At Philip’s words, Belik’s eyes went wide.

“What? The Emperor’s Knight’s are being sent?”

“Yes, around 10 of them, who were known to have reached the full state of Sword Master.”

The story of Rudolf’s knights were already known.

It was because Count Ferrero and Shirley had given them the information.

And it was the first time for them to listen that such men were being sent as reinforcements, that too, to battle in the front line.

“This is bad. If they joined…”

If the battle was on the plains, Belik wouldn’t have blinked.

He was a confident man when it came to Gigant Battles, and he was someone referred to as the Gigant Master.

However, they were in a siege and had to attack an island city.

If they were getting hit with the enemy both on the front and back, it would be the worst situation for them.

“Can’t help it. We use ‘that’. Before those troops come in, Sherwood needs to be captured.”

“Then we need to start with the operation.”

“Surely. It is our last resort and we shouldn’t fail.”

Belik spoke seriously and everyone nodded.

They began to select the troops and the knights who would participate in the operation, they brought in the information about the geography of Sherwood city and the facilities it held from Count Ferrero.

“The operation starts at 2 am tomorrow. Let’s finish it all before sunrise.”

“Understood, Arch Duke!”

The military commanders quickly returned back to their units.

And Belik went out of the military camp and looked at ‘that’ which was being unwrapped by the soldiers.

To take the Sherwood, it was the last resort they had.

At the same time, from across the river in the observatory, Count Darland, who came back after looking at the Symphonia Kingdom’s camp, held for an operation meeting.

“The enemy is likely to be on move.”

“Did the spies in the enemy side report?”

When one of the men asked, Darland, shook his head.

“No, it is something obvious and doesn’t need to be reported by the spies.”

The siege had ended a lot earlier than they had expected, and there was smoke which rose in the enemy camp that day and the day before.

It was obvious that the camp was feeding their men to the fullest, in preparation for something.

“Surely they would attempt to do something in the dark. We need to be prepared thoroughly.”

“Then, we should send wardens, Sire!”

A rough-looking middle-aged knight stood up being scared with Darland’s words.

It was Bodley, the one in charge of the Gigant troops of the Southern Army.

“Nice, when the enemy moves in through the river, attack them…”

“Don’t do that, please use the boats. We will smash them before they even knew what happened.”

Bodley was an assault captain.

Because such a character was stuck behind the walls, his body was compelled to go for an all-out fight.

So he proposed a counterattack, but Darland stopped him.

“Sir. You shouldn’t be wasting power recklessly in such operations.”

“Reckless! So you want us to get beaten up without a fight!?”

Bodley almost threw a fit.

Someone who was younger than him was appointed as a commander, and the man wanted to respond passively, thus, his annoyance couldn’t be hidden any longer.

‘Huh?! Why would one call such a coward who can’t even wield his sword in a battle as the Star of Battlefield!’

Bodley wasn’t well aware of it, but Darland had achieved his merit after the conflict with the Volga Republic and the Holy Empire in the past.

However, it was relatively unaccepted that such merit was gathered from his defensive plan rather than an aggressive move.

“The Gigant unit will be the last card we use to block the enemy if the gates get breached. We aren’t sure when the reinforcements will come, but we can’t spoil things when the situation is still in our hands.”

‘Tch, so you just want to leave them alone. I am hungry to take them down, what is with him?’

Bodley was annoyed, but he couldn’t speak his words.

It was a critical situation, and the commander in front of him was a coward.

Yet, if he protested any longer, he would be punished immediately.

“Understood, sire. As you said, the Gigants will only be used for the ambush.”

“Good to know. But we never know what might happen, so leave half of the troops in the castle.”

The added remarks from the commander made Bodley more irritated.

However, he didn’t protest.

He was sure that the troops along with Marquis Vanden, would accuse the commander for his passive response and his constant holding back of the Gigant troops.