Emperor of Steel

Chapter 492 - Real Descendant vs Fake Descendant 4

“Wh, what is all this…?”

Hans and the others who saw the image of Hiros turning into a giant monster were shocked. They were in a moment of shock and fear which soon turned into anxiety.

Hwang Bo-sung ordered everyone there.

“Everyone run. Move out right away!”

He was so worried that he spoke in his native language and not the official Rhodesia language.

However, it wasn’t like anyone there couldn’t understand it.

Everyone was on their feet running away, and the knights who vowed loyalty to Luke pulled their swords and were ready to fight it together.

They knew that their skills and strength wouldn’t be enough, but they couldn’t step back.

Among them were Hans and Philip, including Erwin and Zegal Soha.

“What is that? That evil spirit is wrapped in that thing…?”

At Erwin’s question, Zegal Soha shot back.

“I don’t know about that. But what I do know is that it is terrifying.”

She recalled what happened in her clan.

At that time, Luke fought with Arsene in the armor and lost his tester Gigant.

At that time, Luke had to use his demon abilities and the Gold aura at the same time to defeat the Ghost Armor. Even then, Arsene couldn’t be eliminated

‘If the same method as that time can be used, this one can be killed. But…’

But unlike then, Luke wasn’t in a situation where he could use the dark magic or the demon abilities.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t use it, he could. But the moment he uses it, all his efforts till then would be in vain.

And he was only with armor.

He had the superhero class Gigant, Avenger in his subspace bracelet, but Hiros didn’t give Luke the opportunity to summon the Gigant out.

“Die, Luke!”

When Hiros raised his long arm, his arm turned into a giant sword.

It wasn’t just that, but sharp blades and thorns were all forming on Hiros’s arm.

Hiros struck his ugly changing arm towards Luke.


Luke chose to defend rather than avoid it.

It was because his knights were all standing behind him, and the other men evacuated to the back of the palace.


The shield of 8th circle magic broke down miserably.

Thankfully, Luke managed to make multiple shields with different angles to brush off the attacks.

And Hiros seemed to be weaker than Arsene.

There was the thing of him lacking the skills, but the number of devilish souls in them couldn’t be ignored.

Even then, Hiros, with the Gorgos on, a Ghost Armor, would be hard for Luke’s body to cope.

“Kuk, he is surely a monster.”

The Aether Globe transformed into a mana circle and fluctuated violently due to the constant breaking of shields.

Because of that, Luke had to suffer from the pain his heart being torn, but Luke didn’t have time to waste on his pain.

Hiros was about to attack again.

‘The best attack is a perfect defense!’

Luke, who thought so, went for defense.

“Stone Edge!”

The ground where Hiros set foot danced like waves.

Tall sharp stone pillars began to soar to the sky didn’t hit Hiros or any part of his armor, but the effect of the ground wobbling was more than enough for Hiros to lose balance.

“Chance. Thunder Bust!”


Bang! Bang!

At Luke’s spell, dark clouds quickly gathered in the sky and began to create intense light.

Hiros’s body which got caught up in the moment stumbled around like a doll.


Auster was groaning as he watched the battle unfold.

At first glance, it seemed like Luke was able to push back Hiros who was in the ghost armor, but he knew that without using the full power of his abilities, Luke wouldn’t be able to win.

Hwang Bo-sung summoned his Puppet wondering if he could help Luke in any way.


With a smile of his face, Auster handed Karen over to Erwin.

“What are you doing? You are not…?”

Auster smiled and nodded, he soon ran towards Hwang Bo-sung and climbed into the Puppet by using Hwang Bo-sung’s shoulders.

“Kuek, what are you doing?!”

Hwang Bo-sung who looked through the man knew that the one who used him was Auster.

“Wait, hold on! I am telling you to wait!”


Despite Hwang Bo-sung’s attempt, Auster rushed towards Hiros.

Thud Thud Thud!

It was the time when Hiros was about to escape Luke’s magic attacks and hit back with a counterattack.

At first, Luke, using high circle attacks of magic which appeared one after the other, but the attack was a lot less than expected because the damage was getting recovered very quickly.

Besides, Hiros managed to grasp the magic attack so hitting him wasn’t so easy.

Eventually, the attacks from Luke ceased, and Hiros’s counterattacks began.

‘Dammit, it is hard to do this with magic!’

Luke, who was ready to be on the defense frowned.

That said, it was reckless to deal with Hiros with Gold Sword and no armor.

Whether it was the demon abilities or dark magic, he needed to take the help of a Gigant.

‘Can’t help it. Black Bind…’

He was hiding the fact that he could use dark magic, but it was more important for Luke to save his life.

It would be a matter of his life, and once he could get rid of Hiros, he could persuade the retainers or brainwash those who oppose him or throw them into prison.

The moment Luke decided to use dark magic and raised Magi, Auster who was riding the Puppet, intercepted and used trinity punch.

Bang Bang Bang!

Hiros stumbled a lot because of the powerful shock and fell down.

Auster didn’t miss the gap, he soon raised the Puppet and then smashed Hiros’s body with the legs.

“Kuakk! Luke!”

Hiros tried to get up, but Auster wasn’t letting him move.

Auster, who managed to hold Hiros down for a while, turned to Luke.

He hoped that Luke wouldn’t miss the opportunity and luckily, Luke wasn’t the kind to fail his expectations.

Using the time when Auster was holding Hiros down, Luke summoned his Avenger.

‘Done, now…’


The satisfied expression on Auster’s face stiffened in a moment.

Hiros’s right hand rang which turned into a sword and went straight through the Puppet’s head.

Unlike a Gigant, the Puppet’s cockpit was in the head.

Red blood began to flow through the cracks, which made everyone realize that it was a fatal blow.



Luke who just boarded the Avenger looked at Auster because of the scream from Soha and Erwin.

‘The one in the puppet is Auster and not Hwang Bo-sung?’

Auster, who intercepted the battle to help Luke was fatally wounded.

Luke could only feel grateful to him.

Auster who fell from the cockpit of the Puppet fell to the ground and smiled.

As if he wanted to say something to Luke, his body which touched the ground turned into white sand and disappeared without a trace.