Emperor of Steel

Chapter 505 - Military Parade 1

With the New Year ahead of them, Katarina Magic Tower, the current Royal magic tower was working a lot.

This time, the military selected the flagship Gigants of Symphonia Kingdom as Warrior class Stiletto and Knight Class Gaius.

The selection itself wasn’t a huge deal. It was the production.

The problem was that with the specification of the Gigants, their parts, the weapons, and the logistics, the Royal Magic tower in the Kingdom were turned upside down.

Engineers at the Magic Tower were talking about such matters.

“It was said that the purchase of Gigants by the Lords had plummeted because of the military reform?”

“Well, His Majesty has asked for letting go of the possession of less than 1,000 fight Gigants which could be used in the monster subjugation. But they too are in less number…”

As a result, some local magic towers had abandoned the domestic sales and began to target the foreign markers or converted the low power Gigants into monster subjugations or marine combat and training.

However, most of the small and medium Magic Towers took a more stable route, it was to take the orders from the Symphonia Military, which was the largest customer in the nation.

However, the customer was more tilting towards making Gigants in the Katarina Magic Tower.

The sub-contracted Magic Tower supplied parts to the Katarina magic tower and were treated fine, but those Magic Towers which didn’t make a contract were forced to turn down.

They either had to meet the standards of the wizards of Katarina Magic Tower and had to move to North and South along with the wizards to support them.

“A lot of the Magic Towers were forced to sub-contract because of that, right?”

“Well, they didn’t have to suffer in the end. We have received the skills and the know-hows from our tower.”

In exchange for the unification of standards, Luke had passed the technology of Gigant making and the artificial magic stone.

Of course, the disclosure was limited to the Warrior class Stiletto, and the Knight class Gaius was only known to the Katarina Magic Tower.

“Anyway, if it was unified, then repairing would turn easier.”

“Sure. When I was in Milton Kingdom, I was put to serve in the Variand Fortress, and had to suffer when the wrong part of a Gigant was sent to us…”

It was when one engineer was talking about his experience. The head of the group came in with a spanner in his hand yelled.

“These kids! Don’t chat and finish the work carefully! Do you want to turn lazy without working?”

The man was a small dwarf with a beard, he was a mixed-race of dwarf and human.

Originally, he was a slave in one of the top ten magic towers but fled to Holy Empire when his Magic Tower fell into a mess with the battles.

There, he was swept into the civil war and then came under Luke when his merits increased and joined the Red Wolf mercenary.

In addition to the Katarina Magic Tower, there were quite a few fairies, human-fairies which Luke brought from here and there.

“Ah, not at all!”

At the word of their head, the engineers answered back and went back to tightening the wrench and hurriedly attached the armor.

“Tomorrow we will have to paint, so if there is any rust, scratches on the glove surface, wipe it off or tinker it. Because the surface needs to be clean for the paint to look nice.”

“You want to pain it glossy?”

“Of course. The Stiletto is going to be in the Military parade for the New Year, so I need to pay special attention…”


The engineers were startled by the horrifying sound which came in.

The head grumbled with a frown.

“Tch, once again, something came in.”

“Will, will we be alright? I am definite that it is another advanced demon or maybe an angel.”

“Well. I wonder if it is like the one summoned in Nemesis…”

At the response to the concerned engineers, the head could only hold his thoughts.

But he too was anxious about it, he just didn’t voice them out.

Five days ago, at the northern side Forest of the Brandon, a large high ranking demon appeared.

They weren’t sure who was the crazy warlock that summoned it, but the demons which came up seemed to be very strong.

The demons attacked the King and the Knights who were at the Gigant training field which was near the forest.

It was noted to be an emergency, but surprisingly it was handled very easily. Their King, Luke managed to subdue it on his Avenger.

Everyone thought that the demons were dangerous and asked for them to be killed however, Luke refused to it.

“Who knows who summoned this to kill me, but wouldn’t this be a good sight? It will be a spectacle that will enhance the New Year’s military parade.”

After Luke said that, Luke held the demons in the warehouse of Katarina Magic Tower by chaining it with magic.

The demons captured were raging, but most of them were lost, it was as if their bones were broken and their bones were the only things left in place.

Being held with strong magic seals, the only thing they could do was shout and struggle.

Nevertheless, people weren’t able to wash away their anxiety.

It was because the demons were known to be scary and it was something people were taught from their childhood.

“But who summoned the demons?”

“What do you mean who? Probably the same ones who sent the monster who claimed to be the descendant of the warrior.”

It wasn’t just the head or the engineers, even the officials of the Royal palace and the people of the city too thought so.

It was also speculated that the King’s intention wasn’t to kill the demons, but to warn the powerful demons by making a spectacle of them and tell ‘I am so strong so you shouldn’t act hastily’.

“Well, Our Majesty is strong. And Emperor Rudolf barely managed to catch the demon which got defeated.”

“Well! Majesty is indeed the descendant of the Warrior. What’s more, he plans to become stronger and greater than his ancestor, who is the hero.”

“Ohohoh, he will surely…!”

The crew head, who looked at the engineers who were cheerful, nagged again.

“Well, get the job done! If you don’t do it well and embarrass my Gigant at the New Year’s event, I will send you flying from here.”

“Yes, we will keep it in mind!”

When the head of the crew nagged with a stern voice, the engineers turned attentive and began to focus on their work.


The demon’s scream was heard once again, but they didn’t care this time.