Emperor of Steel

Chapter 493 - Truth Is Revealed 1

“Thi, this can’t…!”

Hwang Bo-sung was on knees when he saw the spot where the Puppet fell.

At that moment, a memory of Auster passed through his mind.

A beautiful silver-haired wizard standing in front of a large stone monument in the underground, with a number of people watching it.

“He allowed the power of time. However, a corresponding price needs to be paid for it. First of all, everything in this space-time will disappear from that day.”

“Then we too will disappear.”

“If that can change the miserable reality of ours, then it isn’t so bad, but what about the princess?”

“I will disappear too. This is the body which has to pay the price, and I don’t exist in that space-time too.”

“What if a person who exists in that time accompanies the princess?”

“The one associated with this space-time will disappear too. However, there is a possibility that some sort of synergy may occur when the same one touches.”

“What do you mean by synergy?”

When asked by the old knight, the wizard took out a piece of paper.

Something was written on top of the paper, but there was only a blank bottom.

After the wizard wrote the top, she folded the paper into a roll and overlapped the part.

What was written above could be seen from the bottom.

Hwang Bo-sung, saw the recalled memory of Auster.

‘One piece of paper meant the same person. If the top was the past and the bottom was the future, it means that when both sides meet, the one from the future can remain in the past.’

He already knew most of it when the memories passed, but thanks to what the wizard showed, he was convinced of Auster’s identity.

‘Are you going to take over my place because you need to leave anyway? Did you decide to end it all?’


Hwang Bo-sung, who was in thought was awakened by the roar that shook the ground.

Luke in his Avenger and Hiros were still in battle.

The fight between the two was much huge and intense than before.

Whenever the arm, which was turning itself into a giant sword moved for a while, it left clear traces on the Avenger’s glove. The shock wave which flowed from the attack left a huge mark on the garden.

Moreover, the sounds which came each time an attack took place was enough to not just scare the men in the palace, but also the people who were around the palace.

However, the one in Avenger didn’t have time to think.

Rather, each time Luke attacked with Gold aura, Hiros limbs burned.

“Kuakk! Luke, bastard!”

Whenever he suffered damage from the Gold aura, Hiros yelled and cursed and released Magi.

But the Magi he released had very little effect on the surroundings.

It was because the Gold aura was getting amplified by the core engine of the Superhero class Gigant, Avenger, and destroyed the spreading Magi.

‘This is surely different from that time.’

Luke recalled the fight he had in the Zegal clan.

At that time, he was hardly able to push Arsene who was in the Gorgos armor.

Although the tester Gigant had lower performance than the current, his new earned ability of second half of the Gold Sword seemed to be of huge help.

But above all, Arsene was incredibly strong.

He was able to take down Hwang Bo-sung and Soha who tried to support Luke and used all sorts of dark magic and white magic to take Luke down.

‘Compared to Arsene, he isn’t using the power of the Ghost Armor so greatly.’

Just as he was wielding his sword, he was making his hand into a sword and was waving it around.

Of course, the attack was surely strong.

He couldn’t use the Gold aura, but it was clearly a Gold sword.

Even if the sword was being used, the power of the Gold Sword with no aura was powerful in itself, and the amount of force he was using couldn’t be ignored.

Perhaps, if he was a normal rider and not Luke, then the magi used by him would have ended up encroaching the man.

‘I need to hurry up. Any more damage than this will make it difficult for me.’

A part of the Royal Palace was destroyed. And Luke didn’t want any more damage.

Luke amplified the Gold aura as much as he could.

In the fight against Arsene, he had to use the demon ability of Build-Up, but he couldn’t do it in the palace.

Unlike the broken tester then, the Avenger had a core engine that had a great boosting ability.


“Disappear! A monster created by another evil monster!”

Luke rushed through with his Avenger and struck the sword which was amplified with Gold Aura into Hiros as much as possible.

As the skill, Cyclone Rage of the second half of Gold Sword, which had been used previously, Luke used it with several times more power which split the body of Hiros with a thunderous sound.



As if the sun was glaring over there, heat spread all over.

And the body of Hiros melted like a wax.

“It is done!

“His Majesty defeated the monster!”

The knights and officials who were watching the fight from afar to keep themselves safe, burst into cheers.

However, Luke, who defeated Hiros was still being cautious. It was because the Magi from him wasn’t completely exhausted.

‘Something is left. It’s not over yet!’

Luke roamed to chase after the unextinguished Magi was traced.

And then, the gleaming remnants of the Ghost Armor which melted was a marble.

‘That is!’


The Magi, which didn’t disappear was because of the black marble floating.

Whenever the Magi flowed, the black marbles began to flutter and vibrate with more sound.

‘This, it is dangerous!’

Luke didn’t know what the black marbles were for, but instinctively sensed something was going to happen.

One layer, two, three… as many as he could.

A huge explosion, strong enough to tear off the sky flashed around because of the black marbles.

Dark red flames soared in the sky.

The flame swallowed the clouds in the sky and disappeared along with the wind.