Emperor of Steel

Chapter 500 - Karen Disappears 4

“What. Kind. Of. situation. Is. this?! He. was. Supposed. To be. Too. Strong. But. Then he. Lost!”

Arsene was having a tough time.

It was because he got the report that the guardian, on whom he had devoted his heart and soul for years together, didn’t manage to cause even a little blow to the Symphonia Kingdom or Luke.

Grrrr! Bang!

Arsene’s wrath and anger caused the floors and pillars of the room to crack, large and small debris began to fall from the ceiling as if it was going to collapse.

Nestar, who was in front of Arsene, was in cold sweat.

“It, it feels like maybe that Luke man has luck on his side.”

“That. Does. Look like. It!”

Hiros even used the Ghost Armor, and it was monstrous enough that one couldn’t win over it even after learning 9th circle white and dark magic.

Arsene’s masterpiece which had been under development for more than a hundred years, a power which has long surpassed that of the demons.

But a man with luck on his side, won?

“This can’t. be. No matter. How. I. need. To. get. Rid. Of that. Luke.”

While he was burning in rage, Arsene decided that Luke was his top priority.

“I. will. Go to. Symphonia. Directly. Right now. And. Slash. His throat. And. Limbs. And turn. Him. Into. My. Undead!”

Nestar was shocked by Arsene’s declaration.

“No, Master! It is difficult to do that right now!”

“What. Is. difficult. What. Do you. Mean?! Could. there be. Anymore. Hard. Days. For. Us than. this?!”


Arsene screamed while hitting his staff on the floor.

At the moment, his wicked energy was released from the body, even Nestar who was a 9th circle warlock felt fear.

However, there was something which Nestar had to say, so he struggled yet opened his mouth.

“If you leave now, we will have to destroy the Lich and Death Knights which have just entered the changing process. Would you still go ahead?”

“Kuk. That… no.”

In the test he conducted on the Southern Continent a few days back, all the Undead legion of Arsene which were sent to Zegal Clan were destroyed.

Arsene, who was very proud of completing the Undead by himself, was sad at the unpleasant result.

Accordingly, he decided to improve the fighting ability by strengthening them more than it was and before starting the new Undead legion.

Nestar and Albert, as well as the other leaders of the Veritas Magic tower, agreed silently.

They didn’t have the confidence to resist their ancestor’s decision, but they also felt the need to strengthen the Undead.

And on the Rhodesia Continent, it wasn’t just Luke, but there were several other powerful men.

There was Shaikan, who had the power of God Dragon and Emperor Rudolf, who defeated a demon by himself in the capital.

The odds were far more than what they expected, including Arch Duke Gregory of Holy Empire and the Duke Dimitry of the Volga Republic, and the one who entered Sword Sage, Butler of Libiya Kingdom.

In addition, the wars initiated by the Baroque Empire only improved the skills of the Riders and were revitalizing the magic world which fell during the Battle of Magic Towers.

In addition to the development and improvement of the Gigants, the skills of the war mages were increasing.

In preparation, the wizards, Arsene, and the Veritas men have begun the first step to enhance the power of a few Lich and Death Knight.

And such a process of resurrection required a considerable amount of magic and a high level of dark magic, so Arsene had to be present and supervise the process.

In such a time, if Arsene left, the resurrection would turn into a mess.

And the Undead which they work on will have to be discarded.

“So please be patient until the resurrection reaches a stable point.”

“Kul. there. Is. nothing. I can. Do.”

Arsene accepted Nestar’s plea.

He was concerned about what his future would be if Luke only turned stronger in the future, but even after considering that, he could neglect the undead which would pave way for his future.

He thought that Guardian Hiros would be a strong enough opponent, so he sent him alone only to be defeated.

And in order to complete the cause, it was necessary to look at the opponent but even more to strengthen his own power.

“And ancestor. Before invading the Rhodesia Continent, it is necessary to complete the two things. The first is to control the Southern Continent and the second is to weaken the Holy Empire.”

Arsene and his men looked at the Southern Continent and then on the Rhodesia.

It wasn’t just the population and the military power of the region, due to all the presence of priests and paladins of each denomination, they had a power over the dark magic.

So, once they occupied the Southern continent, it was their plan to use the Undead Legion and invade the Rhodesia Continent.

“Yes. We. have. To. go. According. To plan.”

To take control of the Southern continent, the first thing they had to be was to get to the Song Empire.

The Song Empire, which occupied more than half of the Southern Continent was leading in all economic, cultural, and military power than the neighboring nations.

Arsene was in the process of taking control over the Song Empire and the Song Imperial family with the help of the Hwang Bo clan.

The man, Hwang Bo-kwang, failed to assassinate the 3rd crown prince Jo Won-rak, and ended up losing all the Undead he sent, but the man seemed determined to make up for his fault.

As a result, he succeeded in brainwashing most of the men in the court and attracting the Emperor’s attention to Jo Won-gyun.

Jo Won-rak, who was a prominent contender with the Emperor post, was unable to stay in the palace and was passed to the province.

“Kul. Not. Many. Days. Sooner. Or later. We. will. Be.”

“The Song Empire will be the best source of Undead Legion.”

“Yes. The problem. Is. Holy. Empire…”

The divine power was a problem for the Undead.

In order for the process to move smoothly, the Holy Empire, armed with divine power and paladins had to be weakened.

“But currently, the Holy Empire is going strong. Because of the new reforms from Veronica III, ever since the civil war, the public sentiment has been stabilized, and the nation’s finance is growing.”

“That Veronica III. Was. The old. Princess. Of. Volga. Kingdom. Right? That Bastard. Luke’s. Fiance.”

“Yes, there are rumors like that. It was argued that the reason for such a strong relationship between the Symphonia Kingdom and Holy Empire had a reason.”

“Hmm, huh. then…”

Arsene thought for a moment.

If they can weaken the Holy Empire, they won’t be able to not just move smoothly, but also weaken the power of the Symphonia Kingdom.

‘In addition, if a problem arises with that wench Pope of Luke’s, his eyes will turn over.’

Arsene had no intention of killing Luke, who was gathering his attention.

Before dying, he planned on making Luke taste all kinds of pain and after death, he planned to make him into a slave and work him until his bones turned to powder.

‘Kuk, I need to make him go crazy like Rudolf. It would suit for the man who holds the lineage of a noble warrior. Kuk!’

But for that to happen, he would have to handle the Holy Empire.

However, it was hard to see it without making his Undead perfect.

It was a nation full of people dealing and using divine power in their daily lives.

“Is. There. No. good. Way?”

And the answer to Arsene’s question, Nestar responded with a smirk on his face.

“I have a good idea, would you like to listen?”


“Yes, you won’t be disappointed.”With the permission of Arsene, Nestar began to tell him the plan with sly eyes.

As he continued, Arsene’s face began to glow up with a smile, once the plan was done, he clapped his bony hands.

“Kul! Kul! Kul! Nice. Nice! As planned. Do. it!”

Hopefully, the Holy Arthenia Empire would be hit with a storm that won’t allow them to regenerate, or the people would begin to lose trust in the Pope and Priests.

‘If a scarecrow can be placed there, things will turn very interesting.’

Adding his own detail into Nestar’s plan, Arsene smiled.

Once again, another conspiracy was planned to take down Luke.