Emperor of Steel

Chapter 502 - Situation of Devildom 2

A month had passed since Luke had returned back from the Holy Empire.

While continuing to search for the whereabouts of Karen, he practiced handling the Aether in his body.

He focused on strengthening the power of his existing magic and sword skills while minimizing the delay that it took for the Aether Globe to convert the power form.

It was all so that he could win his next battle against Arsene.

“Huh! I’m certain that I’ll become more powerful.”

An unhealthy relationship with Arsene, which had been going on for 500 years.

And his feelings were going strong because the man was still alive.

Honestly, when Luke woke up as a descendant of the Warrior Rakan, he was extremely flustered.

Revenge and suicide wasn’t a possible solution, it was because he was given a new life as a descendant.

However, unlike the Baroque Duke or Rakan, Arsene was still alive.

‘Thank you for giving me the chance to clear my resentment toward you, Arsene. I will never give up on you!’

Luke’s hard work wasn’t limited to Aether mastering.

In order to increase his demon abilities, he decided to take a special time off and went to the valley in the west of Brandon along with Sebastian.

“Master, what kind of demon will you call this time?”

Sebastian, with his typical face, asked by rubbing his hands.

If a lower demon that was weaker than him were summoned, it would be killed right away, but he hesitated to ask.

Although he had human slaves like Henry, demons were the best kind of slaves according to Sebastian.

But Luke didn’t intend for that.

“At the least, I am going to aim for a Kauren class demon.”

“K-Kauren class?!”

Sebastian jumped upon hearing the name.

“He is one of the 18 Generals of the Devildom under King Leviathan, the most famous demon in the Devildom. Although Master was able to kill Kauren, wasn’t it just because he was already exhausted with the other fights? If they are in good condition, winning wouldn’t be a possibility.”

“Huhuhu. That is what I want.”

The stronger the opponent was the more thrilling the match would be.

And currently, Luke wanted to become stronger than ever, and he hadn’t absorbed any demon’s abilities for a long time.

“Anyway, be prepared.”

“Uhuhuhu. Fine, understood.”

Luke, who crushed Sebastian’s hope, headed to the promised place in the valley.

There were two warlocks of the Dark Moon Magic Tower there. They were contacted in advance.

It was Rob and Fabian, the students of Meister Johas.

Luke met Rob when he was still a commander at the Torlot Fortress. Rob, a war prisoner, and Fabian became acquainted with Luke during the summoning of Kauren in the Veritas Magic Tower.

Johas had a purpose to send them there.

“Lord, has come?”

“Yes, are you ready for summoning?”

“Yes, we have completed all the summon magic circles using the materials we were asked to gather before. It can be started.”

At the words of Fabian, Luke nodded and slit his right palm with his sword.

A drop of blood fell from Luke’s palm and dropped at the summon magic circle.


The moment the blood fell, the circles disappeared revealing the dark subspace.

‘Phew, thank god.’

When the summoning circle worked normally, both Rob and Fabian sighed out of relief.

Fabian had once drawn a summoning circle with Luke, yet he wasn’t sure doing it by himself would guarantee a 100% success rate.

The summoning circle was a simple task for Luke, but it was a very difficult process for them, who were still 5th magic circle warlocks.

However, the relieved faces of the two were shocked after a while.

‘W-what is happening?’

‘Why isn’t anything coming out?’

No one appeared even after 20 minutes had passed since the forming of the subspace.

Sebastian shouted at Rob and Fabian, who were already flustered and unsure what was happening.

“Hey, you men! Are you sure that you did it correctly?”

“Uh, we did the same thing that I performed the last time.”

“Really? Did you intentionally use any poor quality materials to save money? Is that why the summoning circle isn’t working?!”

“On the name of Mana, we would never do that!”


Both Rob and Fabian shook their hands.

The materials used to make the summoning magic circle were the finest materials, roots, and unicorn’s horn. They were all rare and expensive materials.

It wasn’t strange that Sebastian suspected them for trying to embezzle those materials, but the two didn’t do anything of that sort.

Then what happened?

“Enough Sebastian. The summoning circle is working fine.”

“Then why…?”

“It just means that there are no demons who are willing to respond to my summons.”

Luke shed more blood in the circle of the summoning just in case his offering was lacking.

The blood of a wizard who was in the highest circle of 8th and 9th was the most wanted one for the demons.

The size of the subspace increased with more loud sounds, but nonetheless, no demon appeared.

This shouldn’t happen unless the demons went crazy, or there had to be something seriously wrong with the Devildom.

“What do we do now?”

“Maybe the news about Vers in the Middle-Earth spread there too…”

Luke called for Sebastian who was moving around Rob.


“Yes, Your Majesty! Yes!”

Luke gave orders to Sebastian, who was determined to do anything that would reward him.

“Go to Devildom right away and figure out what is happening.”

“D-Devildom? Right now?”


Luke’s resolute expression made Sebastian’s complexion fade.

Even if he was in the Middle-Earth, even though he was a slave, he reigned as the most fearful demon who seized the darkness, but in Devildom, he was the lowest demon who could do nothing.

What was more, if any demon knew that he was helping Luke in summoning demons and killing them, what would they do to him?

Maybe he would die, forever?

“Why not Belfair or the warlocks…”

“Belfair is in Nemesis looking at the situation there, and you know that humans can’t stand the evil environments where the demons live, right?”

Luke spoke the words in a way that meant that he wouldn’t close the subspace until Sebastian left.

Eventually, Sebastian entered the subspace with tears in his eyes.