Emperor of Steel

Chapter 508 - Military Parade 4

The parade was halfway through.

All of a sudden, screams and groans began to sound.

“What, what was that?”

“Well. Did something tremendous come up?”

People who were gathered on the street began to look towards the Royal Palace.

After a while, they could see the reason for the shouts.


A dog larger than a Gigant, with arms and legs chained, was being brought.


“Oh, oh my god! What is that monster there?”

“A demon! It has to be a demon!”

“Look at the size! That is so huge!”

The crown was in a mess.

The Gigants on the left and right, with the demon’s arms and legs being chained, and strict borders were placed. The existence of the demon itself was enough to send shivers down the spine.

In addition, women and children were screaming on top of their lungs looking at something which was so huge.

However, the agitation of the people didn’t last long.


“Don’t make a mess and walk forward.”

A Gigant, which was walking to the side of the demon, hit the head with his mace to calm him.


“This, where do you think you are? Thinking that this is your Devildom?”

“There are bitter things you haven’t tasted yet!”

The riders, who watched the fallen angels and demons resist, used their maces without discrimination.

The fallen angels had already suffered in the hands of Luke, but now they were being kicked with seals placed on them and the fallen angels had no power to resist.

Kuuuk! Kuuuuk!

Whether it was hurt by the constant whips or because of the humiliation, the fallen angels who struggled began to walk with the riders’ guidance.

And the crows threw away their fear.

“Huhu, we seem to be dealing with the demons!”

“It just seems huge, but doesn’t seem to be so different from a regular monster?”

“Well, it seems like it. I heard from grandmother that if our eyes met with demons, our souls would be robbed forever…”

Honestly, most of the information which the public knew about the demons was a plain exaggeration or false.

People were turning more curious rather than scared as the demons seemed to be a lot different than they knew.

“That one with huge black wings must be a fallen angel, but who caught all the demons?”

When a middle-aged priest asked, a soldier who was controlling the crowd spoke.

“His Majesty himself caught it.”


“Yes, I saw it with my own eyes. My superiors said that the evil forces aiming for His Majesty were summoned and sent.”

Information about the demons spread quickly from mouth.

Not just the public, but the nobles at home and foreigners talked while looking at the demons which were being walked on the street.

“Who is aiming for the King of Symphonia?”

“Are you really asking without knowing? The remnants of the Baroque Imperial or the Veritas Magic tower. Didn’t you hear the rumors which said that they cursed the entire lineage of Rakan with dark magic?”

“No, you mean the rumor is real?”

“If not, why would the Rakan family always be so short-lived? I heard that King Luke was also cursed, but thanks to the Holy Pope he managed to survive.”

All such rumors were being spread by Argos agents.

There was no solid evidence to support such claims, but it was a plausible story with facts.

“But, capturing such demons isn’t so easy.”

“His Majesty must be the personification of War God.”

“Long Live His Majesty!”


The shouts of Argos agents passed through the wind, and the people began to scream more loudly.

Shouts from hundreds to thousands of people engulfed the square.

The screams were so overwhelming that the backlash against the King was getting subdued every second.

Honestly, the day’s military parade could be considered to have wiped out all the forces that were against the King or those who opposed the Military reforms in the Symphonia.