Emperor of Steel

Chapter 506 - Military Parade 2

“That one seems really nice. That is how it should be to move in the Military Parade.”

Luke, who was in Katarina Magic Tower for the touch up on Avenger’s balance, smiled thinly when he heard the cry of a demon.

Fabian then said while helping him, “While the wizards are all scared, there are those who are interested in it. And there are a few priests like that too.”

“However, very few people have ever seen a demon.”

Most people have only encountered the image of a demon through traditions or records that were passed down through generations.

So they all know of demons to be vicious and terrifying.

“The demons are like that because of the harsh environment in the Devildom. In order to survive, they had to become strong and emotionless.”

“Now that you say it, the demons that Master has are different. Was it because they were in Middle-Earth for so long?”

“That was one thing, and then there is my influence on them too.”

“And, they don’t seem to dare disobey His Majesty.”

Fabian recalled the time when they captured the fallen angel the other day.

Luke, who came out of the royal city with the excuse of self military training, sneaked out of the camp at dawn and summoned a high ranking demon in the woods.

The fallen angel, which appeared because of the rumors spread by Sebastian, was ambushed by Luke and had its tongue cut off.

The other fallen angels too were all wounded and struggled, but they weren’t able to win.

With the Black bind magic amplified with the core engine of Avenger, Luke stole the magi of the fallen angels and immediately used Thousand Bullets.

“I did take them down, but I never expected them to be so easy to defeat. They are weaker than Kauren, but they were high ranking fallen angels; a demon in a way.”

“It was because the first blow was fatal.”

“Ah, I did use the Gold Aura in the beginning!”

The Gold Aura was like poison for the demons.

So, the fallen angels which were hit by the sword were probably on fire.

In addition, as the Gold Aura slashed through their bodies and penetrated inside, it hindered with the flow of magi, and the other fallen angels were easy to take down as they couldn’t show their full ability.

Luke, left the disabled fallen angels to return back to the Devildom and returned to the camp.

“Are you deliberately leaving traces for them?”

“No, instead, I erased the trace. If they know where I have been, it is possible that they won’t come after me.”

The demons have a method of hunting, and that was the strong preyed on the weak and not the strong.

Even though they were defeated by Luke, they had no intention of meeting him.

They would go back to Devildom, replenish their lost magi, recover the wounds inflicted on them and pick up a human using the unclosed summoning circle.

So, they would try to hit the humans, who were close to them. In short, it would be the Symphonia Knights, who were led by Luke.

“Huhuhu. It will be fun to see those demon’s reactions when they see Master’s Avenger,” said Fabian

“Huh. They would feel like hell. Of course, the knights who don’t know anything about it would be terrified.”

And what would happen next was known to everyone.

The fallen angel, which fell for the rumors spread by Sebastian, was an intermediate demon. He got caught by Luke and was humiliated by him in a way that no demon had done before.

“What will you do with him once the Military Parade is over?”

“I don’t need him, so he will be killed. Shouldn’t we be saving the summoned ones?”

Luke smiled sneakily.

Even during his days as Saymon, he had summoned fallen angels and absorbed their magi and ability.

At that time, the abilities were Scud and Insight, and they were quite usable ones, so he was in anticipation for it.

“Later, you need to try it too. You need to be able to kill a demon for becoming a true Dark Moon Warlock.”

“Yes, master. I’ll muster up some courage and try once. And…”

Fabian, who was trying to say something, stopped.


“Ah, nothing. I will devote myself to my growth in the future.”

“Yes, you need to work hard.”

Luke didn’t know what Fabian was trying to say or ask.

‘When would it be possible for the warlocks to go into the world?’

Luke knew better than anyone about the reality of how warlocks were dealt with.

He remembered being hunted by people just for revealing his identity.

‘How long will I be able to hide this secret from the people of this world?’

Luke could feel his mind turn heavy with the question.

Although he defeated Hiros, he was under the impression that his future hadn’t changed by much.