Emperor of Steel

Chapter 501 - Situation of Devildom 1

The elven chief of the Valley of Wind, Bratt, asked the Fairy Queen Ariete and Lycan slope Amur Khan to set up a meet with the elves.

The chiefs had all gathered as representations and were curious about the meat.

It was because the request to meet was too sudden, and they weren’t given any other information other than ‘Urgent matter’.

“What is all this?”

“I came to know. I know that the organization of the radical fairies are over…”

“Isn’t it probably because of our brothers who are left in the Baroque Empire?”

“Maybe that is.”

As everyone was in their own thoughts, being escorted with his elves, Bratt entered the room.

“Thank you all for attending this meeting even under your busy schedules. The reason I asked for the meeting today isn’t so foreign to us, it is because there are serious signs going around the Middle-Earth.”

At the words of Bratt, Amelia, the chief of Dark Elves opened her mouth with a blunt look.

“Huh, when did such things not occur? It isn’t a bad sign, it has always been there.”

The others nodded their heads.

If such words came from Erenes himself, they would have still reacted bored.

“Dear friend Bratt, have had a dream?”

At the dwarf’s ridicule, Bratt didn’t fluster.

“It would have been nice if it was a dream. But the signs are coming to life. A man with the God Dragon’s blood appeared, and a vicious spirit disease which everyone thought should have disappeared, came back alive.”

Even though they didn’t know about Shaikan, the heads of the chiefs jerked when they heard about a vicious disease spreading.

It was because every one of them was very familiar with the history and ancient Abaron civilization, it had been passed down to the races and every clan.

Naturally, they knew about the evil plague Vers, which led to the destruction of the civilization.

The fact that their ancestors had created that Vers to destroy the humans.

“Then, was it the plague which spread in Nemesis a while back?”

“If that is true, then I wouldn’t be able to blame Rudolf for doing something so cruel and terrible.”

As Amur and Amelia spoke, the only way to stop the spread of Vers was to cut off everyone and everything which was touched by it.

With a bitter smile, Bratt spoke.

“The reappearance of things which should have been disappeared in the past is a proof that the world is turning back. I think that we will see more than Vers in the future.”

“More than Vers?”

At the question from Ariete, Bratt took out a letter from his hands and opened it.

“This was sent by Miss Erwin, the disciple of the great sage Erenes. She is currently the court wizard of the Symphonia Kingdom.”

“We know about that too.”

Recently, the biggest topic of discussion among the fairies was the Symphonia Kingdom.

A nation that didn’t discriminate against the fairies.

It was said that if one had the ability, even if it was a fairy, they would be given an official position in the palace without regard to mixed races.

Erwin and the Gram brothers were an open example of it.

So far, there have been many rulers who wanted to explore the fairies and use their abilities, but they were never given the position. It was because they were seriously concerned about the master and slave contract which would be used.

However, King Luke, who had given preference to the fairies, even before the nation’s founding, was trustworthy.

Some people were dissatisfied with it, but no one acted significantly or resisted it.

It was because this King was considered to be a lot better than the Libiya Kingdom, where monsters were given priority.

“Well, what did the letter which the disciple of the great sage sent? Did she ask us to cooperate with the Warrior’s descendant more than before?”

“It isn’t that, she saw a child with Aether.”

“A, aether?!”

The faces of the chiefs changed.

As far as they knew, there was no one on the continent who could use the power of Aether.

The Pope of the Holy Empire, Reina did enter the Spirit World and ended up getting the power, but Erwin was the only one who knew that.

Concerned about the creation of more greedy people like Nanas, she didn’t reveal Reina’s secret.

However, she had to tell them about Karen.

It was because she wanted to get the help of the fairies to find her because Luke wanted her found.

And if she did ask them to help the search of an ordinary child, the fairies would surely act uncooperative, which was why she deliberately told Bratt about Karen’s secret.

“Erwin said that the child saved the King of Symphonia Kingdom with the power of Aether.”

“How could a kid even be born with the power of Aether in the first place…?”

The power of Aether was something that the fairies itself couldn’t use.

Well, besides the dragons and the legendary or mystic heroes, there was no other race that could deal with the power of Aether.

But a human, that too, a young girl in it was able to use it.

“Erwin herself doesn’t hold much details about it. However, given the fact that the child was being persuaded by the Baroque Empire, we never know if the Baroque Imperial family did any experiments on her.”

The chiefs nodded at Bratt’s words.

The Baroque Empire and Emperor Rudolf were surely very capable of doing something like that.

“Bratt’s words seem real. If Aether too has come, then surely things have gone past Vers.”

“I agree with Ariete. Then is the meeting held to find the child?”

At Amur’s question, Bratt shook his head.

“It isn’t just that.”

“Is there something else?”

Dark Elf, chief Amelia asked with a tired expression.

Vers and Aether itself was a huge thing to process, but something other than that?!

Bratt spoke with a small face.

“You all know what business I do. Thanks to that, a very distant nation… I hear news even from the Song Empire in the Southern Continent.”

“Huh? News from the Southern Continent?”

When the story about the Southern continent came out, everyone seemed confused.

“It was said that a number of Undead appeared there a few days ago. From the look or form, they were clearly from the Rhodesia Continent.”

What happened in Angyang, despite the Zegal Clan’s coverup, spread everywhere.

There were no eyewitnesses because the raids all happened in the middle of the day in a secluded place, but the information went out after the Zegal Clan was under investigation because they helped the prince there.

“Undead? Did the warlocks on Rhodesia ever go to the south?”

“They aren’t ordinary Undead. It was said that they transformed enormously.”

Ariete was shocked at what Bratt said.

“Transformed? If one was able to make such different ones, then they certainly aren’t any ordinary warlocks.”

“We might have to ask Dark Moon for further details, but it surely is a skill that crosses our efforts.”

There was no fool who was so stupid as to not figure out that what horrors an Undead would bring after making them.

Just because it was in the Southern Continent, it couldn’t be ignored.

The fairies weren’t sure when the ones who touched the darkness would reach out for Rhodesia Continent.

“Bratt, what do you plan on doing in the future?”

At the question from Ariete, Bratt answered.

“First I intend to ask the Dark Moon about it and then respond. If we step out too quickly, we’ll only end up getting hurt, and the opponent might go into hiding.”

“Hmm…”“And we need to figure out what their signs are related to.”

And then everyone would have to join forces.

Which was why Bratt called for the meeting.

“That sounds painful. For such things to happen when I am the chief was…”

“Let’s not grumble and discuss the measures to be taken.”

And with that, the Fairy chiefs began to take measures by exchanging their opinions with one another.

Their eyes were shining with hope that the future of the fairies which was in darkness would shine once again.