“Do you know what you’re talking about? How dare you talk about that, knowing where you are!”

“Kuek! For you to do this…”

“Young, young Lord, please calm down!”

If the retainers were just a little late, then the nose of Terin would’ve been flattened out by Luke’s fist.

That was the extent of rage Luke had.

He didn’t like the situation where he had to borrow the body of Rakan’s descendant but to hear them all speak about selling the place where he and his followers resided!

No, if it was just the place where blood had been spilled, he wouldn’t have been so enraged.

There were memories in that place which he could never forget.

It wasn’t like it was a half-crumbling looking castle. At that time, Saymon and her were the only ones who stayed together in the Devil King’s Castle.

And for those who had no idea of the memories that the place held, to speak out like that!

“Leave! I’m going to cut open your stomach and pull your guts out!”

“Tch, please calm down, young Lord!”

“We are in the wrong, so please…”

It was the first time for the retainers to see their young Lord so furious. And that too with a bloody statement that no cultured and well taught noble should have never spoken of.

But on the other hand, they could understand it.

It sure was a very unpleasant Devil King’s Castle, but it was the place where his ancestors have achieved great names. And if such a place was asked to be sold off and not to expect that the family to be angry, then that person wouldn’t have been a true descendant.

It was different from the attitude of Luke, but the retainers had huge respect for the young Lord who had such a spirit.

“Keuk, how dare you do this to your creditor?! Do you wish to worsen the relationship with us?!”

Terin with his cheeks red and eyes trembling asked, and Luke raised his voice even further.

“Aren’t I just supposed to pay you back?!”

“Pay us back? You think you have the capability to do that?”

Terin too has found out about that.

The fact that the Viscount Rakan was the one in need, and that he lacked the ability to repay the debts.

Which was why he thought about providing him with help from the estate and manors in exchange, well, the young Lord was known to be a quiet and not a hot-headed type!

“Oh yes, I’ll pay you back. Was it 30,000 pesos, you said? I’ll pay it in full, no in ten days with interest, so get out of my sight right away!”

“Huh! I’ll see if such a thing is even possible to be done.”

The words didn’t go down, but Terin’s heart was thumping as crazily as possible.

The appearance of the young Lord wasn’t just a bluff.

The words from the lord got stuck in his heart like debris, and the eyes of the lord were glowing in fiery red, enough to burn away the soul he was looking into.

‘Damn, for something like this to happen.’

After going against Luke whom he seemed to not know, Terin walked out of the Burinake manor with his servants.

“You did well, young Lord.”

Hans was worried about what was going to come in the future, but he was pleased to see the young Lord go out of his way for doing such a thing.

“But how do you plan on repaying the debt?”

The finance officer Dixon asked with caution.

There weren’t much sources to make money, and it was an impossible task to raise a huge amount of 30,000 pesos even if everything was sold.

30,000 pesos.

That was equivalent to 10,000 kilograms of 20 kilograms of wheat grains, or equivalent to a new warrior class Gigant.

In a stale estate within ten days, and it wasn’t the sum of the amount a boy who has just lost his memory due to an accident to his head could recover.

“Neither the Imperial bank or any other bank would lend you the money as we don’t have the right collateral to place…”

“Silence! I’ll be the one to handle it, so don’t butt in.”

The retainers left Luke alone at his orders.

Regardless of the means, he was willing to protect the place where he had made memories with her.