Emperor of Steel

Chapter 491 - Real Descendant vs Fake Descendant 3

“Kul! What! He. lost?”

After seeing the struggling head of the corpse fly, Arsene dropped the crystal ball from his hand.

Trr Trrr

The crystal ball that fell on the floor rolled away.

Arsene was under the impression that Hiros would win.

He thought that Luke would use dark magic to live, or that he would die holding onto white magic.

He thought so until Luke’s sword was broken.

But suddenly, the results changed!

Luke was able to avoid the perfect Gold Sword of Hiros and hit his power vessels using the Southerners’ skill and then struck his neck.

‘This makes no sense! Hiros had the body of Sword Emperor Rakan. How is that possible?’

Arsene couldn’t accept the results he saw.

However, there was a fact that they didn’t know.

The latter half of the Gold Sword’s skills used by Hiros were all skills Rakan used 500 years ago on Luke.

Among them, the last blow from Luke was what Rakan used.

Although Hiros had power, Luke wasn’t weak enough to let the past repeat itself and kill him.

And unlike Luke, Hiros turned too ignorant after breaking the Iron feather sword.

Moreover, he never expected Luke to counterattack with a punch.

Such a process led Luke to create a series of attacks and end up with the result where the Sword Emperor class’ undead was defeated.

“Kuk! This. Can’t. be! This. Can’t. be. Forgiven!”

Arsene had a long way to go.

He was upset that the guardian, which he had taken many years to make, was now broken.

However, the biggest failure here was that they couldn’t make Luke use dark magic.

‘Should I go to the Symphonia Kingdom and kill that Luke?’

He was that desperate, but he couldn’t act.

If his existence was revealed ahead of his goal, the whole divided continent would unite to kill him.

In the past, seeing the powers of Devil King Saymon, he thought that it wasn’t bad.

Also, Luke just defeated Hiros who was using the body of Rakan, the strongest knight in the continent, and seemed to have gotten a lot stronger than before.

He wasn’t sure what changed in Luke, but one thing was clear, his skills were higher than the time he fought in the past.

And he didn’t know where that Nanda was lurking.

Arsene, who hated Nanda, was looking everywhere for him, but he had no idea where the man was hiding.

“Kul. Nothing. Can. Be. done. But. To. recycle. Hiros.”

Although his neck was cut, Hiros wasn’t done.

If he could use it, he would be able to kill Luke and learn about dark magic.

‘If I can do that, at least his base can be wiped out.’

With determination to do it, Arsene picked up the fallen crystal ball and began to cast a spell.

While Arsene memorized the spell, Luke, who ended the fight with Hiros, was hearing resentment from his men, especially Hans and Maron.

“Your Majesty, why did you have to kill Hiros?”

“No matter how he was, this is the same as murder. If this is known to the world, this will be difficult to condemn.”

Luke smiled at the two.

“Murder? You mean that guy is my brother?”

“S-surely, he is not your brother but considering how rare Rakan’s blood is…”

“Do you really think that he has Rakan’s blood?”

Luke knew the real identity of Hiros.

Hiros was actually the real Rakan—an undead monster that had the souls of the dead in his body. A 500-year-old dead body.

But, those old men were yelling at him without realizing the truth!

“Didn’t he already tell you? With the history and appearance of Hiros that is close to Rakan and his latter part of the Gold Sword, then he must be.”

“Then? I have a huge monster as my relative.”

Luke, who ridiculed them, pointed at something.

Hans, who tried to refute, looked at what Luke was pointing at and turned pale.

It was because Hiros, who had fallen on the ground, was slowly getting up.

“Aukk! W-what?!”

“How, how is he still alive?”

The knights, who approached Hiros’ body to clear out the ground, were frightened.

The body fluttered back and forth. It picked up its head that fell not far away from it and held it in its hands.

It was an unbelievable sight. Everyone there was speechless.

Luke was the only one who could smile. It was because he already sensed black circles being activated in Hiros’ body.

‘Arsene, it seems like he wants to kill me that badly.’

Otherwise, he would want to use Hiros.

“Lu… ke…”

Hiros’ distorted voice flowed from his mouth with black smoke.

The men trembled as if they saw a ghost in front of their eyes.

‘No. What is this? Already? Isn’t this something that should happen later?’

Hwang Bo-sung, who was relieved with Luke’s victory, panicked when Hiros got up.

According to the memory of the future given to him by Auster, it would take five years for the Undead Hiros to reveal his true self on a war against the Holy Arthenia.

Until then, he pretended to be human and deceived everyone around him.

‘In the war against the Holy Empire, Arch Duke Gregory is the one who will destroy him. And the Symphonia Kingdom gets destroyed.’

Hwang Bo-sung looked at Auster with a dumbfounded expression.

Maybe he read his thoughts because Auster nodded.

‘But he is already revealing his identity… Was it because His Majesty won? Will the future change?’

The change wasn’t the problem.

However, he was worried that Luke would have to do what Arch Duke Gregory did.

The power of the man who showed his true color.

‘This can’t be done. I need to do something.’

When Hwang Bo-sung decided to give orders to his men…


A gloomy energy lingered around Hiros’ power vessels that were destroyed, and dark sparks rose from his body.

“T-that is…?”

“Magi! That is magi!”

Maron’s face fell as he saw what was happening around him.

The magi from Hiros was more terrifying compared to what Sebastian showed. It was strong enough to be compared to a high ranking demon.

‘This, this monster was made… with human hands?’

“Don’t look down on humans.”

“Never be fooled by humans.”

“Don’t give humans great power.”

Those were the advice given to the young demons from the elder ones.

However, very few demons cared for it. The same went for Sebastian.

After meeting Luke who was a warlock that ate demons, he learned the truth that humans were scary.

However, this was the first time he was truly afraid.

“Luke. You. Want. to hide. Your. Powers. That. Badly?”

Luke didn’t listen to Hiros’ words.

However, he noticed that something was happening when the energy shed.


‘Help me!’

‘This is painful! Please let me…!’

The souls of the ghosts screamed from within.

Luke saw this once before.

It was during his fight with Arsene at the Zegal clan.

‘I saw this when he used that Ghost Armor or Gorgos…!’

Luke, who sensed the rush of magic, realized that if he let things go on like this, they would struggle.

“Explosion Bomber!”

Dozens of bombs charged toward Hiros.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwakwang!

Hot flames and the heat seemed to have evaporated the magi and hit Hiros.

But the flames and heat quickly eroded because of the huge Magi.

Hiros’ wounded body absorbed everything.

Magi, which developed its power from the flames and heat, began to create dark clouds.

With a pair of wings and two long arms, bent goat legs, and a snake tail, there it was, the Gorgos, the Ghost armor that he saw at Zegal Clan.


The men turned pale upon seeing the scene in front of them. Hiros, who was in the magi armor, cried like a monster.

And the future that Hwang Bo-sung and Auster knew began to move in an unknown direction.